Is Wanting Season 3 of The Walking Dead To Be Good Too Much To Ask For?

I want to like The Walking Dead television series… I really, truly do.

But man, the last season didn’t do any favors in winning me over or keeping me there. It may have been AMC giving former show runner Frank Darabont the boot halfway in, seeing the show’s budget visibly slashed onscreen, its zombie-of-the-week formula, the show’s characters doing and saying stupid shit to add “drama”, the plodding pacing, the squandered potential of great character/story moments… Or just Rick’s wife, Laurie. Either way, TWD had a lot of things working against it that not even the zombie carnage filled season finale could overcome.

Having laid all that out, I will say this 4 minute preview for The Walking Dead’s next season (shown at Comic-Con over the weekend) does show promise. I stopped reading the comic after the first volume, so all this stuff is new to me (for the most part). Still, I am aware of what I am seeing: The Prison, The Governor and Michonne are all things that I know about purely by osmosis… Even if I have no knowledge of their context in the overall story. Maybe that’s why I’m kinda excited for it all.

I am also aware how easy it is to distill several episodes’ worth of zombies and action into a single 4 minute preview. For all I know, the next season will just be more of the same old shit… But hey, I’m trying to optimistic here. I do genuinely like some of the characters in the show– Andrea, Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Hershel and Glen have all grown on me but, and I cannot stress this enough– the show writer’s must step it up with more character development. And no, I do not count characters needlessly bitching at each other for 45 minutes a week– or having them do something completely idiotic to create false dramatic tension as character development.

I want to like you, Walking Dead— but you’re making it too easy for me to hate you.

Finally, I’d like to think the very end of this preview is a big middle finger to those who ripped James Gunn a new asshole for “spoiling” a portion of the upcoming season.

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