Locusmortis’ PREVIEWS Hits & Misses™ – Rating Comic Shop Offerings for December 2012 & January 2013

LM Previews Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Banner

Every month I pre-order comics, trades and other related items from Previews magazine. Even though there is information online for just about everything, I still find the Previews catalog to be the simplest way to scan through the different items and to get some inspiration on what I want to buy.

There’s lots of stuff being offered by Diamond this month: Plenty of great stuff and plenty of crap too… So I will try to sort the wheat from the chaff and hopefully point out some good items that you might order or buy from your LCS or Online Retailer. Our taste may differ– so if you buy something and I hate it… Don’t blame me. I did my best to warn you!

The STATUS in the description of each product indicates the likelihood of whether I’m going to order it ranging from Firm Order as the most likely to POS (Piece of Shit)– with everything else being somewhere in between. I’m sure you can figure it out!

To Hell You Ride #1To Hell You Ride #1 (of 5)
32 pages

Status – Trade-Waiting

Additional Notes – Co-written by Lance (Aliens/Millennium) Henriksen and Joseph Maddry, this horror western looks to have an interesting premise. It also has one of my favourite old DC artists, Tom Mandrake— which sells it for me.

Rotten Apple One ShotRotten Apple (One-shot)
40 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – The cover caught my attention and the art looks really appealing. The story is a collection of episodes from Dark Horse Presents– which is handy for those of us who don’t regularly buy that title.

The Black Beetle #0Black Beetle Night Shift #0 (One-shot)
32 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – Another collection from the pages of DHP, this has writing and art from Francesco Francavilla. Need I to say any more?

King Conan The Phoenix On The Sword TPKing Conan The Phoenix on the Sword
96 pages

Status – Recommended

Additional Notes – Timothy Truman and Tom Giorello are THE writer/artist pair that all other modern Conan comics writer/artist pairs need to live up to. Giorello especially has developed into an epic Conan artist– one to rival Barry Windsor-Smith and John Buscema.

Manara Vol 4The Manara Library Vol 4
224 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – This volume encompasses Manara’s Giuseppe Bergman adventure stories. Simply put, if you love comics, you love Manara… Or at least someday you will.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #15Justice League #15
32 pages

Status – POS

Additional Notes –  Just look at the cover. Everybody’s so angry! RARRRGHHH!!!!!!!

Wonder Woman #15Wonder Woman #15
32 pages each
$2.99 each

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – Ok, I’m buying this title anyway– but this issue has Wonder Woman vs Orion! How the Nu52 deals with the reintroduction of the New Gods to the DCU could very well affect my view of DC comics in general– so this is a significant issue. Don’t fuck it up, Azzarello!

Human Bomb #1Human Bomb #1 (of 4)
32 pages

Status – Trade-Waiting

Additional Notes – Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti writing. Jerry Ordway on art. I am so getting the trade collection of this! It’s just a pity DC doesn’t seem to be promoting this comic at all.

BATMAN THE NIGHT OF THE OWLS HCBatman The Night of the Owls HC
360 pages

Status – POS

Additional Notes – What I want is a hardcover of Snyder and Capullo’s story from Batman 1-12. I don’t give a flying fuck what happens in Batwing, Birds of Prey, Red Hood and the Outlaws or any of the other titles they’ve shoehorned into this thing.Dave Stevens' The Rocketeer Artists EditionDave Stevens’ The Rocketeer
Artist’s Edition
Please Enquire
140 pages

Status – Tempted

Additional Notes – This is the second printing of this Artists Edition, but considering these things sell out tout suite– I’m guessing a lot of people missed out the first time around.
Mara #1Mara #1 (of 6)
32 pages

Status – Trade-waiting

Additional Notes – Brian Wood is doing a lot of work for different publishers at the moment and thankfully much of it is creator-owned. I have little doubt this will be a quality book.

Blackacre #1Blackacre #1
32 pages

Status – Trade-Waiting

Additional Notes – This is a thriller set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future (is there any future that isn’t post-apocalyptic or dystopian?). The Preview pages for this look excellent.

Change #1Change #1 (of 4)
32 pages

Status – Trade-Waiting

Additional Notes – I loved Ales Kots recent Wild Children one-shot. This time he’s writing a mini-series with art by Morgan Jeske.

The Legend of Luthor Strode #1The Legend of Luther Strode #1 (of 6)
32 pages

Status – Trade-Waiting

Additional Notes – The sequel to The Strange Talent of Luther Strode… Do you really need to know more? As Jack Kirby used to say “Don’t ask! Just buy it! “LOCUSMORTIS ARCHAIA PREVIEWS BANNER

Siegfried Vol 1 HCSiegfried Vol 1 HC
144 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – This is one of the most successful European graphic albums of the last few years and there’s a reason for that. Its bloody beautiful.

Spooks Volume 1 The Fall of BabylonSpooks Vol 1 The Fall of Babylon
48 pages

Status – Cheaper on Amazon

Additional Notes – More Euro-goodness, The Spooks are a band of Victorian Adventurers gathered by Ulysses S. Grant to solve mysterious crimes.
Vampirella Archives Vol 6Vampirella Archives Vol 6 HC
392 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – This collection finds the Vampirella magazine hitting a real high quality period in its run– with stories by the likes of Archie Goodwin, Doug Moench, Jose Gonzalez, Luis Bermejo, Esteban Maroto, Jose Ortiz, Paul Neary and others.
BLACK INCAL DLX HC VOL 1The Black Incal Deluxe HC
48 pages

Status – Severely Tempted

Additional Notes – This is the first book of The Incal by Alexandro Jodorowsky and Moebius. It’s possibly my favourite comic book of all time. Its printed in a 12 inch x 16 inch format– so this will be BEAUTIFUL… But it is SO expensive!LOCUSMORTIS PREVIEWS MARVEL
Avengers Arena #1Avengers Arena #1 & #2
32 pages

Status – POS

Additional Notes – So the cover for this is a “homage” to Battle Royale… In other words, it completely rips the film off. But then the whole book is a rip-off– as even the logo is a rip-off, FFS. I’m disappointed to see Kev Walker be associated with such a piece of hackery.

Kick Ass 2 Prelude Hit Girl Premiere HCKick Ass 2 Prelude – Hit Girl Premiere HC
120 pages

Status – POS

Additional Notes – Oh John Romita Jr, what has become of you?
Judge Dredd The Garth Ennis CollectionJudge Dredd The Garth Ennis Collection
160 pages

Status – POS

Additional Notes – This book is obviously being put out to capitalise on Garth Ennis being a “name” in the US market. I felt his stories were decidedly meh (although not nearly as awful as Mark Millar’s Dredd work).

96 pages

Status – Already have it & I love it.
Others may not.

Additional Notes – This story of a homicidal polar bear ripping various CIA agents to shreds and eating them is from the very early days of 2000AD– when it hadn’t quite found its feet yet. Writers John Wagner and Pat Mills had their tongues very firmly embedded in their cheeks with this one!
Breathless Homocidal Slime Mutants THe Art of the PaperbackBreathless Homicidal Slime Mutants – The Art of the Paperback SC
304 pages

Status – Firm Order

Additional Notes – With a title like this, how could I NOT be interested? I love sleazy trash culture anyway– so this should be really good.

The James Bond Archives Vol 4 HCThe James Bond Archives 4
600 pages

Status –  Tempted
(not much though)

Additional Notes – I love the James Bond Series, so this book should be right up my street– but this  is 200 fucking dollars! $75, $85 maybe, but $200? No fucking way!
Marvel Kawaii Deadpool and Cable T-ShirtMarvel Kawaii Deadpool and Cable T-Shirt
$18.99 – $20.99

Status – POS

Additional Notes – Note to Marvel – Kawaii does NOT mean “big-bobble head”.
Assassins Creed 3 Latex TomahawkAssassins Creed 3 Latex Tomahawk

Status – POS

Additional Notes – For anyone who actually wants to buy this, you can purchase a REAL hatchet for about $20 in a hardware store. You can then impale it in your fucking head for no cost at all, thus immediately making the human race less stupid!
Doctor Who Tardis 3D Ceramic TeapotDoctor Who Tardis
3D Ceramic Teapot

Status – POS

Additional Notes – If I saw this in someone’s house, I’d walk straight out again.

Evangelion 2.0 Eva-01 Ran FigureEvangelion 2.0 Eva-01 Ran Figure

Status – Tempted

Additional Notes – This is a gorgeous figure but I think the price just started to make my eyes bleed. The Asuka figure is awesome too.
Doctor Who Fourth Doctor ScarfDoctor Who Fourth Doctor Scarf
$27.99 – $54.99

Status – Tempted

Additional Notes – Now I know I usually rag on clothing selections in Previews, but you have no idea how hard it is to find a good long scarf– especially in a country as cold and damp as this one.

Star Wars Jedi Hooded BathrobeStar Wars Jedi Hooded Bathrobe
$65.99 – $75.99

Status – POS

Additional Notes – This is just a BROWN robe!
Grave of the Fireflies Blu RayGrave of the Fireflies
Blu ray

Status – Firm order (Cheaper on Amazon)

Additional Notes – This is one of the greatest anime of all time. I used to have it on VHS tape, so it’ll be great to see it on Blu ray.

Masters of the Universe 30th Anniversary DVD CollectionMasters of the Universe
30th Anniversary DVD Collection

Status – Tempted

Additional Notes – Ok, I know it was sort of garbage, but I still feel rather nostalgic towards it. I try to only buy Blu ray these days– so I’ll probably give it a miss.

Some really good offerings from Dark Horse and Image this month, which makes up for all the crud coming from Marvel and DC. There’s a lack of good new Manga at the moment as well, but hopefully that will improve. Let us know if there’s anything coming up that you think is worth looking at.

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10 Responses to Locusmortis’ PREVIEWS Hits & Misses™ – Rating Comic Shop Offerings for December 2012 & January 2013

  1. Insideman says:

    “This is just a BROWN robe!” is, without a doubt, one of the FUNNIEST sentences you’ve written in this column.

    I already purchased Grave of the Fireflies and Spooks on your recommendation– both from Amazon, natch. The Grave of the Fireflies was $12 CHEAPER in the US Amazon store.

    I do have to take issue with your thoughts on the Who Teapot. I swear when I saw that a couple of months ago, I thought, “I’m going to buy that as a gift!” Then I realized that all my friends– including all my English/Irish Tea Drinkers– basically only drink coffee anymore.

    I can’t complain though. I don’t even drink coffee. Diet Mountain Dew is my caffeine delivery system of choice. 🙂

    • Locusmortis says:

      Well it IS just a brown robe! Lol, Star Wars/Lucasfilm put out some great merch but by god they will slap a SW logo on ANYTHING and try and sell it!

      I wish there was better competition for Amazon but they are nearly cheaper on everything.

      I stand by my opinion, that teapot is a monstrosity 😛 Everyone I know just puts the tea bag straight into the mug anyway!

      • Insideman says:

        I wish I could cut a coin slot in the ceramic tea pot’s top. I would use it to hold change like a bank.

        As it is, different retailers want $29.99 (+ Shipping!) for a small ceramic Tardis bank. I have a hard time paying that kind of money for a novelty bank… Especially if it can’t even hold $29 in coins.

        It’s like people who spend $150 on a waffle iron. For $150, I would expect Ashley Greene to come to my house and serve those waffles.

  2. Insideman says:

    Finally, a trash can that’s bigger on the INSIDE!

  3. I think all the comics you are trade-waiting on I’ve ordered, so you can probably expect a review of those from me come January.

    As for the He-Man, I think it only seems bad now because we are adults. My 6 year-old nephew loves the hell out that show, more so than I did at his age, i think. Which I think just means it a good kids show.

    • Locusmortis says:

      I’ll look forward to your review, Image and Dark Horse are excelling themselves at the moment.

      I think with He-Man, its the blatantly obvious moralising which really is kind of teeth-grinding, Thundercats was more subtle in how it delivered its message and it holds up relatively well in comparison.

  4. IronMuskrat says:

    Siegfried and Spooks both look like a books that I would be glad spend time with, I will keep an eye out for them
    Shako? Not sure about that one, but you gotta love a comic that not afraid to let you know what it’s all about right there on the front cover.

    and Grave of the Fireflies is one of the best things I’ve watched from Japan. Don’t have a copy of it anymore, but now might be the time to pick up Blu-ray.

    • Locusmortis says:

      Siegfried and Spooks are well worth getting, The Grand Duke from Archaia is another european book to look out for.

      Shako certainly isn’t a sophisticated book but it does have a good deal of black humour running through it.

  5. -Jon (of aCBL) says:

    I enjoyed this review, especially the bit about Batman. Also Avengers Arena is totally a rip off 😦 😦 but I still love it….can’t we all just get along? lol jk.

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