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We’re not in the “told you so business”… That’s sorta tacky. So I hope you will forgive me this one time (can’t guarantee there won’t be another) and cut me some slack… Since it seems a whole BOATLOAD of Marvel Architects are now swarming Image Comics in earnest to leverage their now “more famous” names in the Indie Market.

Okay. Sorry… But we told this was going to happen… Several times.

Please pardon me if I’m proud Inveterate Media Junkies was the first comic centric site to presage this. The Image Expo event just came and went– and the big story (at IMAGE COMICS BREAKING NEWS BANNERleast for me) was the announcement that this huge pool of talent (whose fame was mostly cultivated and brought to the masses by Marvel Comics), finally decided to follow Robert Kirkman’s lead and start focusing on more satisfying personal projects.

Do you remember when Kirkman left Marvel and very loudly advocated this stance to the extreme… And do you also remember how much shit he took for saying it? (We’ll be discussing this in an upcoming IMJ Nation™ Podcast.)

Heidi MacDonald has a great series of Expo articles over at The Beat (Image, not surprisingly, favored Press Release Regurgitators Extraordinaire™ CBR with most of this “exclusive news”… But I prefer to read the mature commentary that accompanies such “news” at MacDonald’s site.)

Since we don’t do the whole regurge thing either, I’ll just leave you with a series of New Image Comic Book Covers. Click on any of the images to be taken to The Beat, where you can get the whole lowdown on all the comics that will be written by the Gang Previously Known as The Marvel Architects.

But before I get to the new books, let’s take a quick look at the infamous Marvel Architects Ad that started this nonsense.

How many Image Entrepreneurs can you count in the ad below?


LM ULTRA THIN BOX BREAKFirst, there’s a new Image book coming from Matt Fraction (a good pic of the comic was not available at publication time):

Matt Fraction Medium

Matt Fraction
Christian Ward

LM ULTRA THIN BOX BREAKSouthern BastardsThen Jason Aaron:

Southern Bastards
Jason Aaron


Of course Ed Brubaker had the smarts to jump off the Architect Bandwagon first and reap his rewards early…

Ed Brubaker
Steve Epting
Bettie Breitweiser


And while Rick Remender arrived just a little too late to be dubbed an Architect, you gotta believe he would have been given the title eventually– had the first silly advertisement not drawn such derision. In any case, he’s been working on several high-profile Marvel series… And now he’s got two new comics coming from Image:

Black ScienceBlack Science
Rick Remender
Matteo Scalera
Dean White

LM ULTRA THIN BOX BREAKDeadlyGridFinalDeadly Class
Rick Remender
Wesley Craig
Lee Loughridge


There’s lots more news in MacDonald’s informative articles too… And I don’t want to spoil it all here. (You’ll have more fun reading it yourself.)

I’ll leave you with my last “Told You So” from the same article… Where MacDonald astutely writes,

“Overall, it’s a strong batch of books. Image is the new Vertigo, but more on that later.”

I absolutely agree with Heidi’s cryptic comment. Why?

Because ever since DC’s New 52 started fucking with the integrity of their Vertigo line (that would’ve been about two years ago), we’ve been saying (over and over) that Image or Dark Horse would be crazy not to launch a line of Vertigo-style comics.

I even went so far to advocate that either company should give ex-Vertigo Executive/Talent Magnet Karen Berger the wherewithal to launch her own line of comics. I also added– given fans current love of all things Image Comics– a Berger-led line of Image books would easily triple or quadruple most Vertigo titles’ current sales.

I don’t doubt I’ll see that headline one day soon too… As long as Berger hasn’t had her fill of funny books.

And finally, remember you read (and heard) the statement, “Image Comics will one day be known as the House That Marvel Built” several times from Inveterate Media Junkies.

Apologies… Again. I know I’m crowing a little here, but I’m so happy to finally see these once great independent creators coming “home”– I just can’t help myself.

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