In My Geek World, Parker Posey > Yotsuba&!

I’ve learned quite a bit about “maintaining” Inveterate Media Junkies in the last few months… Probably more than in my previous 3 years of being on the internet combined.

Though I am writing more now than I ever have, I still feel it’s not enough. I think my main problem is– if I am going to write a post– I feel it should have at least some sort of substance to it… No matter how little. As much as I would love to just put up 6 or 7 stories a day containing videos and a few lines of snark– I feel that, without any substance, the posts would be completely forgettable within 24 hours. (Hell, probably within 12 hours). But since that is the nature of the internet beast anyway, it’s a habit I will continue to try to break.

On Monday morning I was going around the Internets, attempting to find something of interest to write about. While doing so, two sites I frequently visit both had the same story posted that– in actuality– were about a “nothing” topic. Ya, their description of what happened was kinda cool (I guess)… But did it warrant a whole post? Then today I saw the same story pop up on a couple more sites, so I said, “Fuck it. I’ll just write about this too.” but, ya know, in my own way.

So, what’s this “nothing” topic– which has become “something”– that I am now writing about?

On last week’s episode of Louie (which I also watched last week), comedian Louis C.K. was in a book store chatting up a sales clerk while he was– wait for it– “fingering” a few volumes of the manga Yotsuba&! on a shelf.

That’s it. That was the topic of these columns.

To be fair, the sites writing about this amazing! and incredible! occurrence are geek oriented. Still, I never thought this happenstance moment in a random television episode would be a topic worth discussing. If my mind could see some worth in covering these type of “geeky” things, I bet I could’ve created several hundred more IMJ posts overrunning with trivial shit.

Like, how last season– on the E4 TV Show Skins– the character Liv was sitting around reading a copy of Blankets by Craig Thompson… Or how a plot point on the CW’s Hart of Dixie revolved around the comic Chew. I see and acknowledge all these things and yet, they seem so trivial to me…But maybe I need to rethink that, since it also seems like I could get a whole lot out of mileage out of them writing-wise.

Still, I’m conflicted… Because you know what wasn’t trivial about last week’s Louie? The fact that not one, but TWO of my favorite women appeared in the exact same episode: Maria Bamford AND Parker Posey. Heh, I am also aware how “trivial” that might sound to most of you… But for me, I thought it was awesome. Hell, I should’ve written about that… Different strokes and all.

I’m now thinking about getting a t-shirt made that says Parker Posey > Yotsuba&!. Even if nobody ever gets the reference, I think it will be totally worth it.

Via[Kotaku, Crunchyroll, ComicsAlliance, etc.]

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2 Responses to In My Geek World, Parker Posey > Yotsuba&!

  1. kurumais says:

    i saw that too it confused me i was thinking does louie buy them or something? it was just a random shot in a random scene. but all your examples just go to prove my theory that geeks, fangirls and boys populate the writing teams of tv . i see so many references to geek pop culture on tv i sometimes feel like most of ppl watching just can’t be getting the joke.

    • J. says:

      Louie goes into the book store at first for no real reason. He then sees Posey’s character working there so he thinks of a reason to talk to her. The reason: he is looking for a book for one of his daughters. That pic is from the second time he goes back. They are standing in the Young Adult section of the store.

      On the top shelf it seems like there is a manga series from Dark Horse as well. Could be the older versions of Oh My Goddess but I can’t really tell. But ya, it seems like someone who works on the show is a fan of manga so they put those books in the shot. Pretty cool.

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