Odds and Ends – This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Comics – When veteran comic scribe Gerry Conway learned one of his more esoteric comic book characters (Felicity Smoak) would soon appear on the CW’s Arrow TV Show– he created a blog where fans can help other DC Creators receive additional compensation if their post-1975 creations are used in other media. Check out Gerry’s Comics Equity Project. [Comics Alliance]

Film – Funny how a little time (and lack of good-paying work) changes an actor’s perspective on a fictional character. Michael Rosenbaum’s been tweeting he is the only actor worthy of playing Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2. Considering how he fought to leave Smallville near the end of its run, I’m surprised Rosenbaum would want a second chance at ol’ baldy. Guess moods & goals change when you want a shot at co-starring in a sequel to a movie that’s already grossed over $535 Million Worldwide in only three weeks. [Comics Alliance]

Television – Here’s the massive list of ALL the TV shows appearing at this year’s San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Highlights: X-Files 20th Anniversary, Sherlock, Orphan Black, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Breaking Bad, Supernatural… Oh hell, just go look at the list– there are way too many good shows to list here. [Hollywood Reporter]

Comics – Back to the Future has a new comic out… But it’s nothing like you would expect, as it’s centered around the question, “What if Eric Stoltz never lost the role of Marty McFly?” The comic’s first three web installments are FREE— with remaining issues costing $2 each. Monies raised will help the Young Storytellers Foundation. [IGN]

Film –  Warner Bros is gonna have to find a NEW ACTOR to play Batman in any future Justice League movie. Christian Bale doesn’t want to get “greedy” with the role– and is perfectly fine with passing the torch to a different thespian. We’ll see if he still feels the same way when Warners offers to drop some ROBERT DOWNEY JR MONEY on his driveway. [Variety]

Television Prince Charles is a Dalek?! During the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s tour of Wales, the two stopped by the BBC’s Cardiff Studios. While it was cool to see Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman squire the royal couple around the Tardis– the most fun occurred when the Prince voiced one of the Daleks. [BBC]

Real Life – Last week we discussed the new Simpson’s Mini Park at Universal Studios Florida. This week brings news of Porcubimmer Motors building and racing a hideous– yet somehow awesome– Homer-mobile in the 24 Hours of LeMons. (Read that title as 24 Hours of LEMONS… As no car in the race is supposed to cost more than $500.) Click the link to check out a video of The Homer in action. [Deadline]

Collectibles – SKE48 ace Matsui Rena launched a new range of “Gundam Built Fighters” plastic model kits at the Gundam Shop in Tokyo– including her own custom pink Wing-Zero Gundam. [mirukimiyuki.tumblr.com]

Comics – DC Comics announced SIX new annuals for October: Action Comics Annual #2, Aquaman Annual #1, Green Lantern Annual #2, Nightwing Annual #1, Swamp Thing Annual #2 and Teen Titans Annual #2. Here’s the bad news: Four of the annuals (Nightwing & Aquaman excluded) will directly tie into whatever events are occurring in their regular monthly titles… Meaning fans of these four series will have to dish out an additional $5 per series just to get the whole story that month. Way to “Hold the Line at $2.99” DC! Jeez, you must think we’re stupid. [DC Comics]

Film – New images/posters have arrived for The Wolverine movie. *YAWN* Did anybody even remember the film was coming out this month? Does anybody still care? I seriously didn’t think FOX could make me less excited for this movie– then they released these horrible posters. Could they have created more generic images for each character? The two below are exceptionally terrible. Click the link to experience the rest at your own peril! [IGN

The Wolverine Posters

Comics – In case you missed the latest Insideman’s Piece of Mind , Image Comics has a gaggle of Marvel creators headed their way. With several talented people shaking free from the creatively bankrupt exclusivity agreements fostered by both DC and Marvel– the comic industry is quite possibly about to be slammed with an influx of awesome. I’m stoked because I might actually be able to finally enjoy some of these writers’ comic books now. [IGN, ComicsBeat]

Collectibles – Here’s a look at Toy Jor-El and Toy Faora from Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai line. If you liked the new Man of Steel movie, I guess these toys almost look okay. To each his own, but I know I couldn’t handle Russell Crowe staring at me like that 24/7. [Comics Alliance]

Kai Combo Pic

Film – Seems like there will be more Comic Book Movie News than ever at 2013’s SDCC. (Let’s face it, San Diego quit being a Comic Con– international or otherwise– a long time ago.) Marvel will bring Thor The Dark World and Captain America Winter Soldier… While Sony will be hyping The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Many Marvel film panels are still being set, but the Spider-Man presentation already boasts director Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan. [Deadline]

Comics – Damian Wayne is being brought back to life in a DC Elseworlds tale. While IMJ Nation™ member Helmir thinks this might be a good idea, I don’t. This comic is just the first step in bringing Damian back to the land of the living. Even dead, Damian’s a popular character– so I think this comic will sell well… And we all know what happens when DC gets the scent of significant money in their nostrils. Damian’s demise will be reversed. The cynic in me is ready for DC to declare Damian Wayne alive and well any day now. [Comics Beat]

Television – I know very little about TNT’s sci-fi TV show Falling Skies… But I do know it has been picked up for a Fourth Season of 10 episodes. I’m sure this is good news for fans… But if you’re like Ian— and inexplicably watch the show while also hating it– I’m not quite sure how you should feel. [Deadline]

Conventions – Hello Kitty is going to SDCC for the very first time this year! Sanrio is busy creating an “Interactive Fan Experience” that will include Con exclusives and a nail artist from Japan… Who will “Kitty-fy” your nails July 19 or 20th–  as long as you spend $25 at their “pop-up” shop. If I was a Hello Kitty fan, I’d be all over that! [Comics Beat]

Television/Comics – Amazingly, we may have just discovered a medium LESS POPULAR than comic books. NBC (quite possibly the worst run Television Network in the world), has decided to bring back several “classic” TV shows… As comic books. Plans are to have Airwolf, Knight Rider, Miami Vice, Punky Brewster and Saved by the Bell adapted. Not exactly sure what NBC’s “play” is here. What do they expect to come of this? Are their ratings so low, they think comics could somehow help? Could anyone be that delusional? All these questions are rhetorical, by the way. [IGN]

Film – Drew Struzan— the genius behind some of the most iconic Movie Posters in the last 30+ years– is now getting a movie of his own. Drew: The Man Behind the Poster will premiere at Comic Con on July 19th. Lucky fans will have a chance to attend the screening. You can watch the Trailer now. [Deadline]LM ULTRA THIN BOX BREAK

Television – Here’s the opening sequence to Bats’ new animated TV Show Beware the Batman. I must have been living under a rock– as I had no clue this was even being produced. I really enjoyed the opening music– mainly because it becomes its own thing–  instead of piggybacking off the popularity of other better known Batman themes. Enjoy. [Comics Alliance]

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  1. Insideman says:

    Thanks to NICK FURI for another GREAT COLUMN this week!!!

    Also thanks to Locusmortis and Simon J O’Connor for sending a couple of super cool links too.

  2. Red Tash says:

    Hello Kitty nails? Squee!

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