Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!


Film – Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron has found their Ultron! James Spader was cast this week to play the robotic villain. Spader is a talented actor with a wicked delivery and a superior ability to turn an emotional phrase. Avengers 2 writer/director Joss Whedon intimated that his version of Ultron will be very human and animated– which will make Spader a perfect choice for the role. Here’s just a few of Spader’s well-known acting highlights: Leading roles in Stargate [the original film], The Practice, Boston Legal, The Office and the much-anticipated new series, The Blacklist. If you aren’t familiar with the actor or his work, do yourself a huge favor and get familiar with Spader as soon as possible! [Deadline]

Comic Books – This spring, the Justice League of America comic will be known as Justice League of Canada. Scribe Jeff Lemire (who is Canadian himself) takes over the series early next year when the name change takes effect. Lemire promises the book won’t feature a rehash of Canadian stereotypes. (See Marvel’s Alpha Flight.) Unfortunately, the premise still sounds gimmicky– and even with Lemire, I doubt it will be that good. However, I’ll wait to give my final judgment until the first issue hits the shops… And believe me, I will be reviewing this comic for IMJ! [Toronto Star]

Smart People – Kevin Spacey is the Man! I completely agree with everything he says about the current state of TV… And I suspect every other member of the IMJ Nation™ will too. [SourceFed]

LM ULTRA THIN BOX BREAKFilm Delusions – With the Power Rangers phenom celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year, rumors of a Green Power Ranger movie are circulating courtesy of Green Ranger actor Jason David Frank— who steadfastly believes the Power of Green can support his own movie. Frank even goes so far to say, “I feel like the Green Ranger can step outside the box and be like the Wolverine of Power Rangers. That’s why I think he can handle his own movie.” I loved my Power Rangers growing up– but doesn’t the show revolve around awesome Mecha battles? How would this be possible with only one Ranger? [IGN]

Television – Here’s one from the STVRM (Superhero TV Rumor Mill) I actually hope is true: Acerbic comic character Amanda Waller might be making an appearance in the second season of Arrow. With the Flash already confirmed, Amanda would make a great addition to the DC characters already incorporated into the new Arrow TV-verse. I loved Waller’s appearances in the Justice League Animated Series and thought her brief stint on Smallville was well done too. She would make a great roadblock/adversary for Oliver Queen to overcome. [Comics Alliance]

Comic Books – IMJ Nation™ member Tom Devine will like this: A Black Canary/Zatanna graphic novel is on its way in May 2014. Writer Paul Dini teams up with artist Joe Quinones to create an original tale that’s apparently been a long time coming. Hopefully, it will live up to the hype. I would love to hear your thoughts when it drops next year. (Mark your calendars!) [Comics Alliance]

Awesome YouTube – Two people good at parkour decided to show us what the Super Mario Brothers would parkour-like if they happened to be real. I love seeing creative people doing the things they enjoy… And I hope you enjoy watching too! [Nerdist]

LM ULTRA THIN BOX BREAKNick’s Cynical News – According to the Oxford Dictionary Online, many new buzzwords have been added to their dictionary this year. Some of the new terms I understand, like fauxhawkfood baby or selfie. These new words make sense, especially since there was never a meaningful word for them before.

What really gets me? When terms like derp and twerk make it into our vocabulary. I’m fine with these words being slang, but once they get a proper definition– it just makes me die a little inside. [Oxford Dictionary Blog]

Film – Todd McFarlane is again teasing a Spawn movie reboot. The producers supposedly want a script by year’s end… And McFarlane projects this will lead to a completed film in theaters by 2015. If Todd does somehow rush the project on that timetable, Spawn might want to wait… As it will be going up against the Superman/Batman (aka Man of Steel 2) movie and a little film called Avengers 2.

If you happen to click through several different links in the various columns accompanying this story, try not to laugh when you see a Total Film writer state that Jamie Foxx’s (who supposedly is dead set on playing Spawn) “… stock [as an actor] has never been higher.” I’m guessing this guy has already forgotten about White House Down (just like the rest of the world)… But I assure you (and him) that Hollywood remembers this movie co-starring Foxx was a HUGE BOMB just a few weeks ago. [IGN]

Collectibles – As usual, Hot Toys makes every other toy manufacturer look like crap. This time they’ve released an awesome General Zod from Man of Steel. Obviously you pay extra for the quality, but this is finally one MoS collectible I wouldn’t return if I pulled it from a gift bag. [Comics Alliance]

Video Games – Nintendo is taking a step back and releasing a new handheld console, the Nintendo 2DS. You read that correctly– it’s the same system as the 3DS, just without the 3D. If I was still a gamer, I would love this… Precisely because I despise 3D. [SourceFed]

Film – There’s a piece over at io9 called Biggest Box Office Hits and Misses of Summer 2013. The article calls Pacific Rim a hit… And it was! While the film may have “flopped” Stateside, it has grossed over $400 million worldwide (and is still going.) The IMJ Nation™ knew Pacific Rim was a must see… And it’s good to know that other filmgoers can still pick an amazing movie from the huge rehashed trash heap released by Hollywood every summer. Thank you, World– for proving, once again, Western moviegoers aren’t always right. [io9]

Collectibles – Not too long ago I made my first venture into Funko Pop! Figures when I purchased these little gems: DonatelloLeonardoMichelangelo & Raphael.

Now I can’t help but salivate over every new set I see. While I will not buy them all, I finally understand the fascination with these vinyl figures. It only takes one purchase to get you hooked. Now Funko is set to produce some of the Regular Show characters– and they will fit in perfectly with the company’s already fabulous lineup. [Comics Alliance]

Regular Show Funko Pop

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9 Responses to Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

  1. tomstewdevine says:

    I’m so fucking stoked for that Paul Dini Zatanta book, you know me well.

  2. Helmir says:

    Awesome column, Nick, as always! The Kevin Spacey video is wonderful, everything he says rings true and savvy.

    As for your cynical news concerning new words in the dictionary, I’m so glad you touched on this issue! It’s the same here in France. Dumbass intellectuals are so desperate to make their language ‘evolve’ (whatever that means), they end up spoiling and destroying it. French and English are two languages created on harsh rigor and strict rules, not on fashionable trends. To me, this race to adding as much new words as possible is only a proof our civilization’s creativity is diminishing somehow. A century ago, new words such as “sentimentality” were added to our vocabulary thanks to genuises and bright artists. Now we’re simply resorting to fake lame-ass words to fill out the void left by a lack of new ideas & concepts.

    I reassure myself and try to control my blood pressure in the thought that these new words will falter, die and be forgotten very soon. Be them in a dictionary or not, their existence will never last for long.

    • NicktheStick says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Admittedly, I used to be terrible with the selection of the words I would use. It wasn’t until I realized I was short handing everything I knew I had to make a conscious effort to change and develop my personal lexicon. Ever since, I always am disheartened when I listen to peoples lack of care to the use of our language. This is one part that I could be considered old fashioned. I still don’t like when people use “funner.”

      And with shorthand making its way into our vocab seriously (or srsly – irritates me. However, ranting about it will not change anything, but it is good to know I’m not the only one out there.

      • Locusmortis says:

        Hey Helmir, you’re a bit young to be turning into a grumpy old geezer 😛

        I think text speak is already dying out, it only became popular due to the limited capabilities of mobile phones at the time and the fact it was such a pain in the hole to spell out full words with your thumbs. I’ve noticed since the advent of smartphones that vowels have made a bit of comeback.

        The UK, especially London has perpetrated some of the most egregious crimes to the english language. In the late 90’s/early 2000’s there was the UK Garage scene coming out of shitholes like Brixton and Clapham in Saaaaaf (translation: South) London which influenced Yoof language and in the last few years it seems to be West London which seems to be propagating shitty language. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the film Adulthood written by former Doctor Who companion Noel Clarke, I watched the first half an hour or so recently but I had to turn it off because if I heard one more person greet another with the words “Ey Blud!” I would have smashed the fucking tv screen.

        • Helmir says:

          Ah, funny you’re talking about old geezers, I mentioned something about them in an upcoming review of mine!

          I think I can be really grumpy at times, especially when I’m writing (I’m way sweeter and much more optimistic in real life). I think that side of me came with the Irish blood in my veins ;).

  3. Insideman says:

    You could have a drinking game for every time Mario loses his hat in that Parkour Vid.

  4. ed2962 says:

    Justice League Canada kinda sounds like that Omega Flight comic Marvel tried a few years ago. A few Canadians with some more popular characters.

  5. mattster says:

    behold the real reason mario jumps the way he does so he doesn’t drop his hat down a pipe lol

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