Lookee! 2013 San Diego Comic Con Swag Bags

Hey, did you know the 2013 San Diego Comic Con is coming? According to The Huffington Post, here’s the Supernatural Tote– one of several Warner Bros-themed Swag Bags that attendees could snag:

2013 Supernatural Comic Con BagThe HP also regurgitates the rest of the WB Comic Con Press Release, including the subjects of other random Comic Con bags to be given away:

“… Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, The Following, Revolution, The Vampire Diaries and Teen Titans Go! (with a special “Beware the Batman” cape) as well as feature films Godzilla, The LEGO® Movie, 300: Rise of an Empire, the DC Universe original animated movie Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, and the classic Batman TV Series.”

But there’s a catch. (Ya knew there was a catch, right?) As cool as all the Swag Bags sound, they also all apparently come with this addition… A Cape.

2013 SDCC Supernatural Bag with Cape Because, ya know, Sam and Dean Winchester always kick Supernatural ass with their costumed capes on.

[Huffington Post]
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