Uh Oh! Seems Chuck Lorre Knows a LIVING PERSON with a Reason to Kick Stan Lee’s Ass

It’s weird how cliché’s work… But this one rings true again:
The Bigger the World Gets, the Smaller It Seems to Become.

I read with mild interest on Deadline the other day that prolific TV Producer Chuck (Big Bang Theory/Two and a Half Men) Lorre has made a deal with Simon & Schuster to publish a coffee table book reprinting the various Vanity Cards that appear at the end of each one of his shows. This book will see print, despite Lorre graciously making all of them available online for free.

I totally understand the thinking behind this… There’s tons of stuff I buy specifically for the pleasure of reading the content in my hands– instead of slogging through it for free on the internet. (I spend enough time in front of my computer already, thanks.) And, believe it or not, not everyone uses their computers as much as we do.

Chuck Lorre and Two of His Many Shows

Whatever you may think of Lorre– or the shows he creates– I’ve always loved the various bits he writes on these episode-ending cards… Mainly because they pull no punches and are usually very funny (often providing bigger laughs than the show that precedes them). These mini-rants have always been Lorre’s way of providing a peek into his psyche or to point out things that might be bothering or interesting him at any given moment. During Charlie Sheen’s cataclysmic implosion, Lorre infamously wrote an entire Vanity Card about how pissed he would be if Charlie outlived him… Given Charlie’s hard partying lifestyle. It was equal parts ballsy, poignant and funny.

So when I read the pieces were available online, I clicked the link and went to Lorre’s site. Once there, I swear I just randomly clicked on one of hundreds (Lorre’s been writing these things since 1997)… And here’s what I got for my trouble:

Everyone should know by now how I feel about Rob Liefeld’s unprofessional childish Twitter taunt– the one where he wished the “Ghost of Jack Kirby” would show up at a Hollywood Walk of Fame event to kick Stan Lee’s “sorry ass”. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read all about Liefeld’s lapse in judgement here.)

Sorry Rob, but it looks like you and “Jack’s Ghost” are gonna have to stand in line. Chuck Lorre apparently knows a LIVING PERSON with good enough reason to kick Stan’s “wrinkled old ass”.

[Announcement via Deadline, Vanity Card via ChuckLorre.com, Photo Montage via Vulture.com]
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4 Responses to Uh Oh! Seems Chuck Lorre Knows a LIVING PERSON with a Reason to Kick Stan Lee’s Ass

  1. tomstewdevine says:

    So did that conversation turn in Rover Dangerfield

  2. tomstewdevine says:


    • Insideman says:

      You would have to think it did, Tom… Especially when you look at the poster for Rover Dangerfield. Lorre talks about working at Marvel Productions 25 years ago in 2010. That would mean sometime around 1985. Rover Dangerfield was released in 1991.

      My guess, it was passed on by Marvel. I see no indication that Bob Smith, Chuck Lorre or Stan Lee had any connection with the animated film production.

  3. kurumais says:

    i never got a good vibe from stan lee. i dont stan lee i never met stan lee or saw him at a con. this is just my feeling as a comic fan from the bleechers. he always seemed like sell out. in the 70s early 80s he would do anything to get in bed with hollywood he could give a crap about the quality of the product. to me he didnt seem to be protecting the marvel brand , ever since i was a kid i thought there was something slimey about him. just my gut feeling and its based on nothing substantial.
    im wouldnt be suprised if that line to get at stan is quite a bit longer than bob and theghostofjackkirby.

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