And Just Like That – It’s A Bad Day To Be A Geek

It’s over.

Yesterday’s Geek Giddiness has been replaced by horror, as a lone deranged gunman killed and maimed dozens of innocent theater-goers in an Aurora, Colorado cinema.

No one in Hollywood could have seen this coming. Even in this crap town, they don’t condone this kind of tragedy… Certainly disproving the lame adage “Any publicity is good publicity”. Only idiots are snarking about it. Pain and suffering– of any kind–  is never a laughing matter.

I first heard about the shooting late last night, soon after it hit news. And, of course, I’ve heard from many entertainment people sick with worry. Some are genuinely concerned for the victims involved and some can’t help themselves– expressing concern, then wondering aloud how it is going to affect box-office returns in the coming weeks. Personally, I couldn’t care less about the fragile, always insecure mindset of the Hollywood Cognoscenti or if this homicidal attack will affect the grosses of The Dark Knight Rises.

Just like the poor woman who lost her life attempting to cross a busy San Diego thoroughfare on her way to line up for The Twilight Panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, I’m just sad that anyone had to die while attempting to enjoy their love of movies… Sadly, Jose and I had an hour-long conversation about how we detested going to theaters just this past Wednesday night.

Here’s what else I can’t stand:  The number of comic-centric websites who are prominently featuring several reports filled with massive amounts of MISINFORMATION on this attack in a sad attempt to seem relevant to “real life” and pathetically grab a few more website hits in the process.

Leave the criminal news gathering process to the professionals, jerk-offs. As we’ve already seen, they are woefully inaccurate all on their own. They don’t need you regurgitating their poorly sourced horseshit.

And while I’m at it, am I the only one who despises how adults have co-opted Halloween? As if old people need an excuse to get drunk and act like children? Years ago, when it became readily apparent there was going to be no let up in the number of deranged individuals intent on spoiling this innocent yearly event by placing razor blades and needles, etc., in Halloween Candy… Most parents began throwing private Halloween parties, largely eschewing the practice of having their children solicit candy from strangers. I understand this. Hell, if kids aren’t supposed to TALK to strangers, why would they INGEST treats from them?

Yet, somehow these parties led many adults to decide it was perfectly okay to dress up for Halloween– as ADULTS… Leaving many kids OUT of the equation. What the fuck is that about? Dad or Mom adding to the Halloween festivities by dressing up to take the brood out Trick or Treating? Fine.

But ADULTS consistently doing this for the express purpose of interacting with ADULTS? I can see doing this one or two times in your life, but every year? This isn’t a cultural touchstone like New Orleans’ Mardi Gras or Carnival in Brazil. I even did it myself once– simply to impress a gorgeous actress I was attempting to bed who was throwing such a party… Then stood around all night in her house dressed like Dr. Strange— thinking how much saner and easier it would have been just to ask her out for drinks and a steak.

Again, this is just my opinion. Please don’t feel slighted if you disagree. I single no one out.

And Cosplayers— get your tights out of a bunch. I’m not attacking you either.

I actually love the idea of cosplay and admire all the effort players put into their wardrobes and personas. Like Mardi Gras, cosplaying is usually done for a specific event– like a Comic-Con or a Star Trek Convention. It’s done out of love and respect for the characters and the medium– not because Frank feels like he can’t get laid unless he goes to a party dressed like Zorro.

Given the dangerous place the world is today, allowing any type of weaponry– or items that look like weapons– in a public place is max idiocy. As much as I hate it when any government stomps on an individual’s right of freedom of expression, I totally applaud AMC for immediately banning patrons carrying fake weaponry from their movie houses. You don’t need to tote a goddamned plastic Uzi to a theater to enjoy a showing of The Dark Knight Rises. If you think you do, especially in light of this tragic shooting, you’re a fucking imbecile and really should seek immediate professional treatment.

If you gotta play dress up– leave it for conventions or similar events to the ones I’ve already mentioned… Yes, even those Halloween parties with your friends. And for godsake, in any scenario– lose the munitions. I wouldn’t want to have sex with a woman who got turned on because I was the JASON with the BIGGEST LIFE-LIKE MACHETE at a party. Or look at it this way, Batman and innumerable other heroes have survived in fiction for 70+ years detesting firearms. If they can do it, you can too.

Gird yourself, fellow geeks. If you thought Rush and his reactionary talk show ilk were on the warpath before– you ain’t seen nothing yet. If you must play dress-up, heed the rules of the times. Jose and I appreciate and respect each member of the IMJ Nation… And the last thing we want is to hear about any of you getting into trouble over something like this. Be smart. Stay safe.

This is truly a sad day to be a Geek. But forget about us. As the consequences of this murderer’s rampage unfolds– do what you can to help, however you can. Keep your thoughts straight on the boards. Cogent, respectful interaction with idiots will impress more than snark… And non-fans will quickly realize this man was NOT a Batman or Joker fan.

Simply put, he is– and always will be– nothing more than a sadistic cold blooded killer.

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6 Responses to And Just Like That – It’s A Bad Day To Be A Geek

  1. Morlock50 says:

    Hi folks. Haven’t posted in a while.

    What can I say about this terrible incident? It’s completely senseless. There are some truly sick, evil fuckers running around. I’m actually going to see Batman in a few minutes, and for me it feels right to do this, even in the face of this tragedy.

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