Who’s Getting What This Week?

Last week I only had one little ol’ comic to read but tomorrow I’ll have two. They do say two is better than one. So, hooray? It seems like this month is off to a splendid start and could very well eclipse last month’s pitiful offerings…But let’s just wait to see what the next few weeks bring before making such a bold, and most likely foolish, statement.

After all, the USA may be kicking ass and taking names at the Olympics but we still have the worst comic industry on the planet. Can’t have it all, right? 🙂

Here’s what I’ll be buying on Wednesday:

Mind The Gap #3
X-Factor #241

What are you getting this week?

Pssst. 🙂 = Sarcasm. You know, just in case you didn’t get that. Dummy. 🙂
There is also a small chance that I am totally lying to you when I say 🙂 = Sarcasm. I tend to do that sometimes. 🙂

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8 Responses to Who’s Getting What This Week?

  1. Action Comics #12
    Earth 2 #4
    Red Lanterns #12
    Worlds’ Finest #12
    Beasts of Burden: Neighborhood Watch #1
    Hypernaturals #2
    Soulfire #1

    Wow! Very light week for me.

  2. PILKK90 says:

    red lantern
    ultimate spidey

  3. Animal Man 12
    Swamp Thing 12
    Higher Earth 3
    Avengers Academy 34
    Daredevil 16
    TMNT Ulti Coll. Vol 3 HC

  4. bello1234 says:

    Animan Man 12
    Mind the Gap 3
    Swamp Thing 12

  5. kurumais says:

    dial h
    earth 2
    going to try hawkeye

  6. tomstewdevine says:

    Earth 2
    Swamp Thing
    Sweet Tooth
    Cape 1969
    Epic Kill
    Harvest #1
    Higher Ground
    Mind MGMT
    Mind the Gap
    Thief of Thieves

    Big week for me, but a lot of quality books out this week, Only a couple of issues left until the Boys is over and so is Sweet Tooth.

  7. It’s a large week, but I know I can’t pick them all up.

    Action Comics #12
    Animal Man #12
    Detective Comics #12
    Smallville Season 11 #4
    Swamp Thing #12
    Harvest #1
    Higher Earth #3
    Hypernaturals #2
    Mind the Gap #3
    Thief of Thieves #7
    Transformers Regeneration One #82

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