W.D. Prescott’s Screen Burn™- IMJ Holiday Gift Guide


2012 IMJ HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE BANNER #1I love Christmas Day… But there is a downside to it.

No, it’s not the post-unwrapping crash or the twelve pairs of socks and JC Penney sweater from Aunt May. It’s that span of time from when the last gift is unwrapped and when you sit down to Christmas dinner– I can smell the ham now, yummy!

For some reason, television is horrible on Christmas Day. Your choices consist of A Christmas Story, Lifetime/Hallmark Christmas Movies, or marathons of holiday related episodes. Why they don’t flood the airwaves with Rankin & Bass Specials— since this would be the day to do it– is beyond me. So here are some great gift ideas that won’t only entertain you till dinner, but all year long.



ABC’s cancellation guillotine took the life of this promising horror show early in the year.

Once you watch it, you’ll wonder why. HOLLY CHRISTMAS BAR BREAK


Another show that got axed early, Terra Nova is one of the better Sci-Fi shows to come around in the last 5 years. It didn’t get a chance to explore everything in the universe, but neither did Firefly.HOLLY CHRISTMAS BAR BREAK

HATFIELDS & MCCOYSHatfields & McCoys

The Best TV Show I’ve watched all year.

A perfect combination of fine script, excellent direction and great acting.HOLLY CHRISTMAS BAR BREAK

ADVENTURE TIME SEASON ONEAdventure Time Complete First Season

Possibly the greatest cartoon of this generation.

(If that does make you want to give it a peek, what more can I do?)HOLLY CHRISTMAS BAR BREAK


Girls Complete Season One

The show for everyone that couldn’t stand Sex in the City– and those that did.

A masterful show about the lives and loves of women–even at its most awkward.


DEMON KNIGHTS VOL 1Demon Knights Vol 1
Seven Against The Dark

Dark fantasy at it’s best in comic form.

One of the best series to come out of the DC New 52 reboot.HOLLY CHRISTMAS BAR BREAK


A fun mini-series about the marital lives of superheroes.

It’s also a story that is easy for the non-comic fan to enjoy.HOLLY CHRISTMAS BAR BREAK

SAGA VOL 1Saga Vol 1

Brian K. Vaughan’s newest tale about a lovers from both sides of an interstellar war on the run and raising their child.

One of the most real stories told with some of the most absurd elements.LM ULTRA THIN BOX BREAKSB BOOKS

WESTLAKE SOULWestlake Soul by Rio Youers

A man put in a vegetative state gains telepathic powers to communicate with the family dog and must fight a personification of Death.

It has been described by people much more knowledgeable than me as the best horror novel of 2012 and I agree.


Transformers Fall of Cybertron Action Figures

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Action Figures

The Michael Bay films not only forever changed Transformers as entertainment, but the toys that came after it were sub-par due to the need to match the look and transformation process from the movies. The Fall of Cybertron figures– much like the game– are more like the classic figures.

HOLLY CHRISTMAS BAR BREAKHere’s hoping one of these cool gifts helps keep you occupied until the Turkey (or Ham) comes popping out of the oven!
Happy Holidays!

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6 Responses to W.D. Prescott’s Screen Burn™- IMJ Holiday Gift Guide

  1. I must check out Westlake Soul now, W.D.–thanks for the heads up.

    Cool list!

    🙂 Heidi

  2. ed2962 says:

    Very interesting!

  3. Insideman says:

    W.D. loved *most* of your picks. (Really dislike “flavor of the month” Lena Dunham— and wasn’t impressed with “Girls”)…

    BUT I’ve already purchased Adventure Time to be sent East (where I finally am now for the Holidays), love Saga and Demon Knights… Read Supurbia and enjoyed the story… But had to agree with your IMJ Capsule Review of the comic. The ART is horrendous… Made even worse by the fact the artist looks like a GREAT penciler— then they go over it with a FELT pen?! What BS.

    Plus, I suggest you check out Jay Faerber’s Noble Causes… This was the first real superhero soap opera comic from several years ago. The first (I remember) of its kind.

    And I am definitely buying Westlake Soul… And totally agree: Hatfields & McCoys was one of the best things I saw on TV all year. Definitely going to go back and watch Terra Nova too.

    Like I said in another post… All you Gift Guide writers are draining my wallet dry! (At least it’s being spent on the good stuff.)

    Great, great gift guide! Thanks for writing it! 🙂

    • I’ll admit, I haven’t seen all of Girls, but since the little I saw was fun. Lena Dunham herself is starting to get irritating especially with the hubbub about her $3.75 million dollar book proposal being leaked and her reaction to it. But my feelers have been getting a good ratio of likes to dislikes that it seemed like a viable idea. Certainly better than the latest season of Gossip Girl ;).

      You are going to have a great time with Adventure time. I hope it does take to long to get Seasons 2 and 3 out.

      Yeah, Supurbia’s a real struggle for me. That art is just so off at times, but I’m stuck in the story. Now it’s an ongoing series…gah! I will definitely check out Noble Causes, though. I think I recently saw an issue or collect get added to Comixology recently.

      You can’t go wrong with Westlake Soul. At All.

      I’ve watched every repeat broadcast of Hatfields & McCoy’s since it first aired. Good stuff.

      Finally…are you saying your vault actually has a floor? I think a sun just collapsed just to balance out that probability ;).

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