IMJ NATION™ Podcast Season 3 Episode #1 – ALL NEW!



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21 Responses to IMJ NATION™ Podcast Season 3 Episode #1 – ALL NEW!

  1. IronMuskrat says:

    I don’t normally drink beer between 5:45PM and 6:30PM, but I think this its time to break that rule and have a little bit of a celebration 😉

  2. Red Tash says:

    Hey, hot soccer moms are hot. 😉

    Agree re: Jill Wagner. Wipeout was unwatchable without her.

    Agree re: Dr Who (except re: Tennant. He’s okay.) The evil sun monster ep might be the one where my little Whovian heart light turned off. The xmas ep was good, but they seem to be written as stand-alones. The ep where he said goodbye to River was the only actual ep this season I cared about. It is saying a lot when I can’t get it up for Warwick Davis + Neil Gaiman + Matt Smith. I just couldn’t, though. They ruined the season for me prior to that one. I really wanted to like Clara, but there was no chemistry between her and Smith…yet she was supposed to be somewhat of a romantic interest? Just felt like a redirection and didn’t work at all. Amy Pond as a character was so steeped in Dr lore–she grew up with him as her cross to bear. What was Clara’s motivation? Boredom? It showed.

    • Insideman says:

      Have you watched Orphan Black, Red?

      If not– you really should. I have since been notified that Tatiana Maslany is officially Canadian too… (Oh! Canada!) and she does killer accents as well… Plus has numerous other amazing acting chops. What really gets me about the show… It NEVER, EVER looks fake when she is interacting with herself as the different clones. Conversely, I watched the new Sam Raimi Oz movie the other night (with a budget in the hundreds of millions) and every single time one of the actors picked up the “China Girl” character and held her in their arms– it looked completely fake.

      I totally get the Hot Soccer Mom fascination too. When I was in my Teens, I used to come home after dates and tell my parents if the girls liked me as much their MOMS liked me– I’d be the happiest boy on Earth. So I’m certain there’s something Freudian going on there. 😉

      “Amy Pond as a character was so steeped in Dr lore–she grew up with him as her cross to bear. What was Clara’s motivation? Boredom? It showed.” What a wonderfully insightful comment about those two characters. Expect your invitation to join a future podcast OFFICIALLY tendered. 😀

      I agree with you on Tennant. I think he’s amazing and I don’t have any ill will toward 99% of his Who episodes… Even if, like millions, I could have gone my whole life without FARTING ALIENS on Doctor Who. That said, given a choice– I would pick the Tennant starring Who episodes over Matt Smith’s any day.

      Thanks for listening and commenting! This has been quite the day!

      • Red Tash says:

        Thank you! Hopefully we can work out a block of time. 🙂

        I have not watched Orphan Black, other than the pilot. I think I was in the midst of a really intense game of Candy Crush, so I didn’t give it a fair shake. I’ll give it another chance, though.

        • Insideman says:

          Red, around ep 3 or 4– you’ll get what I’m talking about… Maybe even sooner.

          The first ep is like most first episodes… Just a pilot setting up the principal story and cast members.

  3. Locusmortis says:

    Jose hasn’t watched Broadchurch? WTF?

    • Insideman says:

      I know! Right?!

      I just finished watching Gillian Anderson’s The Fall on Netflix… And couldn’t believe the paltry 5 episode run ended with NO REAL CONCLUSION or REMOTE SATISFACTION offered up for the viewer. That’s a true WTF? right there too.

      The Fall’s showrunners could learn a thing or two from the Broadchurch creatives. I thought the latter was one of the best structured/intriguing TV shows I have seen in quite some time.

    • J. says:

      It’s on my list of “Shit I really should watch by the end of the year” so I will get to it…eventually.

    • Rob F says:

      The question that I have is where do you catch Broadchurch in the US? Do I have to wait for BBC America to air it?

      • Insideman says:

        Sorry it took me so long to comment on this, Rob.

        I have tons of business connections in the UK and they kindly sent me some screener copies… As they take pity on me for not getting BBC America HD on my ATT Uverse fed cable system.

        I’m sure it also doesn’t hurt that, whenever I get such a “care” package, I usually gush over whatever series I just watched. 😉

  4. ComicBookDude says:

    Great to hear you guys again! You guys can always manage to make me laugh and that’s a good thing for me at the end of a day 🙂

    I haven’t been keeping up with Doctor Who recently… sounds like that’s a good thing 😦 “Plot holes you can drive a truck thru”, I’m going to have to start using that phrase 🙂

    I also read stuff just to read it, even if I know before I read it that it’s going to suck. It doesn’t help my brain nor my wallet, but it helps me get a sense of what’s what (even though I was unaware that Scott Lang and the Wasp had been brought back from the dead).

    I desperately want the old-DC Comics to come back so badly (which would pretty much require Levitz, or someone like him, to come back). I only buy 3 of their comics. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Detective Comics. Batman is started to irritate me and if it doesn’t pick up in the next few months, I’ll be more than happy to drop it. Sure, I’ll occasionally buy some other DC comic, like Superman: Unchained. It was alright. Definitely was not worth $5 or $4 or however much DC is going to charge people for it. Also bought Green Lantern #21, which was also just ok. The writing was fine, but the issue ended too abruptly and the art… let’s not even get into that 🙂 DiDio and Johns need to step down. Jim Lee should just stick to drawing.

    I think anyone is better at running a show that Glen Mazzara 🙂

    Great podcast! Can’t wait for the next one!

    • J. says:

      Thanks for the kind words CBD. They are always greatly appreciated.

    • Insideman says:

      Here’s the thing I meant to bring up in the Podcast, CBD… And I forgot to.

      When we finished, I so wanted to mention it… I almost got Jose back on the line to talk about it. Here’s the biggest question I have about Villain Month:

      If the reason DC is charging and extra buck for the comics is the full Lenticular 3D cover and (as Jose said) the page count remains exactly at 20 pages… Then when I go to buy one of these craptaculars on my iPAD… They’re only going to cost $2.99 a piece, right?

      No Lenticular Covers on an iPad… Certainly they’re not going to try and charge me an extra buck if the covers rotate like the GiF files they released a little over a week ago… Right? This is really a rhetorical question… My guess is they will all be whatever the Comic Shop cover prices are… BUT if the COVERS are the draw… And I’m NOT getting them, my digital copies should be a BUCK LESS.

      One of the smartest things Jose said in the newest podcast: DC should have “GIVEN” these covers to the fans as a “gift”- not shoved them down their throats– printing additional issues that will force completists to empty their wallets even more.

      • ComicBookDude says:

        That’s an interesting point and I never thought about it (probably because I don’t buy digital comics). Yeah, those cover should be given as “gifts” instead of gimmicks. I might get a couple of them, not going to lie, the Joker and Poison Ivy looked kinda neat. However, if the 3D motion cover is obnoxious and makes me want to hurl whatever I eat for lunch, DC can forget it.

        But I totally agree with the whole “gift” statement. After all, we deserve a little something for putting up with the New 52 🙂

  5. Hey guys great to have to back, I hope we get these on the regular.

    As for the podcast itself, it was your best one yet. I felt that it flowed much more naturally then previous ones, and I think Podcasts in general are much better when the editing is kept to a minimum. Nobody really cares about little bumps and background noises that much. One of my favorite Podcasts is the Bill Burr Monday morning podcast, I love it because it’s raw and unedited and if his dog barks, he just tell it to be quiet. It’s charming that way. So don’t worry about the editing these things, we want warts and all. I wouldn’t have even cared if the plane noise at the end was still in the podcast. Great fucking work though boys, great fucking work.

    Now my two-cents about the shit you talked about: I’ve been so god damn busy I haven’t watched one episode form the newest season of Doctor Who, and by the sounds of it I might as well just not watch it altogether.

    As far as Star Trek: Into the Darkness, I liked the movie enough, but it was lacking in plenty of areas. I would have liked a lot of character development opposed to a lot of action. I still enjoyed myself, the opening scene was a new take on a classic Star Trek trope which I though worked great and was really fun to watch. Still overall it was pretty generic and the fight on top of the moving hover craft at the end was very reminiscent of the Star Wars Prequels. I would give it 6 on the 1-10 scale.

    I think most people are pretty disappointed with the New 52 at this stage, the only DC books I still buy are Batman, Wonder Woman, and Batwoman (only when JHW3 is on art). I really like those comics and will continue reading them, but to think that there are at least 49 other titles coming out every month is crazy. I gave every title a chance in the new 52, I read the first 5 issues of all 52 books, so I know firsthand that they are not worth continuing to pick up.

    When I think about Vertigo it just makes me depressed. I buy almost all vertigo series. But to think that they are banking on such few new ideas really really sucks. Vertigo has always been about great comics that don’t talk down to their reader, and the material has mostly always been creator owned original series. Now we have Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Django Unchained comics from them. They are making new 100 bullets stories, new Fables spin-offs, New Sandman comics…….. it’s like where the fuck did all the original ideas go…..fuck. I will cling to The Unwritten until it gets cancelled, I will always enjoy Fables, but to not have anything to look forward to from Vertigo is asinine. THANK GOD for the Wake, you can tell even after this first issue it’s going to be a great comic. Not to Mention PRJ was also really good, but those are finite series. I have to have hope that someone at DC will take vertigo and build it back to its former glory, they have to be looking at Image right now saying, “We could do that”. But for some reason I highly doubt it.

    Villians month o_O get real DC, why not try “good writing month” for a change.

    Great podcast guys, can’t wait for the next one.

  6. Insideman says:

    And just like that, well over 12,000 cool people have either downloaded or listened to the majority of this week’s podcast– in less than 24 hours!

    Thank You! 😀 😀 😀

  7. ed2962 says:

    DC should hedge their bets and do all the cover gimmicks at once. Like give us one month were each comic came pre-bagged and that had a die-cut chromium holograph cover with a bullet hole and a trading card.

  8. NicktheStick says:

    Because of the amount of praise it received, I watched Orphan Black… and completely worth everyone. It kept me up into the wee hours of the night a couple of times because I couldn’t stop watching.

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