Heidi Ruby Miller’s GEEK GIRL UNDERGROUND™ – 2012 DogCon Report

There were no dogs at DogCon! Just cool authors, musicians, and a tattoo artist.

Raw Dog Screaming Press co-owners, Jennifer Barnes and John Edward Lawson, celebrated the first ever DogCon an invite-only, three-day RDSP experience. Forty plus guests from as far away as Minneapolis and Boston converged near DC to hear the State of the Dog Address, Barnes’ multimedia update about the publishing company as it heads into its ten-year anniversary in 2013.

The big announcement of the event was a brand new imprint, Dog Star Books . With its catch phrase, “Science Fiction that goes for the throat,” DSB will launch in Summer 2013 with books by SF authors like Mike Resnick and K. Ceres Wright. I was named managing editor of the imprint and shared the brand philosophy and revealed the cover of Wright’s first book for Dog Star Books, COG.

RDSP and Guide Dog Books will also see more projects in the coming year, including work from Michael A. Arnzen, Harold Jaffe, Donna Lynch, Jason Jack Miller, Matthew Warner and D. Harlan Wilson.

The technological aspect of this event meshed so well with the live environment. Real-time readings using Facetime with Wilson and Arnzen were entertaining and added to the festive atmosphere. Arnzen even quizzed the guests for chances at prizes.

Steven Archer and Donna Lynch of Ego Likeness wowed the room with a cool and creepy music video for their latest single Treacherous Thing.

Then the Google+ Hangout opened and guests were able to chat with those who couldn’t make it to the party. And Mike Mehalek did some amazing magic tricks.

Other highlights of the DogCon weekend included a pajama party, Tarot readings, a round of Cards Against Humanity, zombie eradication exercises, and for those brave enough to face the inked needle, a tattoo station set up by artist Jody Rae Adams. There was more food— all dog-themed, like dog bone sugar cookies and puppy chow Kix mix—than the guests could have eaten in a week.

But of course no one was allowed out without taking a doggie bag full of fun swag, including a Dog Star Books T-shirt from Sam McCanna at Skurvy Ink.

Next year’s DogCon– which will celebrate a decade of incredible books and the launch of Dog Star Books– will be even bigger. In fact, there was so much public interest, RDSP is considering piggy-backing it with another speculative fiction convention. Updates and information about Raw Dog Screaming Press can be found at their site!


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6 Responses to Heidi Ruby Miller’s GEEK GIRL UNDERGROUND™ – 2012 DogCon Report

  1. The first DogCon was nearly epic…next year we’re going for full epic. Details to come!

    🙂 Heidi

  2. BTW, Ian and Jose, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cool links to more of my posts. You guys are always topping yourselves!

    🙂 Heidi

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