Insideman’s Weekly Stack™ Supplemental

Insideman's Weekly Stack Supplemental LogoWeekly Stack Supplemental 7.18.13Life is something that happens when you’re busy collecting ephemera and unintentionally figuring out new ways to empty your bank account and make your girlfriend wonder where you’re gonna put all this new shit.

In any case, it’s been a busy week for USPS and UPS deliveries. Here’s the haul that required the first ever Insideman’s Weekly Stack™ Supplemental post:

(2) Chogs from Chew comics by John Layman & Rob Guillory
(In my defense, I ordered these MONTHS ago)

Black Lagoon Seasons 1 & 2 & Hellfire Complete Seasons Blu Rays
(In my defense, Amazon was selling them 66% Off)

Tom Odell Long Way Down Import CD
(In my defense, XFM Radio Presenter Dan O’Connell said it was great)

Fatale #15 Ghost Variant by Darwyn Cooke
(In my defense, I love Darwyn Cooke along with thousands of others)

Cheesy Faux Chrome Superman Car Emblem
(I have no defense for this)

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2 Responses to Insideman’s Weekly Stack™ Supplemental

  1. Ah! a Chog! I’m sooooo jealous.

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