Locusmortis’ PREVIEWS Hits & Misses™ – Rating Comic Shop Offerings for November / December 2012

Every month I pre-order comics, trades and other related items from Previews magazine. Even though there is information online for just about everything, I still find the Previews catalog to be the simplest way to scan through the different items and to get some inspiration on what I want to buy.

There’s lots of stuff being offered by Diamond this month: Plenty of great stuff and plenty of crap too… So I will try to sort the wheat from the chaff and hopefully point out some good items that you might order or buy from your LCS or Online Retailer. Our taste may differ– so if you buy something and I hate it… Don’t blame me. I did my best to warn you!

The STATUS in the description of each product indicates the likelihood of whether I’m going to order it ranging from Firm Order as the most likely to POS (Piece of Shit)– with everything else being somewhere in between. I’m sure you can figure it out!

The Savage Hawkman #14
32 pages

Status – POS

Additional Notes –  Rob Liefeld actually draws a foot pretty well on this cover! Ok, so its connected to a disembodied leg but you gotta give the Robster some credit, eh? (Ed. Note: In further efforts to seemingly distance themselves from Liefeld, DC recently changed the cover artist to SH #14.)

Superboy #14 Supergirl #14 Superman #14
32 pages
$2.99 each

Status – POSAdditional Notes – DC is running a crossover between these three books call H’el on Earth. The intent of this type of crossover is to get those who are reading 1 or 2 of the titles to buy all three– to get the full story. The only book from this trio that I purchase is Supergirl— it’s actually one of the few New 52 books that I really enjoy. But I’m dropping the book as of this issue as I’m not interested in the other books at all. It really, REALLY hacks me off when publishers try this kind of stunt in order to force you to buy books that you don’t really want.

Justice League of America Omega
200 pages

Status – POS

Additional Notes – If you think the current Justice League comic is bad, then you ain’t seen nothin’! James Robinson’s version was fucking appalling! Instead of buying this, why don’t you just rinse out your brain with bleach? It’d be probably less painful.

The Books of Magic Deluxe Edition HC
208 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – I have the original prestige format issues that comprise this HC and haven’t read them in a while. With story by Neil Gaiman and painted art by Charles Vess, John Bolton, Paul Johnson and Scott Hampton— and starring a veritable who’s who of DC’s “dark” heroes– this is a must buy.

DC Comics Cover Girls
Harley Quinn Statue

Status – POS

Additional Notes – It looks like they should be changing Harley’s name to “Juggs Ahoy”.

Judge Dredd #1
32 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes –  The first issue of a new American Judge Dredd series. Written by Duane Swierczynski and Nelson Daniel, I have no idea if this will be good or not… But I’ll give it a few issues to prove itself.

Judge Dredd
The Complete Brian Bolland
248 pages

Status – Tempted

Additional Notes – This includes all 40 or so episodes of Dredd that Bolland drew. I’ve got all of these in multiple formats but not in HC so far. It’s a bit pricey, so I may hang on before ordering it.

Torpedo Vol 1
144 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – Story by Sanchez Abuli, with art by Alex Toth and Jordi Bernet— this is one of the classics of European comics… Possibly the greatest noir comic ever published.

Great Pacific #1
32 pages

Status – Trade-waiting

Additional Notes – This promises “Epic Sci-Fi Adventure”. The promo art for this comic looks pretty damn gorgeous.

Elephantmen #46

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – I’ve never really been that big a fan of Elephantmen, but this issue is drawn by Shaky Kane– so I’ve got to have it!

Kevin Keller #6
32 pages

Status – Curious?

Additional Notes – Kevin Keller meets comics’ newest gay icon… George Takei.

XIII Vol 1 The Day of the Black Sun
48 pages

Status – Cheaper on Amazon

Additional Notes – Publisher Cinebook finally returns to Diamond Distribution with a number of releases. XIII, one of the greatest French thriller/adventure comics, is the best of the bunch.

Battlefields Tankies #1
32 pages

Status – Trade-Waiting

Additional Notes – The only good comic that Garth Ennis writes these days– this comic reunites him with artist Carlos Ezquerra and centers on the Tankies in the Korean War.

Multi-Story Building Model
A Chris Ware Portfolio
13 pages

Status – Tempted

Additional Notes – This is a signed, limited edition set of prints that can combine to make a three-dimensional model of the building from Chris Ware’s latest project. This is sure to be a desirable collectible, but I think it’s a bit too rich for my blood.

The Fantastic Four 100 Project SC
120 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – Something worthwhile from Marvel? Well no, it’s from the Hero Initiative. 100+ covers featuring the FF. The money from this goes to help creators who have fallen on hard times.

Before the Incal Classic Collection HC
304 pages

Status – Tempted

Additional Notes – The prequel to the The Incal, with gorgeous art by Zoran Janjetov.

Courtney Crumrin #7
32 pages

Status – Very Tempted

Additional Notes – OK, I’ve never read this comic but this cover is pretty bloody awesome– so I’m tempted. Anyone read this title and can give me a recommendation?

Rogue Trooper Tales of Nu-Earth Vol 3
400 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – While the writing in this Volume isn’t as strong as in Vols 1 & 2, it’s still worth it for some excellent art by Jose Ortiz and Steve Dillon.

Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures Vol 1
120 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – Atomic Robo is one of the cleverest and most entertaining comics around. It probably gets slightly overlooked because it’s not on one of Diamond’s favoured publishers.

Neon Genesis Evangelion 3-in-1 Edition Vol 1
524 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – I used to get this title  back when they put them out in 32 page monthly comics. I’m glad to see this come back in nice big chunky volumes.

Cross Game Vol 8
376 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – This is the final volume in this manga which I covered in a Random Fandom article a while ago. If you haven’t been getting this, what’s wrong with you?

Aron’s Absurd Armada Omnibus Vol 1
256 pages

Status – POS

Additional Notes – Message to Yen Press— 256 pages is NOT an omnibus.

Queen’s Blade Visual Collection HC
192 pages

Status – Tempted

Additional Notes – The fantasy anime that put the tit in titillating… With more fan service than you can shake a stick at. This will look nice, but I believe there are more compelling items offered this month.

Cinema Retro Classics #4
116 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – These Cinema Retro Classics issues focusing on one film are must haves for film buffs. In this issue its Dr. No— the first James Bond film.

Psychedelic Sex Vampires
Jean Rollin Cinema
96 pages

Status – Firm Order
(On Amazon, it’s cheaper)

Additional Notes – A book about Jean Rollin, the maker of the cheesiest, sleaziest, worst directed, most poorly acted 70s euro-vampire softcore horror flicks. So bad, they’re good. Before Watchmen Dr. Manhattan II T-Shirt
$18.95 – $21.95

Status – POS

Additional Notes – Just the thing to wear to that Alan Moore signing if you really want to cheer him up…

Thundercats 1/4 Scale Tygra Statue

Status – If I won the Lottery

Additional Notes – I love the Thundercats and this is a beautiful statue… But $349? Wow, out of my price range for sure.

Marvel Comics X-Men
Danger Room Sessions
Cyclops Fine Art Statue

Status – POS

Additional Notes – Loving the big yellow underpants there Cyke!

Monster Heaven Dream Gila Period 1 Soft Vinyl Figure

Status – POS

Additional Notes – Its obvious from some of my previous choices that I’m not particularly adverse to gaudy, trashy kitsch but WTF is this?! It’s like an explosion in a plastics factory.

Tiger & Bunny The Beginning Wild Tiger S.H. Figuarts

Status – Tempted

Additional Notes – These Tiger & Bunny models look bloody great. I must get around to watching the anime sometime.

Domo Hooded 1-Piece Pajamas

Status – POS

Additional Notes – There’s tons of Domo merch every month and I usually just gloss over it. But this caught my eye as possibly the ugliest piece of clothing I’ve seen in Previews… And goddamn it, you have no idea how much ugly clothing I’ve seen in this catalog.

Sons of Anarchy Gun Lamp

Status – POS

Additional Notes – An M16 with a scythe blade. That’s just so classy!

Star Wars: Chewbacca
Replica Messenger Bag

Status – Tempted… Nah,  it’s a POS

Additional Notes – This month’s piece of Absurdly Expensive Star Wars Crap. So, it’s a $30 messenger bag with a bandolier-type motif on the strap– thus becoming a $90 item.

Galaxy Express: The Complete Series Volume 1

Status – Firm Order
(Cheaper on Amazon)

Additional Notes – Now this is a must have! Leiji Matsumoto is one of the greatest manga/anime creators and this is an all-time classic.

Zombie Babies

Status – POS

Additional Notes – Aborted foetuses are reanimated and attack the adults who conceived them. Do I have to explain how repulsive this alleged movie is?

Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Edition

Status – Tempted
(Cheaper on Amazon)

Additional Notes – This film gets reissued every couple of years and this is basically the Ultimate Collectors Edition with a couple of extra bits. It’s a bit of a cheeky move by the film company but I haven’t got this on Blu ray yet so I’ll probably cave and buy it anyway.

It’s a strange ol’ month– nothing much interesting coming out from the usual quality stalwarts like Dark Horse and Image Comics… With most of the real good stuff coming from the ass-end of the catalog where the non-favored publishers reside. Let us know if there’s anything coming up that you think is worth looking at.

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5 Responses to Locusmortis’ PREVIEWS Hits & Misses™ – Rating Comic Shop Offerings for November / December 2012

  1. IronMuskrat says:

    Man, I must be really tired, becasue when I looked at the image for the Blade Runner Bluray, my brain was thinking… Cool, Ridley Scott is coming out with a 30th anniversary special edition of Legend! Tim Curry was great in that movie!

    Oh well, my hopes are dashed 🙂 Yet, another special edition of Blade Runner is now out, even after I was promised that the last special edition I bought was going to be the absolutely, positively, we’re really serious this time, last special edition.

    Good Stuff Locusmortis!

  2. Locusmortis says:

    Thanks Iron, this is the LAST Blade Runner special edition ever!

    …..Till the next one! 😉

  3. tomstewdevine says:

    I’m not a fan of Elephantman either, but I have 3 issues because the best artist work on that book.

  4. tomstewdevine says:

    Battlefields is always good glad to see it come back, but Fury Max is a great comic that he writes these days. (to be fair it’s basically just like Battlefields)

    • Locusmortis says:

      I won’t be buying Fury Max any time soon I’d say but at least it sounds like Ennis is putting some quality effort into it.

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