Locusmortis’ PREVIEWS Hits and Misses™ Rating Comic Shop Offerings for April 2013 and May 2013

LM Date Banner Previews April May 2013

Every month I pre-order comics, trades and other related items from Previews magazine. Even though there is information online for just about everything, I still find the Previews catalog to be the simplest way to scan through the different items and to get some inspiration on what I want to buy.

There’s lots of stuff being offered by Diamond this month: Plenty of great stuff and plenty of crap too… So I will try to sort the wheat from the chaff and hopefully point out some good items that you might order or buy from your LCS or Online Retailer. Our taste may differ– so if you buy something and I hate it… Don’t blame me. I did my best to warn you!

The STATUS in the description of each product indicates the likelihood of whether I’m going to order it ranging from Firm Order as the most likely to a POS (Piece of Shit)– with everything else being somewhere in between. I’m sure you can figure it out!

Creepy Archives Volume 16Creepy Archives Volume 16 HC
256 pages

Status: Firm Order

Additional Notes: If Dark Horse keep making these, I’ll keep buying them.

Marvel Classic Character X-Men #1 Cyclops StatueMarvel Classic Character –
X-Men #1 Cyclops Statue

Status: POS

Additional Notes: I thought we’d seen the last of these shitty statues.
Batman Incorporated #10Batman Incorporated #10
32 Pages

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes:  SPOILER WARNING! Damian Wayne is resurrected this issue.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #19Red Hood and the Outlaws #19
20 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Somebody got paid to draw this cover? I could draw a better picture with my foot.

Solo Deluxe Edition HCSolo Deluxe Edition HC
568 pages

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: Finally something from DC worth fucking buying!

In the Days of the Mob HCIn the Days of the Mob HC
108 Pages

Status: Firm Order

Additional Notes: Whoa! Something else from DC worth buying?!

Just like Solo, this series was interesting and innovative, so naturally– DC killed it. This has some of the King’s best artwork. Don’t think, just buy it!

Watchmen Deluxe Edition HCWatchmen Deluxe Edition HC
448 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Just how many versions of Watchmen is DC going to put out? Coming next month, the Bronze Age Edition– entirely lettered in Sanskrit!

Superman The Golden Age Omnibus Vol 1 HCSuperman The Golden Age
Omnibus Vol 1 HC
784 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes:  “We’ve beaten the last of those fucking creators’ relatives in court– so let’s rush out something to really spit in their faces!”

Judge Dredd Vol 1Judge Dredd Vol 1
124 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: As if reading these stories the first time around wasn’t bad enough!
Jupiter's Legacy #1Jupiter’s Legacy #1
32 pages

Status: Trade-Waiting

Additional Notes: Artist Frank Quitely really seems to be channeling Milo Manara nowadays… (You can already sense there’s a but coming, right? Fair enough!)… But this comic is written by Mark Millar, so there’s only a remote chance it could be passable.

Most likely, it will be utter shit.

Invincible Universe #1Invincible Universe #1
32 pages

Status: Trade-Waiting

Additional Notes: Creator Robert Kirkman extends his Invincible-verse.

It looks fairly interesting, but I’ll wait for the trade.

Happy TPHappy TP
112 pages

Status: Firm Order

Additional Notes: I’ve been waiting for this trade since I first heard the series announced… So I’m glad to hear that it’s had pretty good reviews.

Hopefully we’ll see more of Grant Morrison’s independant work.LOCUSMORTIS ARCHAIA PREVIEWS BANNERSiegfried Vol 2 The Valkyrie HCSiegfried Vol 2 The Valkyrie HC
144 pages

Status: Firm Trade-Waiting

Additional Notes:  The second volume of this beautiful translated European series.

I can’t recommend this highly enough.LOCUSMORTIS PREVIEWS CINEBOOK BANNERBetelguese Vol 1 The Expedition The SurvivorsBetelguese Vol 1
The Expedition + The Survivors
96 pages

Status: Recommended

Additional Notes: Another great sci-fi/adventure series from Cinebook– written and drawn by Brazilian artist LEO.

This book’s format is slightly different from the normal Cinebook format– in that it includes 2 stories not 1. The size is also closer to an American trade size, rather than the normal European size.LM DYNAMITE BANNER

Miss Fury #1Miss Fury #1
32 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Looks like Catwoman’s gotten bored with DC’s nu52 and is moonlighting for Dynamite.

Pathfinder Vol 1 Dark Waters Rising HCPathfinder Vol 1 Dark Waters Rising HC
160 pages

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: An unusual Dynamite series… In that it’s well written and the art is decent. I’ve enjoyed the single issues a lot.LM Previews Fantagraphics BannerTThe Complete Crumb 5 Happy Hippy Comixhe Complete Crumb 5 –
Happy Hippy Comix
144 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: I’m probably the only person who thinks Robert Crumb is the most overrated artist in comics’ history. Thousands fawn over his every scribbling, but I just don’t get it… Plus I find his writing to be phenomenally boring and depressing.LM MARVELX-Men #1X-Men #1
32 pages

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: The cover to this is absolutely gorgeous– and with Brian Wood writing, it might even not be shit!

The Secret Service HCThe Secret Service HC
160 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Just look at the cover to this collection.

Not only does the protagonist do that fucking stupid shit where he holds the gun sideways, but if he’s stupid enough to fucking fire– the recoil’s going to smash his stupid fucking eyesocket in.LM REBELLION BANNERSlaine The Grail War TPSlaine The Grail War TP
192 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Produced during Pat Mills mid-life crisis in the 90s, this is one of the worst Slaine series.

36 pages

Status: Trade-Waiting

Additional Notes: Back in the 90s, the original A1 from editor Dave Elliot was one of the best anthologies around.

Hopefully he can pull it off again.

Lenore Vol 2 #8Lenore Vol 2 #8
36 pages

Status: Firm Order

Additional Notes: Creator Roman Dirge suffered serious injuries in a car crash recently.

Instead of buying a corporate comic, how about helping out a great creator?VERTICAL BANNER LOCUSMORTIS PREVIEWSKnights of Sidonia Vol 2Knights of Sidonia Vol 2
186 pages

Status: Firm Order

Additional Notes: The first volume of Knights of Sidonia was excellent… So I have little doubt this will be too.

Vertical is consistently one of the best Manga publishers out there.LOCUSMORTIS PREVIEWS VIZ MEDIATiger & Bunny Vol 1Tiger & Bunny Vol 1
168 pages

Status: Firm Order

Additional Notes: It’s about fucking time this was released in the US!

The character designs are by Video Girl Ai creator Masakazu Katsura.LM BOOKS & MAGAZINES BANNERDC Comics Superman Wall Clings – Flying into ActionDC Comics Superman Wall Clings – Flying into Action
16 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Wall Clings? WALL CLINGS? Who the hell thinks of this shit anyway?LM PREVIEWS TRADING CARDS BANNERBenchwarmer Hot for Teacher 2nd Edition Super Premium Trading CardsBenchwarmer Hot For Teacher 2nd Edition
Super Premium Trading Cards
$99 per box

Status: POS

Additional Notes: So let me get this right… These are trading cards with tiny pictures of women? You know, there’s this thing called the internet where you can get billions of free pictures of women… And some of them are actually naked!  LM PREVIEWS EXCLSUIVE APPAREL BANNERStar Trek The Next Generation Trexel Crew Black T-shirtStar Trek The Next Generation
“Trexel Crew” Black T-Shirt

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: While I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this, I wouldn’t disown a friend if they wore it. That’s about the highest recommendation I can give to any piece of “geek” apparel.LOCUSMORTIS PREVIEWS APPAREL BANNERDoctor Who Eleventh Doctor Costume T-ShirtDoctor Who “Eleventh Doctor” Costume T-Shirt

Status: POS

Additional Notes: If you actually wore a  shirt, bowtie and tweed jacket– you might look like less of a fucking twat!DIAMOND SELECT TOYS LM PREVIEWS BANNERFemme Fatales Lady Death PVC StatueFemme Fatales Lady Death PVC Statue

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Apparently this chick has breasts.

You’d never know it just by looking at her would you?LM Certified Cool BannerStar Trek Enterprise Project Cutaway ShipStar Trek Enterprise Project Cutaway Ship

Status: If I won the Lottery, I’d buy 10 of these.

Additional Notes: This just looks fucking cool, doesn’t it?Beyblade Hyperblades Battle TopsBeyblade Hyperblades Battle Tops

Status: POS

Additional Notes: They’re fracking the shit out of North Dakota– and this is the garbage they make with those precious natural resources?!?

Auto World Richard Petty's 1972 Road Runner 1:18-scale Die-CastAuto World Richard Petty’s 1972 Road Runner 1/18-scale Die-Cast

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: I’m strangely attracted to this. Retro Nascar looks way better than current Nascar.

Iron Patriot StatueIron Patriot Statue

Status: If I won the lottery Part 2

Additional Notes: Shitty character– awesome statue!LM IMPORT TOYS BANNERKnights of Sidonia Tsugumori RiobotKnights of Sidonia Tsugumori Riobot

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: Yeah, now this is the kind of shit that makes me really drool.

But the price!Chumbuddy III Shark Sleeping BagChumbuddy III Shark Sleeping Bag

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Made from 100% pure woman repellent.

Superhero Toilet PaperSuperhero Toilet Paper

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Presumably made from recycled Bendis Avengers comics.

The Punisher Gun Charm NecklacePunisher Gun Charm Necklace

Status: POS

Additional Notes: What all the stylish NRA members are wearing this spring.

Star Trek The Original Series Art PrintsStar Trek The Original Series Art Prints
$34.95 each

Status: Severely Tempted

Additional Notes: Finally, something in the Previews collectibles section that looks legitimately awesome… And doesn’t cost so much that you need to sell a kidney to own it.

Warhammer 40k BanebladeWarhammer 40k Baneblade

Status: Conflicted

Additional Notes: On one hand, I consider Games Workshop to be a bunch of scumsucking bastards– on the other hand, I’m kind of tempted by this book. Hmmm.Jayce and the Wheeled WarriorsJayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Status: Firm Order

Additional Notes: WAITAMINUTE! There was a Volume 1 of this series too– and I missed it? WTF? I loved this show when I was a kid.

A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 1 Part 1 and Part 2A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 1 – Part 1 & Part 2
$59.98-64.98 for each part

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: I really like the manga, but these box sets are just way too expensive. Get real Funimation FFS.

Doctor Who The Ark in Space (Special Edition)Doctor Who The Ark in Space
(Special Edition)

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: From the Tom Baker era– this series of episodes has some of the worst special effects ever.

It’s almost worth getting just for that.

The Complete Space 1999 Megaset 30th Anniversary EditionThe Complete Space 1999 Megaset
30th Anniversary Edition

Status: POS

Additional Notes: I’m not saying the show is a POS but this lacklustre release is…

Space !999 Blu Ray

… Get the Blu ray Set of Season 1 from Amazon UK instead!

Dark Horse and Image are fairly quiet this month– both are probably holding their fire and waiting for Summer to release some interesting comics. Marvel and DC have the usual mixed bag… But there’s some good European stuff, and more than enough expensive statues to drool over and stare at. Keep buying those lotto tickets, folks… And let us know if there’s anything coming up that YOU think is worth looking at.

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6 Responses to Locusmortis’ PREVIEWS Hits and Misses™ Rating Comic Shop Offerings for April 2013 and May 2013

  1. IronMuskrat says:

    Wow, that Cyclops statue looks like shit, is that suppose to be mud on his boots or is the paint job just that sloppy?

    I don’t know, I kind of like that shark sleeping bag, for $200 dollars you can look simultaneously like a moron and sexually deviant Furry with that unfortunately placed dorsal fin. A rare find indeed.. 🙂

    Betelgeuse Vol1 and Lenore vol 2 both look like good books, I will have to add them to my too-do list.

    and that Start Trek Enterprise cutaway ship is definitely the coolest thing on your list today Locusmortis, but yeah, the price! That won’t be sitting on my book shelve anytime soon.

    Great stuff as usual LM!

    • Locusmortis says:

      Somehow I don’t think “Hey baby, check out my dorsal fin” is going to become one of the great chat-up lines 😀

      That Cyclops statue looks like its been painted by an 8 year old, I couldn’t tell you whats intentional and what isn’t!

      Yeah, that star trek model is so good, I wonder if there are any internal organs that I don’t strictly need? What the hell is a duodenum anyway? Lol

  2. ed2962 says:

    Cool column as always, Locus!

    And as bad as that Red Hood cover is, keep in mind that it’s actually the re-drawn version. Starfire went from looking awful to looking…sorta awful.

    Happy while not the greatest comic ever was kinda fun.

    While I have misgivings about the title, I am looking forward to the Brian and Oliver’s X-Men.

    While I’m a fan of Crumb’s, there’s a chunk of it that’s very problematic. And his hippy drug influenced stuff is not the best place to start.

    • Locusmortis says:

      Thanks for the tip off about the Red Hood cover, its hard to believe that DC could be potentially worse than it is at the moment!

      Glad to hear the recommendation on Happy, its annoying when you put faith in a book and preorder it and it doesn’t turn out well. I’m kind of dreading getting the It Girl and the Atomics trade after I gave it a horrible review recently.

  3. Insideman says:

    Hits and Misses™ is by far one of my most favorite IMJ Columns every month. As I work hours designing it (logos, pics, etc), I always wait to read it until the very end. That’s always my favorite part (I almost wrote “favourite” just then)– because it is always so spot on and amazingly funny. (The Superhero Toilet Paper review was priceless.)

    Thanks for all the HARD WORK, Locusmortis!

    Now onto my thoughts:

    I didn’t even notice the shoddy painting on Cyclop’s boots until IronMuskrat pointed it out. God, that is hideous and sloppy.

    What DC is doing with/to Starfire is also horrifying. Last minute costume changes are an excellent example of how DC are making ill-considered last minute changes nowadays.

    I read many of the Crumb books years ago, Locusmortis… And like you, I didn’t see the allure. So I decided to get back into them again with these new Fantagraphics Hardcovers… Thinking I would appreciate them more since I am older… And I really dislike them much more than I did before.So much, I quit trying to read and enjoy them– and no longer buy them. I don’t “get” Crumb either. Like you said, instead someone treating every pencil line like a Da Vinci creation– Crumb needed an Editor, someone to help him focus. That may seem like a restriction to his counter-culture themes… But, at the end of the day, Crumb is a comic book creator… And I not only think most of his work is overrated… I think most of it sucks and is extremely over-indulgent.

    As usual, this month’s column pointed out several cool items I never knew existed… Which will cost me money. (As I’ve mentioned before, your monthly columns always make me spend more.) 😀

    • Locusmortis says:

      I will re-establish the U in Amercian English someday 😛

      And hey, you know, I’m just making you contribute to bringing the economy back to health 😉

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