HEIDI RUBY MILLER’S Geek Girl Underground™ Recharging at the House of Mouse

As many of you know, I am a HUGE Disney fan—my family has been going to Walt Disney World since I was three; I did an internship there for Disney’s College Program; and I dragged my husband down to work there right after we got married.

We no longer work for the Mouse, but we still visit each summer to recharge our creative batteries.

Most of our ideas for the year come out of a nine-day stay at WDW! No kidding. Staying at the Boardwalk Resort and being able to walk in and out of EPCOT keeps us in the “magic” twenty-four hours a day. Constant stimulation of all the senses might drive some people crazy, but for Jason and me, it’s Nirvana.

I could pen a thousand Geek Girl posts about the awesome adult offerings at WDW, but I’ll keep it simple—this time. I love EPCOT. And I always love spending time at Innoventions while we’re there. It’s like a tiny E-3! Corporate sponsors abound educating guests and showing off tech and products—you can design your own thrill ride, then take it for a spin in a simulator in Sum of All Thrills™ and get caught in the perfect storm in StormStruck.

You can also become an avatar and play yourself in the RUNTIME video game presented by IBM.

And, now you can play me… Just follow THIS LINK!

Have fun and let me know about your great experiences at Disney! (No haters!!) 😀

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4 Responses to HEIDI RUBY MILLER’S Geek Girl Underground™ Recharging at the House of Mouse

  1. Try to beat my 101 Loops..The game is more fun when you fail btw….for instance, If you get crushed by a red beam you make this really scary fart sound! 🙂

  2. Do you see me get electrocuted yet?? That’s even better.

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