Today’s BARF-O-RAMA™! Superman and Wonder Woman Now A Couple!


Fresh from The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away Department:

Just when Rob Liefeld lights up Twitter to give every DC Fan the good newz he’s finally leaving all three DC titles he’s currently desecrating, Entertainment Weekly dumps this huge steaming Pile of Shit on our doorstep:

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t this just sort of smack of the King and Queen of the Prom hooking up? Isn’t Clark Kent’s attraction to Lois Lane what grounded this superman in reality?

If I wanted to see super-beings acting all superior and irrational, I’ll just go back and re-read some classic Warren Ellis Planetary or Authority comics.

[Via EW]


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33 Responses to Today’s BARF-O-RAMA™! Superman and Wonder Woman Now A Couple!

  1. When I heard that Lois and Clark weren’t going to be married in the New 52, I figured that was because DC is hedging it’s bets that if the rights to go back to the families of Siegel and Shuster, they knew they could lose Lois. I get that, kinda stupid, but I get it. But what about freaking Lana Lang. She is the girl most people got to know on Smallville, she is in-continuity as a past flame, and to be honest, Diana is not his type. Bruce and Diana, I can see. I think that would actually be a lot more interesting considering Bruce’s relationship methodology. But this is just stupid and goes to show that DC no longer cares about Superman. They wouldn’t have Batman suddenly have a relationship with Big Burtha, I’m sure after it doesn’t work out with Wonder Woman, Sup is going to long for someone a little more tender like Terra, or just make the assumtion the creators and artist think of Starfire these days and get a quick rebound lay.

  2. J. says:

    When I read some comic news that I disagree with, I tend get over it pretty quick. That’s how it’s been with me as of late. But THIS fanfic bullshit getting passed off as “new continuity”? This is really bothering me. More so than anything in comics has in quite a while. I would say that it may even be getting me a bit angry.

    I remember how people were laughing at me when I said that Geoff Johns had become a complete shit writer during Blackest Night. I don’t think those people are laughing anymore.

    And don’t even get me started on how that cover makes Wonder Woman look completely weak while she plays the “good submissive girl”. Fucking hell…

    • comicbookdude89 says:

      I completely agree. This news is not sitting well with me one bit. It’s driving me nuts that they’re essentially labeling her as ‘Superman’s gf’, which should NOT at all be who she is. I hate Johns’ portrayal of Wonder Woman in JL.

      Wasn’t there an issue in Rucka’s run of WW where Supes and Wonder Woman explain why they couldn’t be together and that they should remain friends (or something to that effect)? But that’s probably not part of the DCnU anymore just so DiDio and Johns can justify this crap (although I’m sure other things in Rucka’s run are part of the DCnU… just not the ones that would contradict this stupidity).

      The further this… fanfic-like decision stays away from Azzarello’s WW title the better. After the ending of the newest issue I’m hoping that we get to see the New Gods. I would LOVE to see Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s interpretation of the New Gods.

      • J. says:

        Rucka also had Bruce Wayne and Diana in a relationship and I thought that really worked well. But I guess DC/Johns have a big problem with a strong woman being in a relationship with a weaker man. I truly think that’s all this comes down to. No way can a female be the superior of the two in a couple. I’m quite sure most fanboys today wouldn’t be able to handle that.

        • comicbookdude89 says:

          I’m more of a Steve Trevor/WW fan, but I agree that Bruce and Diana had a believable relationship in Rucka’s run. I need to re-read his WW issues again… those really helped me understand exactly who Diana/WW was and what her beliefs were and what she represented.

        • ed2962 says:

          I think fanboys might warm up to a Bruce/Diana pairing possibly quicker cuz the two did flirt on the JL Animated series, plus There’s Bat fanatics who think that Bats is so awesome that they don’t perceive him as weaker. “Bats can beat up Galactus if he had time to plan!”

          But one relationship that I think some fanboys probably Would Not be able to handle is if they brought back Trevor Barnes as a love interest!

        • Mike McNulty a.k.a. "Stillanerd" says:

          But even with regards to the shipping that was going on between Batman and Wonder Woman, at least DC was wise enough not to actually make it an official relationship. Because if they had, it would have been even worse than pairing Superman and Wonder Woman together, because not only would it have marginalized Diana as much as it’s already starting to happen with her being paired with Supes, Batman is, by far, DC’s most popular character and him having a romance with a super-powered demigod doesn’t exactly jive with his being a “dark, grim, pseudo-realistic urban vigilante/detective.”

    • Morlock50 says:

      I wish that Wonder Woman could just be written out of JL until there’s a change in writers. Johns just doesn’t get her, and is clearly not communicating with Azzarello on how she should be portrayed. The good news is that there’s no way this is going to last more than two years.

  3. ed2962 says:

    I,um…think the cover is kinda pretty looking?

    Actually, I guess Geoff Johns said something to the effect that this isn’t just for an attention grabbing headline, that it’s the new status quo, but I don’t believe him for one friggin’ minute. There’s a Superman movie coming out next year and the possibility of a WW or JL flick after. I really doubt they’ll stick with something that would be too different from the mythologies that are going to appear in the those films. Otherwise, Dick Grayson would still be Batman and Steve Rogers would still be dead, right?

    I’ll be shocked if this “relationship” is still going on a year from now.

    What really bugs me is not that they’re forcing these characters together, it’s that they’re forcing them together AGAIN! It’s probably been a least a half dozen times over the last 20 yrs! To say nothing of countless fan-fiction and fan art! Sure, most of the official DC stuff has been alternative world stories, BUT John Byrne and Perez DID an in continuity story involving a failed Supes/WW hook up after the first Crisis back in the late 80’s!

    No offense to anyone, but it’s like Johns just came out and said, “I’ve written some decent stuff, but I have absolutely no idea what to do with this Justice League comic.”

    • J. says:

      That cover is a self-swipe. Lee used it originally in his Superman run with Lois instead of Diana… or maybe it was an anniversary issue. I don’t remember.

      • ed2962 says:

        I’m guessing it’s from the run Lee did with Brian Azzarello, Jose? I have to admit I never finished that run, so I didn’t remember either. Speaking of Azzarello, I saw what you said about it being for the best if he doesn’t mention this event in his WW stories. That’s another reason why I think this is a temporary stunt. As of yet, we haven’t heard how this is going to affect WW or any of the Superman books. I’m hoping this will be an JL arc and then be over with and then be forgotten.

        Then I thought maybe we should be glad this is Johns and not Frank Miller! Remember the Superman kisses Wonder Woman scene in All Star Batman Robin #5 ? THEN I remembered that scene was Frank Miller swiping himself from The Big Fat Kill. Then my head started to hurt…

        • J. says:

          Ya. That would be the run I was thinking of.

          When I was keeping up with JLA it really seemed the Wonder Woman book was it’s own thing. Completely separate from the JLA new continuity. It still really feels that way and I am perfectly fine with it.

          I just remember that Johns wrote Diana as someone who had brain damage/the “innocence” of a child and also really likes ice cream. It was pretty disgusting. I think this romance will probably be on par with his awesome take on Wonder Woman in those early issue of JLA.

        • Blanchard says:

          I kind of got a feeling that the Superman/Wonder Woman romance will tie into The Trinity War event for next year. Probably where their relationship will end. Geoff John’s seems to dig that kind of unnecessary melodrama.

          • J. says:

            “Geoff Johns seems to dig that kind of unnecessary melodrama.”

            Very well said and I can totally see that. The Trinity War starts because they have a bad breakup. How much more juvenile can DC get? This whole thing is ridiculous.

            • If they are going to go this Marvel on us, are wee going see shit like the Doctor Fate Five? Or Justice League vs. Teen Titans? Or Death Itself which centers on Darkseid macking on Death, that way they can try ring Neil Gaiman to do a mini series because they will need his name to copies of that dreck?

              • ed2962 says:

                This is going to sound weird, but I totally would watch a kids cartoon show called “The Dr Fate Five”. It could be about Dr Fate and his wife and kids or about the Dr and his young students and they go on bizarre cartoon adventures. Occasionally, the more impetus kids will try to fight a monster by themselves, but get in over their heads and the more sensible kids will try to save them, but ultimately the Dr has to step in. Every once in a while we all learn lessons in civics or something. (smiley face)

        • I think this one of the main problems with the New 52: Justice League–the flagship title as the DC claims it is–never syncs up with other comics. They did this reboot of have new, easier continuity, they might as well all be in different universes where the JLA people use the teleport watches they stole from the Power Rangers to go into a cynical Superfriends universe for a day or two when they want o get away from Robin, Lois, or whoever. I stopped reading after the first arc because it was pointless, so far, i’m not seeing anything that says differently, and this cover just reinforces that. I think the surprise will be what happens in the #0 issues because I think this is going to be something the is supposedly trying to let us in on my the universe was reset by Pandora. The pessimist in me is seen the New 52 has DC’s Heroes Reborn period.

  4. First thing I thought when I saw this was “DC has officially run out of Superman ideas…and they don’t give a shit about Wonder Woman.” The couple is so obvious that it seems lazy. How do you write them as a believable couple anyway? And IMO, Wonder Woman wouldn’t give a shit about Superman. If she were to be attracted to anyone I thought it would either be Batman or another grounded male character.

    Jose needs to write a Wonder Woman title.

  5. kurumais says:

    dc did this before post crisis in the 80s i pretty darn sure john byrne drew it. there was kind of build up/ hype to it. then they met supes just grabbed her , didnt say anything and laid a wet one on her then it just got awkward and they basically decided it was weird to never do it again. at least thats how i vaguely remember it.

    i can see why. in a world were superman and wonder woman existed like 2/3 of the world would be shipping them. look at the fangirls that went wacko over kstew cheating on rpak. in a way they are the perfect couple. im not worried it wont last im betting azzarello isnt going to care about it
    its just a stunt like the one from the 80s

    • tomstewdevine says:

      If this effects the Wonder Woman book then I will be truly pissed, but as of now, I already know the current Justice League book is terrible. I do fucking hate how every time something from the comic book industry goes to the larger news places the information is twisted.

  6. ajjackson100 says:

    I hate Lois Lane, And I can honestly say that I haven’t enjoyed any issue of superman from the beginning of the new 52. I don’t want to see stories done the same way they where pre new 52. I have loved this new take on wonder woman and go as so far to say that she is the only character to benefit the new 52 reboot. I say give it a chance. Maybe this more alien version of superman would fit well with this more humanized version of Wonder Woman. There booth not even in relationships right now and people are getting ulcers over something that hasn’t even happened yet. Take solace in the fact that Clark didn’t make a deal with the devil to erase the one good thing in his life. Yah…. thats how you reboot something to make a more cutting edge reboot, by destroying what a character stands for.

    • J. says:

      If Geoff Johns wasn’t such a terrible writer some of us wouldn’t be so worried about how this story will turn out. If someone like Grant Morrison was writing it, we’d have a bit more faith. Geoff Johns is the new Chuck Austen.

      Not to mention his version of Wonder Woman ranks among the worst ever.

  7. Mike McNulty a.k.a. "Stillanerd" says:

    You know how can you tell this is going to be potentially disastrous for DC in the long run? Take a look at the headline of the Entertainment Weekly article and notice which half of the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship is getting the top billing? Certainly isn’t the character who is supposed to be an example of female empowerment and equality, that’s for sure.

    • J. says:

      Yahoo News has a headline right now that reads “Superman Dumps Lois Lane for New Gal”. GAL!!!

      We all know Lois and Supes haven’t been together since the reboot but the article is saying stupid shit like “Scandal in Metropolis” like Supes is cheating on Lois with Wonder Woman. That right there could damage both characters to people who do not know better.

      • Mike McNulty a.k.a. "Stillanerd" says:

        Oh, no kidding. And that article also gets bonus points in fail for having the following sentence: “This is the 12th issue of a reboot for The Justice League, kind of DC’s version of “‘The Avengers.'”

  8. Adam727 says:

    This is such horrible idea and I’m disappointed with DC. That is all. A lot of what I wanted to say has already been said.

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