Heidi Ruby Miller’s GEEK GIRL UNDERGROUND™ – IMJ Holiday Gift Guide


XBOX 360 BRAXBOX 360 Controller Bra

I had to open with this because I’m on my 360 every day for gaming or Netflix, and if this bra really worked– it would be easier than trying to find one of the real controllers I manage to spread throughout the house. Plus, this beauty is hand-painted by Etsy artist SceeneShoes with permanent acrylic paint, and it’s washable!

World War Z PosterInvitation to the Premier of World War Z

Max Brooks’ World War Z is one of my top 10 favorite books of all time, and I want to see what they can do with the movie. And, yes, I’m more concerned with the story than watching Brad Pitt and Matthew Fox.

PRESTON & CHILD FEVER DREAMThe Helen Trilogy Books by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

I can’t tell you how much Preston and Child have inspired me as a reader and a writer, so it is shameful I don’t yet have Fever Dream, Cold Vengeance, or Two Graves. I need them all—signed, of course—to complete my collection of P&C books.

Psych ClingsPsych Wall Clings

Shawn and Guster on the wall in my office! I see it now. It’s on a space about 26 x 38 inches and has awesome quotes from the show like:  “I can sense you’re lying. Spirits tell me your little pants are on fire.”  And “Boom, boom, boom… Muffins.” I feel all warm and fuzzy already.

Bradley Sharp's Sky GirlPrint of Bradley Sharp’s Sky Girl

When Dog Star Books was searching for a cover artist for their line of Science Fiction Adventure novels, we went through hundreds of online galleries and websites, and one really stood out from the rest– UK artist Bradley Sharp and his vector doodles. Sky Girl, one of my favorites, is a perfect example of why we are so lucky to work with this talented guy.

Soundwave Banner 1Tickets to Soundwave Festival 2013

To be in Australia and see Linkin Park, Garbage, The Offspring, and Flogging Mollyamong all the other bandly goodness would be a Spotify dream come true. Hey Soundwave, do you need a cute American correspondent to report on the show down under?!

FARSCAPE VOL 1- The Beginning of the End of the BeginningFarscape Vol 1 – Boom Studios

Because I still watch Farscape at least twice a week and even made my parents recent fans of the show by giving them all the seasons (and Peacekeeper Wars) to watch in one long marathon. Plus, Keith R. A. DeCandido and I will be at a couple of cons together this year, so clearly a great signing opportunity. Bring crackers!

Breville One-Touch Tea MakerBreville One-Touch Tea Maker

A steamy hot cup of tea is as sexy as chocolate in my world– especially when it’s made in this fully programmable, automated tea maker where the tea basket gently moves up and down and in and out of the water as it heats up to stimulate the leaves to maximum infusion. Perfect immersion… Every time.

SDCC LOGODeluxe Hotel/Flight/Registration Package for the San Diego Comic-Con

Do I even need to say why?

Didn’t. Think. So.


I need help with this one! Give me some links in comments for costumes you think I should wear to Comic-Con 2013. I sense a January photo shoot…

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32 Responses to Heidi Ruby Miller’s GEEK GIRL UNDERGROUND™ – IMJ Holiday Gift Guide

  1. I love Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I have read a good chunk of their many novels and I just cant get enough of Special Agent Pendergast and the crazy things that he gets into. Cabinet of Curiosities is my favorite by far.

    Also I would totally buy that Xbox bra. I laughed my ass off when I saw that.

    • Insideman says:

      I suspect even Jose would have to rethink his Xbox Hatred if he had a Hottie willing to wear that bra! 😀

    • I think the bra is one of the few things on this list I have a real chance of getting, Stamps. 😉

      And, totally agree about Cabinet of Curiosities, though Thunderhead is my favorite. I was freaked out so badly when the skinwalker was running next to Nora’s car that I actually threw the book down.

      🙂 Heidi

      • Insideman says:

        I love people who THROW books. I’ve only done it 4 times– and I only throw mine in DISGUST… But hey, we bought ’em– we can throw them, right?

        One heavy one landed so hard against the wall that it dented the sheetrock and left a black mark from the “leatherette” cover. One day, I saw the GF getting out some spackle and paint. Eager to help, I said, “Whatcha doing, Honey? Can I help?” And she said, “I was going to fix that huge hole you made in the wall when you threw that book at it.”

        And I said, “Awww, no. Can we leave it… Just for now? I use that dent as a reminder of why I’m doing IMJ.”

        It’s still there. 🙂

  2. Red Tash says:

    Excellent choices.

  3. The bags of goodies I have hidden in the trunk suddenly seem a little stale. I guess I’ll have to bring my A+ game this year. In the meantime, here’s a PSYCH quote:

    “I’m Shawn Spenstar and this is by partner, Gus “TT” Showbiz.”
    “The extra T is for extra talent.”

    • One just for you, Miller–the planetarium scene since you sometimes give these lectures:

      SHAWN: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. [Dramatic intro music.] I will be your narrator. My name is Aurora Borealis. There are over 400 stars in our galaxy, maybe more. No one knows for sure. Many have said that the universe is even larger than the Indian Ocean. And that is why it is called “Infinitum Star-Octo-Pusium.” Ah, yes: Our glorious constellations. There they all are. Take a look. Over here we have one with a guy…holding some sort of thing. Over here, our beloved Olympic rings; all seven of them. And here…here’s one with a fish.

  4. This is classic, Heidi. As for Comic-Con cosplay:

  5. Of course that first one was easily anticipated, but here’s one you might not have considered: The Bride With White Hair. If you’ve seen parts 1 & 2 she’s easily the most bad ass woman in cinema. The first link has a few pics and the Chinese language trailer. Second link has the English language trailer (which isn’t nearly as cool, although it includes a link to the sequel’s trailer as well). Couldn’t find any pics around that capture her elegantly tearing armies apart–in regards to beautiful violence she is a force of nature on the scale of a black hole devouring a nebula. Special note: the cast and crew were all real-life bad asses because they kept going despite THREE bombings of the production by Chinese triads.



  6. ed2962 says:

    Awesome list! How about Gertrude Stein as a costume? (joking)

  7. Locusmortis says:

    Dammit I thought that X-box controller was a real thing! At least with that my other half wouldn’t be complaining about being ignored when I’m gaming 😛

  8. Zatanna or Psylocke were made for you Heidi but I have to go with the Scarlet Witch..(Because she wears red…Like Santa:-P)

  9. krad418 says:

    Thanks so much for the shoutout to the Farscape comics! That was a great project, some of the most fun I’ve had as a writer. I look forward to signing your copy at one of those conventions we’re apparently gonna be at together. 🙂

    —Keith R.A. DeCandido

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