Inside the Vertigo 2013 Defy Previews Book – Debuting at the San Diego Comic Con

Vertigo Defy Sandman OvertureThe Sandman Overture by Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III

VertigoDefy_PreviewBooklet_fnl.inddCollider by Simon Oliver and Robbi Rodriguez

Vertigo Defy TrilliumTrillium by Jeff Lemire

VertigoDefy_PreviewBooklet_fnl.inddThe Unwritten Fables Crossover by Mike Carey, Peter Gross, Kurt Higgins, Zelda Devon and Al Davison

This helps give us a clearer view of what Vertigo’s got on tap for the rest of 2013. Sadly, I don’t see very many regular, on-going monthly Vertigo comics as part of this announcement… Ya know, the kinds of series we should expect to see if DC was really serious in rejuvenating their Vertigo line of mature-themed comics.

Of course, this is just a sampling from the Vertigo Previews Book– which also includes news on Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy’s The Wake plus Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso’s 100 Bullets: Brother Lono (the first issue comes out this week!)

Check out the source for this info too… Amazon started touting a weekly email for Comic Fans just a couple of week’s ago. Looks like somebody is looking to cash in on comic books’ digital resurgence– a topic we just discussed during the latest IMJ Nation™ Podcast!

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2 Responses to Inside the Vertigo 2013 Defy Previews Book – Debuting at the San Diego Comic Con

  1. I am not a big fan of Jeff Lemire’s art style 🙂 I really liked Sweet Tooth but his other works are very much the same(visually)..I probably didnt notice this with Essex County because it was in black and white and it really fitted the story (semi-biographical?), but I couldnt get into Underwater Welder because it looked like Sweet Tooth in a swimsuit and thats why I am also skipping “Sweet Tooth in a space Suit” Trillium…

    Unwritten is like the biggest puzzle to was pretty vague..a guy that was said to be harry potter(wtf?) being chased by random dudes wih a hidden agenda…Pffff..did Hickman write this? 😉 The Sandman is another boring title..trying to be more complicated then it should be..I am avoiding those books like the plague..

    100 Bullets is kinda cool I guess but its nothing new..and are we really waiting for another story?

    The only book I have mild interest for is the Wake by Murphy and Snyder..

    Another thing is that there is no new talent coming into Vertigo..
    Not anymore is it a house of ideas nor a place where you can make a name for yourself..

    They probably put out a Sandman title to keep that particular franchise alive….
    And Then DC gives their best writers Lemire, Snyder and Azarello 1 story to publish which they(the writers) probably had to bargain hard for over at DC

    Thats all folks!

  2. Jon says:

    This IS a sampling. I haven’t seen the full Preview book. But I do know Vertigo has 6 brand new ongoing monthlies, rolling out from October, including Coffin Hill and Hinterkind. And don’t forget, Astro City recently restarted, on Vertigo. Things are looking bright again for my favorite imprint.

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