Insideman’s Pull Lists™ – The Best and Worst New Hardcovers, Graphic Novels and Manga!

INSIDEMAN'S PULL LISTS NEWTWO WEEK CATCH UP BANNER3.27.13EAST BOUND AND DOWNWell, I’m back on the East Coast again… As Mama MacMillan isn’t feeling well. But the good news is she seems just a little better– if still greatly bewildered by the fact she often has “spells” where she literally cannot catch her breath. The other day, I likened her body to a race car that’s just run too many miles– with a transmission that’s failing and a body that’s slowly wearing out. She agreed.

Here’s one thing I do know: Growing old sucks.

In the meantime, I’m amazed (once again) by the passive-aggressive nature of many of the humans inhabiting the American South. Don’t get me wrong, I love the region and I marvel how the people– even in this whiz-bang digital age– still enjoy the simpler pleasures in life. But the South is also still awash with an air of cultured (often manufactured) civility… And even though the world is a harsher place and seemingly much more opinionated, citizens “Down South” still like to smother their opinions with a soft pillow… Leading to the aforementioned state of continual passive-aggressiveness.

Smokey and the Bandit

Me and the GF on a Coors run…

Don’t like something? Just say it. Don’t massage it into a friendly warning or a statement that starts off with, “If I were doing that…” I swear if I hear one more snarky comment wrapped in a warm homily or homespun tale I’m going to slap the ever-lovin’ shit out of somebody.

The South often gets a bad rap… And most of it is wholly undeserved. I have lived almost everywhere in this country (sometimes for months at a time) and I still say there are more racists and “rednecks” in America’s North and West than in the South– Northerners & Westerners just hide it better. Anyway, if the South is so bad– so filled with uneducated, sister-fucking idiots– then why is everybody moving here?

I’ll take the straight-forward brashness of a New York City, Chicago (or occasionally even Los Angeles) any day. At least when those damn Yankees are telling me to go fuck myself, they use the actual words.


With all the “negative” (we prefer to call them honest) comic book reviews we publish every week, you’d think the last brush someone would paint us with is “ass kisser”… But I write one positive review of Jonathan Maberry’s Marvel Universe vs The Avengers comic (where I went to great pains to explain Jonathan is an IMJ Contributor precisely so there would be no inference of preferential treatment) and that’s exactly the nom de plume some 4chan asswipes labeled me with.

Faced with that bit of insipid insanity, I stand undaunted and prepared to do what I need to do… And praise another IMJ Contributor again.

Bomb Queen Deluxe Edition Vol 1 HCLet’s be blunt: We’ve gotten our fair share of flak over our Bomb Queen site headers… And I love it. Some short-sighted “fans” (who wouldn’t know the difference between Bomb Queen and Dairy Queen) think we’re just appealing to the lowest fandom denominator– even though the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Bomb Queen resides in her place of honor precisely because we love her and her creator Jimmie Robinsonand his over-sized pair of balls. That Jimmie draws insanely sexy (yet intelligent) women while also producing some fantastically subversive comics is not something we would ever consider holding against him… And you shouldn’t either.

Anyone who has actually read a Bomb Queen comic (as opposed to someone who just scans an issue in a comic shop, making snap judgments) knows The Queen for what she truly is– a smart, insanely creative villain. BQ is much, much more than a delicious ass and a fine pair of tits shoved into a barely there costume. (See any current Vampirella or Lady Death comic for that crap.) You get more plot, characterization, action and healthy insubordination in 3 pages of a Bomb Queen comic than you do in most complete issues published by the Big Two. Her continuously growing fan base– coupled with her amazing longevity in a frustratingly trendy marketplace– stands as testament to Robinson’s amazing talent.

Yet Jimmie still gets asked questions from idiots inferring he’s writing and drawing porn.

In an industry continually derided for its geek underpinnings (watch 10 seconds of Big Bang Theory), you’d think comic book fans would be the last sort to judge a book by its cover… But people being people, they often do. And we know the same thing happens when people see the BQ Headers on IMJ. The difference between our website and those pandering to corporations by featuring virtual paid advertisements for their characters in their logos? We don’t care what people think of our site. If they’re willing to judge Inveterate Media Junkies simply by our header– never realizing that Bomb Queen lies there as statement to our being unimpressed by the status quo… As a statement that we will always be firebrands and stand up for what’s good and right about Pop Culture and more than willing to maturely dissect and healthily criticize everything that’s wrong… Well, we don’t want those “fans” here anyway.

It’s not that we prefer independent comics. We prefer great comics. If Marvel and DC (and IDW, Dynamite, Avatar and Zenescope– just to name a few) were producing a majority of good/great comics on a consistent basis, we’d be happier than pigs in shit. We don’t expose the crap because we want to, we do it because it’s there– and we want you to know there are better things to spend your hard-earned cash on.

In the same vein, the Bomb Queen Deluxe Edition Vol 1 HC is what I am pushing today… Not because Jimmie Robinson is a great guy, a super talented writer and artist or a very early IMJ Contributor and supporter… But because Bomb Queen is a fantastic comic book. And if you have a chance to experience it in an extremely affordable premium hardcover format (with lots of behind the scenes extras), you should go for it. I know I did– despite owning many of the comics, all of the trades, the long sold out Bomb Queen Omnibust and several pieces of Bomb Queen art and Jimmie Robinson commissions.

In my humble opinion, the world is PC enough. It’s way past time to get rowdy.

68 Vol 2 ScarsDidn’t like the first volume.
Adventures of Jodelle HC – Fascinating… And I never even knew it existed!
All-New X-Men Vol 1 Yesterday’s X-Men HC – Ack!
Amazing Spider-Man Lizard No Turning Back – Own the Hardcover. Whatta POS!
American Vampire Vol 5 HC – About to drop this…
Are You My Mother A Comic Drama
Art Of Bioshock Infinite HC
Art Of Brutal Legend HC
Astonishing X-Men Vol 11 Weaponized
Avenger Double Novel Vol 9 – Recommended
Avengers Vs X-Men – Own the Hardcover
Bad Machinery Volume 1 The Case Of The Team Spirit – Very cool looking…
Batwing Vol 2 In The Shadows Of The Ancients
Bomb Queen Deluxe Edition Vol 1 HC Hot Pick of the Week!
Complete Crumb Comics Vol 2 More Struggle
Complete Peanuts Vol 19 1987-1988 HC – Buy the yearly 2 Book Collections!
Complete Zaucer of Zilk – Locusmortis Recommended!
Day Of Judgment
Doom 2099 The Complete Collection By Warren Ellis – Way too expensive
Femina And Fauna The Art Of Camilla D’Errico HC (New Print)
Gene Simmons Comics Anthology Vol 1 – Love KISS. Gene’s comics? Not so much…
Graphic Canon Vol 2
Growlanser Art Works
Guarding The Globe Vol 2
Hawken Genesis HC
How To Fake A Moon Landing HC
Husbands HC – Despite the pedigree, no sale…
Immoderation A Chad Michael Ward Goth Trilogy SC
It Girl And The Atomics Round One Dark Streets Snap City
Johnny Boo Vol 5 Does Something HC – Bought the DIGITAL release. Recommended
Judge Dredd Origins – Locusmortis Recommended!
Julio’s Day HC
Library Of American Comics Essentials Vol 2 The Gumps Saga Of Mary Gold HC
Love And Capes Volume 4 What To Expect Just don’t like it
Kick-Ass 2 – Buying the Hardcover was punishment enuff…
Marvel Universe Vs Avengers – Highly Recommended
Mighty Thor By Matt Fraction Vol 3 – Own the Hardcover
MMW Golden Age Human Torch Vol 1 – Recommended
Nexus Omnibus Vol 2 – Recommended. (Own the Hardcover Archives)
Showcase Presents Sgt. Rock Vol 4 Recommended. (Own the Hardcover Archives)
Spawn Origins Volume 8 HC – Own the CHEAPER trades
Spider Double Novel Vol 1 – Recommended
Star Trek The Next Generation Hive – Took a chance on this one…
Superman Vs. Zod – Reprints of reprints…
Tower Chronicles Vol 4
Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Vol 3
Unwritten Vol 7 The Wound – Highly Recommended
Witchblade Red Sonja – I know I am going to regret this…
Wolverine And The X-men By Jason Aaron Vol 3 – Own the Hardcover

Angelic Layer Omnibus Vol 2
Blood Lad Omnibus Vol 2
Dark-Hunters Infinity Vol 1 – Looks interesting…
Durarara Saika Vol 1
Genshiken Second Season Vol 2
Higurashi When They Cry Vol 21 Massacre Arc Part 3
Jack Frost Vol 7
Midori Foo Book of Pictures
Soul Eater Vol 13
Takehito Harada Art Works
Witch And Wizard The Manga Vol 3


Avatar The Last Airbender Vol 4 The Search Part 1
Barry’s Best Buddy HC
Batman Vol 1 The Court Of The Owls – Own the Hardcover
Batman Vol 2 The City Of Owls HC
Black Paths HC
Blood-Drenched Creature Double Feature
Bounty Killer
Crypt Of Horror Vol 17
Daredevil By Mark Waid Vol 3 – Own the Hardcover. Recommended
Deadpool Classic Vol 8 – There’s very little “classic” here…
Doctor Who The Forgotten HC – Own the CHEAPER trade
Eternal Descent Vol 2 – Did not like the first volume
Gambit Vol 1 Once A Thief
G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Vol 6
G.I. Joe Target Snake Eyes
Godzilla Vol 2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 10 Long Way Down – Own the Hardcover
Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: The Fourth Faction – Locusmortis Recommended!
Massive Vol 1 Black Pacific – Recommended
Maximum Minimum Wage HC
MMW Amazing Spider-Man Vol 15 HC
Olympians Vol 5 Poseidon Earth Shaker
Penny Arcade Vol 9 Passion’s Howl
Phantom The Complete Newspaper Dailies Vol 5 1943-1944 HC
Popeye Vol 2
RIPD Vol 1 (2nd Edition) – Own the 1st Edition
Secret Avengers by Rick Remender Vol 3 HC
Space Gladiator
Superior – Own the Hardcover
Superman The Death And Return Of Superman Omnibus HC – This Week’s POS*!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Vol 4
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Vol 1
Unauthorized Tarzan HC
Unauthorized Tarzan HC (Limited Edition)
Warhammer Gotrek And Felix The Third Omnibus SC
Winter Soldier Vol 3 Black Widow Hunt
Wonder Woman The Amazon Princess Archives Vol 1 HC – Recommended

Self Reference Engine SC
Vagabond Vol 34 – Buying the VIZBIG Editions


Sometimes when you review mediocre stuff, you literally don’t know where to begin. You just sit motionless and somewhat bewildered, lost in thoughts of hopelessness as you watch the computer’s cursor blink defiantly at you from a blank white page… Often for hours. Truth is, it’s much easier to review something that really sucks or that’s really great. I have no problem coming up with the words to praise or criticize super great or super bad stuff.

Superman Death And Return Of Superman Omnibus HCI detest the word “mediocrity” as much as I do the word “pity”. I don’t want to waste my time on mediocre crap anymore than I want someone to pity me. (Love me or hate me, but don’t pity me.) Yet, here I sit feeling the Superman: The Death And Return Of Superman Omnibus HC is both mediocre and pitiful… For all kinds of reasons.

Let’s get the sad part out-of-the-way first: The art in this omnibus, when drawn by Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, Jon Bogdanov, Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett and Jackson Guice is often really great, wonderful superhero stuff… Clean crisp lines with understandable and dynamic action sequences (especially when drawn by Ordway & Jurgens).

It’s the script (and frankly, the overall story idea) that brings this whole affair crashing down to Earth and feeling like a cheesy Hallmark movie. As the book’s title explains, Superman dies and returns to life. And it’s how the Man of Steel gets from Point A to Point B– then back to Point A again– that suffocates this effort under a sugary blend of hokum and overtly manufactured sentimentality.

And as much as I blame Brad Meltzer and the success of his Identity Crisis (detailing the past rape– then death– of Sue Dibny, wife of the Elongated Man) for turning DC Comics into a charnel house… The reality is The Death of Superman started the DC Death Train™ rolling– twelve years earlier.

Anyone that’s read more than a few of my columns knows I am completely 100% against the killing of major superheroes or other popular heroic fictional characters. Since they are so well-loved (and serve as major cash cows for their respective companies), you know the heroes will all bounce back from the abyss the second a publisher decides they’ve milked the death angle as much as they can… And the different comic book series the characters topline need to return some sense of normalcy. Because the major heroes are always resurrected, comic publishers have succeeded in cheapening the seriousness of death– turning it into just another money-making gimmick. How gauche and stupid.

If that’s not enough to turn you off this $99.99 omnibus, maybe this will be: Most of the comics available here can be found in most comic shop 25¢ bins. (You can even buy the a sealed copy of Superman #75 (the infamous black polybagged issue with the blood dripping Superman chest logo) for as little as $4.00 USD on eBay.

If you don’t mind this omnibus raping your wallet, you might want to consider how its foolhardy approach to death might sear your soul… Or crush your nuts if you make the mistake of falling asleep while reading it.

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5 Responses to Insideman’s Pull Lists™ – The Best and Worst New Hardcovers, Graphic Novels and Manga!

  1. ed2962 says:

    I noticed the Spiderman Lizard HC getting a POS rating. Is this the infamous “Shed” storyline or is this something different?

    • Insideman says:

      Ed, it’s Shed. The story where Marvel’s Editors negated over 40 years of Lizard continuity for a throwaway shocker story.

      Ya know, sorta like what Dan Slott’s been doing to the entire Spider-Man canon for the last several years. 😉

  2. IronMuskrat says:

    Humm, those Bomb Queen deluxe editions are pretty reasonable on Amazon, I think I might pick them up.

  3. phil says:

    Well…4 the person(s) that can’t tell the dif between BQ & DQ, that sounds like some folks that r waiting 4 their uh, er, uhm…spheres 2 drop. And not that l’m a pornesseur, or nothing, but Penthouse Comics, & Black Kiss, I thought were enjoyable, as well. (Parts of Penthouse Comics anyway)

  4. hackslash2020 says:

    Midori Foo Book of Pictures….

    Easily one of the best Japanese art books I purchased…Highly reccomended!

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