Odds and Ends – This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Comic Con Comic Book Movies – Well, 2013’s San Diego Comic Con is officially over. Now begins the whining, sneezing and coughing as thousands of Geeks fall ill to the annual phenom Con Flu. Expect their whiney tweets to last at least 7 to 10 days. Know what’s worse than Con Flu? Discovering that Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan has SHAVED HER HEAD to play Nebula in Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy film. [TheBeat]

Television – In attempts to create a better lead-in for Conan O’Brien’s TBS talk show, American Dad will be moving to the network for its 11th season. Personally, I would rather watch Justin Bieber piss into a restaurant mop bucket than spend any time watching American Dad. I love Conan, but I have to draw the line somewhere. [Deadline]

Star Wars/Charity – Here’s a photo of Castle cast member Molly Quinn unleashing her Cosplay Force for the SDCC Course for the Force charity event. A celebration of Star Wars, the course leads to Comic Con– and helps raise money and awareness for the Make a Wish Foundation. Check out the Course of the Force FAQ to learn more. I would be more inclined to join this cause rather than ever go to Comic Con.


Television – Speaking of Castle, lead actor Nathan Fillion is in the midst of a contract dispute with producers over his wanting a 4-day work week. The actor didn’t show up on set Friday, presumably to show his distaste for his current work schedule. I adore Nathan Fillion, so I would tend to favour his side in this– but there’s still a part of me which thinks he should just suck it up and go in… Or at least have Firefly castmate Adam Baldwin go to the production offices and knock some sense into them. [Deadline]

Video Games – The console war has evened out a bit– as Amazon sells out of both their PS4 and Xbox One preorders. I’m not likely to get either of these expensive boxes… So, to whichever console prevails– congratulations on winning one of the most unimportant battles in recorded history. [IGN]

Film – Actor Lucas Till is now confirmed to appear in X-Men Days of Future Past. Here’s a list of some of the other great actors being brought back for director Bryan (Jack the Giant Slayer) Singer’s X-Men return. [Deadline]

Comics – Harvey Awards nominees have been announced. While I’m hoping for a sweep by Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples’ comic series Saga, I think the more plausible outcome will involve a Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo Batman award avalanche. Check the list in the link and give your predictions– I’m curious to see who you think will win. [Comics Alliance]

Television – If you are a Sharknado fan, then you will be happy to hear Syfy is delivering Ghost Shark in August. Thomas Vitale, the cable net’s vice president of programing and original content, states Ghost Shark was inspired by his 7-year-old daughter… Yeah, I wish I made this stuff up… Especially since Sharknado 2 is in the pipeline too. [Deadline]

Comics – I am soooo excited there’s another Black Beetle mini-series coming. I just finished the first one and it was great. More Francesco Francavilla awesomeness heads your way this October. [Comics Alliance]

Film – DC’s first Animated Film for 2014 will be based on the shitty Geoff Johns & Jim Lee New 52 Justice League comic book story arc. To add further excitement to this announcement, here’s the film’s massively mundane title: Justice League – War. Like Ian and Jose commented in the last IMJ Nation™ Podcast— I wonder if anyone will bother to upload this POS? [Comics Alliance]

Television – Apple is trying to convince networks to allow ad skipping on its Apple TV platform. This would be a premium service consumers would pay for– to compensate the network for lost revenues. Apparently networks are concerned customers will insist on only purchasing a la carte offerings, instead sticking with the incredibly stupid bundle packages currently offered.

Has the ineptitude of modern music moguls not taught anyone in the entertainment business anything? A la carte programming choices are the future– and the quicker the TV Networks and Studios accept this, the more money they will make when the dust settles. I would love to simply pick which shows and channels I watched. If consumers had this option, illegal downloading would most likely implode. [Deadline]

Television Consoles – Apple isn’t the only company looking into adding TV services… Sony has filed a patent for something called Playstation TV. It’s unknown exactly what kind of service Sony’s got planned, but this lack of info won’t stop all kinds of Geeks to start speculating. In short, don’t believe everything you read… Most headlines are just Hit Bait. [IGN]

Direct to DVD – DC Comics is releasing a documentary called Necessary Evil on October 25th. (Yes, you read that correctly.) The film features interviews with creative types like Geoff Johns, Dan Didio and Guillermo del Toro— all discussing what makes the villains of the DC Universe so fascinating. Not so coincidentally, the “documentary” arrives just in time for DC Comics’ Forever Evil comic book event. Aren’t documentaries supposed to at least try to seem newsworthy… Instead of sounding so completely self-promotional? In any case, I doubt Ken Burns is losing any sleep over this announcement. [Comics Alliance]

Video Games – Pokemon Generations is the Pokemon game people have been wanting for a long, long time. The only catch? It’s kinda illegal… Since it’s not licensed at all. I’m  past the novelty of Pokemon– but this video shows a game that looks like it would be great for new fans, or older gamers looking to reconnect with the series. [IGN]

Comics – Harley Quinn fans rejoice– your beloved crazy (and hopelessly sexy) clown is getting herself a brand new ongoing comic. Expect it to hit comic shop shelves by year’s end. No artist has been announced yet, but the wife/husband team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti will be writing the series. And yes… I know every Power Girl fan just began praying for lightning to strike twice. [Comics Alliance]

Film – Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 to 48 hours, you know that Marvel’s Avengers 2 film now has the subtitle Age of UltronDepending who you believe, the studio either 1) Just borrowed the title from Brian Michael Bendis’ recent comic book series and the film’s plot has nothing to do with that craptacular or 2) Bendis is getting an actual story credit– because, ya know, they are actually using his story.

OMG! Isn’t this exactly how Avengers helmer Joss Whedon first became associated with Marvel films… After producer Avi Arad “borrowed” elements of Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men comic book for the film X2: X-Men United? Then again, if ol’ baldy Hacky McHackyStack finally fulfills his filmic ambitions… The comic book industry’s loss may actually be comic book fans’ gain.

Television – This new DC Wonder Woman short has a unique animation style, but shouldn’t be hard to get used to. I love the expression of the guy at the end. [Comics Alliance]

Television – I grew up watching Power Rangers and loved the original series– but fell off it after that. That said, a Legacy Collectors Set celebrating the Rangers’ first 20 years will be released soon. Limited to 2,000 sets, the shows will arrive in an iconic Red Ranger Helmet, presented in 1:1 scale. [IGN]

Power Rangers Legacy Set

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5 Responses to Odds and Ends – This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

  1. Oh man, I want that Power ranger helmet so bad. It will probably cost a fortune though.

  2. Rob F says:

    I’m pumped for Days of Future Past…hopefully it will make everyone forget about X-Men 3…

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