Are Invincible’s “Death Of…” Promo Posters For Real, Industry Commentary or Clever Marketing Gimmicks?

I was fairly cool with these Invincible #100 Promo Posters… Until I saw this one.

Say what you will about creator Robert Kirkman (and the vibes are usually good around the IMJ halls) but the hype surrounding The Walking Dead #100 proved the man and his company have mastered the art of comic book promotion.

Mimicking their own recent success, Kirkman and Skybound are already ramping up for (what looks to be) a very bloody story arc– apparently culminating with some character’s death in Invincible #100… Even though the issue is at least five to six months away from release.

As CBR reported from this year’s SDCC, “The name of the arc going into the anniversary is called “The Death of…?” Kirkman said. “… A huge storyline culminating in the #100 issue” where they would be “… Taking on the comic book convention of superhero deaths and turning it on its head, beginning with issue #98.”

A few of these Death Of… Teasers began appearing on the Net yesterday (you can see all the ones released so far below) and I was oddly fine with all of them… Until Atom Eve’s showed up this morning. Kirkman has already dramatically “killed” Eve once (at the hands of the Viltrumite Conquest in Invincible #63)– but thankfully her resurrection came quickly. I was reading these stories in trade form (naturally) and can’t even begin to tell you how much my heart sank when I witnessed Eve’s demise– short-lived as it was.

I was never so glad to be a “trade waiter” that day… Having to wait for her return (and the dramatic aftermath) for even 5 minutes would have been almost too much to bear.

I call this rather immature desire to never see a comic book woman I love die “Gwen Stacy Syndrome”. Yes, as a kid I was “in love” with Gwen… And as a grown man, I am in love with Eve.

So go ahead and kill whomever you want, Kirkman… But keep your mitts off Eve. I can live with anybody else dying. Or, conversely, you can kill them all. I’ll be fine with that too.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m sort of an “all or nothing” kinda guy.

[Paraphrased SDCC quote via CBR]
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