Insideman’s Piece of Mind – Connecticut School Shootings and The IMJ Nation

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Inveterate Media Junkies is a Pop Culture Entertainment Site. We are not a news site and we don’t pretend to be. We do discuss news– but it is usually in a Geek context concerning Geeky things.

But we don’t muzzle our contributors or ourselves. If we feel a certain way about something, we reserve the right to voice our genuine commentary and our true opinions. Even then, we don’t attempt to push our beliefs on anyone– and exclusively leave our personal political and social views to the IMJ comment sections.

Try as we might, we attempt to keep tragedies such as today’s Connecticut School Shootings out of our posts. It’s not because we are trying to be insensitive– it’s actually quite the opposite. Other sites can explain these stories of such abject inhumanity so much better than we can… And we would rather leave these reports to the professionals.

So I mention the shooting today for two reasons: 1) It is an event that insists on some kind of commentary and, 2) I want to make it clear that the collective hearts of the entire IMJ Nation– including our contributors and our readers– go out to all the victims and families affected by this insanity.

It would be good to note that many fine professionals work on and with Inveterate Media Junkies. In doing so, they toil endless hours to create entertaining columns filled with fun commentary. This being the Holiday Season, we have many more thought-provoking columns to release… And I just wanted you all to know that we will continue to publish them today, tomorrow and the next– fulfilling the commitments we made to these talented people weeks and months ago. I hope you have as much fun reading them as we do bringing them to you.

It bears repeating that IMJ is, again, not the site you need to visit to understand “real life” issues or to get your world news. We are here to entertain you, period. (I like to think of IMJ as the place you go to get away from the tragedies that so often fill our lives.) Exposing Geeky truths and providing intelligent commentary is as a sacred trust we share with our readership… And we will continue to do everything we can to provide you with thoughtful columns on all types of entertainment in the days and weeks ahead.

After a day like today, if you are lucky enough to have someone who cares for you, that loves you and worries for you or has your back– be they a Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Wife, Husband, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, or simply a Friend– then you might want to hug them extra tight tonight as a gesture of goodwill… And tomorrow, and every day thereafter– remember why.

As the President of the United States ended his speech with Scripture today, I will leave you with this Facebook Post from John Layman, creator of the Chew comic book:

John Layman Facebook Post

Truth, Mr. Layman. Truth.

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7 Responses to Insideman’s Piece of Mind – Connecticut School Shootings and The IMJ Nation

  1. Morlock50 says:

    Well said as always, Ian. But right now, I just feel that humanity is completely fucked. Back up the truck and start over. I’ve felt like throwing up these past few hours.

    • Insideman says:

      I certainly understand you POV, Morlock… Sometimes these tragedies seem so insurmountable… And coming from a family that lost a young child to a senseless tragedy– I can tell you it often is.

  2. IronMuskrat says:

    I wish I had taken the overtime at work today, instead I had the day off, planing to wrap some presents and get a few things done around the house.

    And then I saw the news come across everything at once, TV, internet, shit, even my iPod was flashing the horrible news at me.

    Wait a minute, my sister in law lives in Connecticut, her son Paulo just started Kindergarten this year. I’m getting that weird, sinking feeling as I’m wracking my brain, trying to remember where the hell my wife’s sister lives. I don’t dare call my wife to ask, she would be totally freaked out. Finally it comes to me after a minute, they live in another part of the state.

    I’m relieved, but then comes the news… 20 kids dead… a whole class gone? You got to be fucking kidding me. I’m watching the TV, flipping around, just the same images of terrified kids and parents.. over and over again. I can’t keep watching, I will make myself sick.. turn off the TV and find something to do, anything… screw it.. I rip my computer apart and start to clean it.. I find myself starting to take too much apart, getting a bit too distracted by my own thoughts. OK, the TV goes back on, now it just the usual talking heads popping up on the news channels, I can already see there won’t be anything useful to see, but I watch anyway until my wife comes home.

    She calls her sister right away, just to make sure everyone is OK, they are, but my wife is crying anyway… she has empathy for the whole world and can’t stand to see anyone suffer, especially children. It doesn’t take much watching my wife getting upset before I decide it’s a good idea to turn the TV off again. We talk about it a little bit, but what is there really to say…

    Things calm down, Sonia and I finish wrapping the presents that I never got around to doing, she calls here sister again and they talk a little more. Unlike those families in Connecticut, we have the luxury of getting on with our lives, they unfortunately don’t get that option, at least not for now.

    I’m sitting here getting ready for bed, I wish I could say through this horrible traged, some good might come of it. I doubt it, but I try to remain hopeful, hoping that the world my daughter will inherit someday will be just a little bit less crazy then the one we live in now.

    Anyway, enough of my useless ramblings..

    My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy.

    • helmir says:

      I like your comment. I don’t think any good will come of this tragedy. But it doesn’t matter. I’m deeply sorrowed by this tragedy, but I know we, as human beings and as a society, have to keep hope high. It’s only by achieving balance, and by standing with an unreal joy (I use the word unreal, because it’s so hard to stay positive nowadays) in front of the darknesses and the horrors, that we will be able to change this world. Despair is the direct road to Hell on Earth. Hope, even a frail one, is this holy spirit surrounding you that touches people around you without them even noticing, that puts a smile on your kids’ faces and will help them feel confident when growing up and having to face with the evil of this world…

      Life’s not fair. Sometimes I want to cry when I witness the gruesome fates innocent people have to deal with… I even just wish we could hurt the “bad people” as much as they hurt us. But the true door to happiness and a better tomorrow does not lie in the negativity, but in Hope.

      Charles Péguy, a French Catholic writer of the past century, used to describe Hope as a child: just like a child, Hope thinks it can achieve anything. Just like a child, it bounces, jumps, runs, without even thinking it can wear out at some point. Children don’t understand that running could make them tiresome. They live, they are infinite movement, smile and joy.

      We lost 20 irreplaceable infinite drops of hope. We lost 20 endless tomorrows, 20 eternal dawns. But I don’t want to mourn them by sinking in despair.

      Let’s light fires of hope, let’s believe in Humanity, despite all evidence. Our beacons of light will be a tiny start to replacing all the joy these kids would have, and should have, brought the world.

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