Ask Insideman™ – Why are you guys so mean? :(

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Don’t ever think I forget things… Like the promise I made two weeks ago in my Insideman’s Pull List™ column to recount that crazy/weird twitter convo I had. Like most of these things, the idea quickly outgrew the space reserved for it in my Pull List… So here it is for your reading pleasure. (I apologize in advance for being such a raging asshole.)

A Twitterer asked:

@IMJTruthsayers Why are you guys so mean? 😦

Here’s the actual Twitter conversation:

Mean Tweet

Keep in mind, I don’t know this Joey Esposito from Adam’s house cat. But here he is on the @IMJTruthsayers Twitter Feed asking why we are so mean. So I reply with all the best intentions, but I don’t get an answer to my direct question, “So what did we tell the truth about this time?” Since we were being assaulted/impugned out of the blue, I had thought, “Let me be direct but comical, in hopes this goes cordially.” No such luck. 

So I looked into this Esposito dude a little– and by “look into” I mean I gave him enough of my time to quickly read his Twitter Profile and spend two minutes on his comic book blog… And here’s what I found out– he’s worked for Zenescope and he’s a “Senior Editor” at IGN. His Twitter Profile also says he’s a “Purveyor of #PositiveComics. (Whatever that is.)

Since he never had the courtesy to answer my question in any way I could find definitive or even cogent, I don’t know if I had offended him with my repeated Zenescope criticism or Jose and I had offended him with our recent Podcast tirade on the ball licking sycophantic websites that pass themselves off as “comic book journalists”.

Lacking any kind of concrete answer, I can only guess and speculate… Which I never like to do about a person’s intentions. So I’ll just stick to what I can understand from Esposito’s tweets– how we are supposedly “mean”.

And to illustrate just how mean we are, I thought I’d pull up some Twitter interactions I’ve had in the last year or so. Caution: You may actually know who some of these people are:

Look how mean Francesco Francavilla and Sina Grace thought we were when we totally shamed them over their shitty comics:

Francavilla Tweet(In case my sarcasm isn’t shining through, Francavilla’s Black Beetle got one of IMJ’s first ever 5 Star Comic Book Review Ratings and Sina Grace’s Li’l Depressed Boy got a rare 4 Star Rating.)

And look at this heinous put down we foisted on renowned writer Joe Hill, when he declared American Horror Story was the most exciting thing on TV:


Here’s a Twitter argument I had a little over a week ago with Ande Parks– with retweets to fellow creator Chris Samnee… Over their horrible hardcover Capote in Kansas:

Ande Parks Chris Samnee Tweets

To unequivocally prove that a leopard can’t change its spots (and to illustrate our long standing pattern of creator abuse and hatred of comic books) here’s a crappy exchange we had with Jimmy Palmiotti (and JV Gray) over their All Star Western abomination:

All Star Western #2

You can easily see why Jimmy was so pissed with us! Then again, his anger may have come from the shit we had stirred up with him just the month before:

All Star Western #1

I know what you’re thinking: We couldn’t have been more mean-spirited, could we?

And finally, just to prove that meanness never goes out of style– here’s a Facebook convo I had with Chew creator John Layman just yesterday… When he mentioned on the popular social networking site that his upcoming Chew Smorgasbord Edition Vol 1 Slipcase Hardcover was coming out soon:

Layman FB Final

I know what you’re thinking here too: Why would anybody— especially famous comic book creators– continue to interact with us… Especially given our continuous shitty attitude and general meanness.

To be fair, I’ve also launched some choice mean-spirited tweets toward master artist Rob Liefeld and super Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott in the past too… But I didn’t bother to reproduce them here because I never really had an extended written exchange with either gentleman. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did get a one sentence reply from Mr. Slott… And I would reprint the graphic of his response here, but he apparently gets so much positive interaction from his legion of supporters– he’s since had to protect his account so his sterling tweets can only be seen by the fans he pre-approves… So I can no longer get a screen capture of our short discourse.

But I can recreate Slott’s response here… Which ironically sounds like a good idea for ANOTHER Ask Insideman™ column someday. He basically asked, “Insideman, are you KIDDING me?!”

Coincidentally, I would also ask the same question of Joey “Why Are You So Mean?” Esposito… If I hadn’t decided to block him that day for confronting me out of nowhere… Then not being decent enough to explain himself or his comments.

Some might even call what the “Purveyor of #PositiveComics” did to me on Twitter that day was a tad mean all by itself.

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7 Responses to Ask Insideman™ – Why are you guys so mean? :(

  1. J. says:

    Well. IGN IS really a steaming shithole. One of the biggest ones you will find one the net. That is not an opinion OR incorrect information. That is indeed a fact. I saw it on wikipedia so you know it’s got to be true. 😉

    Also, I would add that IGN’s comic “reviews” are just as laughable and stomach churning as the one ones you’ll read on CBR. That is another fact. Not an opinion OR incorrect information yet again.

    • Locusmortis says:

      I sometimes get a laugh off IGN’s reviews after I’ve finished writing one of mine

    • venom829bane says:

      The first time I read an ign comic review, i knew i couldn’t take them seriously. and anyone with half a brain shouldn’t as well

    • Helmir says:

      IGN’s reviews fun fact: they can give a 8/10 to comic for, say, six months straight, and on the seventh one begin their review with: “let’s be honest, this book hasn’t been good for a while”.

      Well, what about the previous long streak of glorifying scores, assholes?! Talk about being coherent…

  2. Red Tash says:

    I welcome anyone to think I am mean. The meaner, the better.

  3. Helmir says:

    I simply LOVE this column, from its ironic title (I was already hooked at “Why are you guys so mean? :(“) to its very statement.

    We DO praise creators. A LOT. But only the ones who deserve it.

    Many people don’t understand that there’s a basic requirement to loving something: you need to dislike something else. I don’t trust someone telling me 100% of the products of a specific market are awesome. Not every movie is good. Not every comic is good. Hell, not every dishwasher is good.

    If you’re really passionate about a medium, you’ll love certain creators for the amount of hard work and audacious ideas they produce. Praising ALL creators isn’t a way to be respectful, but quite the contrary: you just end up insulting every serious and dedicated writers/pencilers by mixing them with the hacks and those who don’t give a damn.

    You NEED to separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s not insulting the “chaff people” to tell them they suck, it’s a fact. But it’s discouraging and offending to the “wheat people” not to rank them higher.

    But I don’t expect brown-nosers like Joey Esposito to get that.

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