Fan Made Dark Knight Trailer Does What The Official Trailers Fail to Do

In recent months, I think I’ve finally become completely numb to the Hollywood Hype Machine. Ya, I still spark to well done viral videos… But other than maybe a well-edited trailer here and there, I find all their other desperate promotion techniques boring and just plain overkill.

I am looking forward to eventually seeing The Dark Knight Rises… But just how sad is it that a fan-made trailer has gotten me more excited about seeing this film than any of the “official” Warner Brothers promotions? The above video also has me looking forward to re-watching Nolan’s first two Batman films later tonight or tomorrow on Blu Ray too.

I will admit that a few of the negative reviews I’ve seen for the film make me want to see it even more. Critics are calling it “very dark” and “too depressing”. By the sounds of that, I think I’m eventually going to enjoy TDKR quite a bit.

The Dark Knight Rises opens at Midnight tonight.

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One Response to Fan Made Dark Knight Trailer Does What The Official Trailers Fail to Do

  1. Insideman says:

    I understand why he did it but I think Nolan could have referenced The Joker in TDKR and reminded people of Heath Ledger’s performance in a great way.

    But I’m sticking to my guns: If Warner Bros reboots Batman again and shows anything more than a 5 to 10 minute recap of the origin… I will NEVER watch it.

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