Locusmortis’ PREVIEWS Hits and Misses™



Every month I pre-order comics, trades and other related items from Previews magazine. Even though there is information online for just about everything, I still find the Previews catalog to be the simplest way to scan through the different items and to get some inspiration on what I want to buy.

There’s lots of stuff being offered by Diamond this month: Plenty of great stuff and plenty of crap too… So I will try to sort the wheat from the chaff and hopefully point out some good items that you might order or buy from your LCS or Online Retailer. Our taste may differ– so if you buy something and I hate it… Don’t blame me. I did my best to warn you!

The STATUS in the description of each product indicates the likelihood of whether I’m going to order it ranging from Firm Order as the most likely to a POS (Piece of Shit)– with everything else being somewhere in between. I’m sure you can figure it out!


Creepy Archives Vol 17 HCCreepy Archives Vol 17 HC  
248 pages

Status: Firm Order

Additional Notes: You know the drill– these Archive Editions are fucking awesome. Some contain some of the best drawn stories you will ever see. 
Resident Alien The Suicide Blonde #0Resident Alien The Suicide Blonde #0
32 pages

Status: Trade-waiting

Additional Notes: Two veteran 2000AD creators? This looks interesting. The solicit says it’s a mini-series… I believe for a total run of 4 issues.
Manara Erotica Vol 3 HCManara Erotica Vol 3 HC
288 pages

Status: Firm Order

Additional Notes: This volume contains Butterscotch– one of Manara’s sexiest stories. 
Marvel Classic Character X-Men #4 BeastMarvel Classic Character
X-Men #4 Beast


Status: POS

Additional Notes: Every time I think these figures can’t get any worse, they prove me wrong yet again.

They’re like parodies of the original designs. 
Trinity of Sin Pandora #3Trinity of Sin Pandora #3
32 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Artist Ryan Sook drew this cover?


Did he draw it with his foot or something?
Worlds Finest #15Worlds Finest #15
32 pages

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: I’m purely interested in this for Emanuela Lupacchino’s art, nothing else.
Superman #23Superman #23
32 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Writer Scott Lobdell starts another Superman crossover… And all around the world, no fucks were given.

DC One Million Omnibus HCDC One Million Omnibus HC
1080 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: One million of what? One million trees killed to print this heap of shite?
Green Arrow Vol 3 HarrowGreen Arrow Vol 3 Harrow TP
144 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: I urge you to buy this book… And tell me how much it sucks.

You don’t think I’m going to waste MY money finding out do you?

The Wake Directors Cut #1The Wake Directors Cut #1
56 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: I love The Wake, but I’m not going to pay an extra $2 for a bunch of back matter which SHOULD be in the back of the Trade for FREE.
DC Comics Bombshells Harley Quinn StatueDC Comics Bombshells
Harley Quinn Statue


Status: POS

Additional Notes: Someone is obviously snorting too much coke at DC’s head office… Why else would they approved this ugly heap of shite?LM PREVIEWS BALLOON IDWThunder Agents #1THUNDER AGENTS #1
32 pages

Status: Trade-waiting

Additional Notes: This looks like it could be really nice, but I’m going to wait for the Trade.

I’ve been burned by too much mediocre IDW stuff before. 
The Sidekick #1The Sidekick #1
32 pages 

Status: Potential POS

Additional Notes: JMS is writing– which is the reason for the book’s status.

I’m taking bets on how many issues he lasts before he bails… Anybody want in?
Frank Cho Women Book 2 TPFrank Cho Women Book 2 TP
80 pages 

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: Say what you like about Frank Cho, but he draws great women and pretty, natural looking ones at that (when he’s not working for Marvel.)
Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth Vol  1 TPTodd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth Vol  1 TP
96 pages 

Status: Firm Order

Additional Notes: I really liked Issue #1 when I reviewed it… So I hope this collected edition is just as good.LM PREVIEWS ARCHAIA LFT BANNER
Classic Space 1999 – To Everything That WasClassic Space 1999:
To Everything That Was
304 pages

Status: Firm Order

Additional Notes: If you’ve read my Random Fandom columns, you know I’m a big fan of Space 1999.

This reprint collection features some amazing artists like Gray Morrow, Vincente Alcazar, John Byrne and British legend Mike Noble.LM PREVIEWS ARCHIE COMICS RT BANNER
The Art of Archie - The Covers HCThe Art of Archie – The Covers HC
160 pages

Status: Hmmmmm

Additional Notes: It’s a good idea, but 30 bucks for 160 pages is too much imo.


Herobear and the Kid #1Herobear and the Kid #1
32 pages

Status: Recommended

Additional Notes: I loved the one-shot when I reviewed it a couple of months ago… So it’s nice to see Boom! give Mike Kunkel an ongoing series.LM PREVIEWS CINEBOOK RT BANNER
Crusade Vol 1 Simoun DjaCrusade Vol 1 Simoun Dja
56 pages

Status: Recommended

Additional Notes: Yes, I know I’m a bit of a Cinebook fanboy, but I wouldn’t mention this if it wasn’t absolutely high quality stuff.LM PREVIEWS DYNAMITE LEFT BANNER
Lord of Mars #1Lord of Mars #1
32 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Hey Alex Ross! Hang up your airbrush and try something different for a change, eh?

Lady Rawhide #1Lady Rawhide #1
32 pages

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Way back when, I bought the Lady Rawhide series from Topps Comics and Image. Those comics were written by legend Don McGregor and drawn by the excellent Mike Mayhew and Esteban Maroto.

Unfortunately, Dynamite didn’t hire any of these veterans… Just the usual nobodies that litter their books.LM PREVIEWS DYNAMIC FORCES RIGHT BANNER

Miss Fury High End LithographMiss Fury High End Lithograph

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Made from 100% old rope.

If you have to add the words “High End” to an art print, I think you’re trying too hard.LM PREVIEWS FIRST SECOND LEFT BANNER
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant GNDelilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: Sometimes it pays to look at the tiny ads in Previews! This all-ages adventure looks really good.

Check out some nice preview chapters online.LM PREVIEWS FLESK PUBLICATIONS RIGHT BANNER

Mark Schultz's Xenozoic Complete TPMark Schultz’s Xenozoic Complete TP
352 pages

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I need to win the fucking lottery or something– there’s just too many good books I want coming out at the moment.LM PREVIEWS HERMES LEFT BANNER

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century #1Buck Rogers in the 25th Century #1
32 pages

Status: Trade-waiting

Additional Notes: Hermes Press is better known for its reprint volumes, so a monthly series for them is an unknown quantity.

It does have Howard Chaykin writing and drawing though– which caught my attention.LM PREVIEWS MARVEL COMICS RT BANNER

Sorry, no Marvel stuff this month. I must have thrown my Marvel Previews in the bin already. Ohwellwhatapitynevermind.


P Craig Russell Opera Adaptations HC SetP. Craig Russell’s Opera Adaptations HC
440 pages

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: What was I saying earlier about needing a lottery win?

I’ve seen some of Russell’s art for these graphic novels. and it is superb. I’d imagine that most people would be immediately turned off by the word Opera in the title… But these are comics– you don’t have to listen to the music to enjoy them thank grud!LM PREVIEWS REBELLION RT BANNER
Judge Dredd Trifecta GNJudge Dredd Trifecta GN
176 pages

Status: Recommended… Sort of

Additional Notes: The follow-up to Day of Chaos by non-John Wagner Dredd writers. The story is very good but the price also seems pretty steep.LM PREVIEWS TITAN BOOKS LEFT BANNER

First Kingdom Vol 1 The Birth of TundranFirst Kingdom Vol 1
The Birth of Tundran

208 pages

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes:  A post-apocalyptic fantasy story that was originally one of the first independant comics.

I’ve seen some of the preview art for this, and it looks amazing.LM PREVIEWS BOOKS & MAGAZINES BANNER FINAL

The Art of Brom HCThe Art of Brom HC
208 pages

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: One of the most distinctive fantasy artists of the last 30 years or so, his art for AD&D’s Dark Sun expansion set him apart from his contemporaries.

Expose Volume 11 SCExposé Vol 11 SC
240 pages

Status: Recommended

Additional Notes: The latest volume of this yearly  bible of amazing sci-fi and fantasy art.

The price quoted here seems quite high though– you should be able to find the hardcover cheaper at online retailers.

Wiped - Doctor Who Missing EpisodesWiped – Doctor Who’s Missing Episodes
Updated 2nd Edition
500 pages

Status: Recommended

Additional Notes: Back in the 60s and 70s, the BBC routinely did what would be unthinkable now– and wiped many Doctor Who episodes from their master reels, reusing the tapes for other programmes. Wiped! tells the story of the subsequent search for these “lost episodes”. This tome is from Telos, a publisher that I’ve gotten several top quality books from and can happily recommend.

Star Trek - The Art of Juan Ortiz HCStar Trek – The Art of Juan Ortiz HC
112 pages

Status: Firm Order

Additional Notes: Some of these paintings have already been issued as a series of prints (which I’ve highlighted in previous editions of Previews Hits & Misses.)

Now all the original series’ episodes get a painting, and all are collected in this large format hardcover.

Star Wars Jedi Academy HCStar Wars Jedi Academy HC
160 pages

Status: Hmmmm

Additional Notes: Cute book for kids… Or fiendish bid to indoctrinate a new generation?

Star Wars Complete Vehicles HCStar Wars Complete Vehicles HC
(Revised Edition)
200 pages

Status: Recommended

Additional Notes: I know I slam Star Wars products quite regularly (and justifiably so for their often excessive prices) but the criticism comes from a place of love.

Sometimes companies actually release quality products– and this is one of them. Given that most Star Wars characters are emotionally threadbare and could be replaced with cardboard cutouts… Sometimes the vehicles are the really interesting and creative part of the franchise.LM PREVIEWS BALLOON GRAPHITTI DESIGNS

Revenge Season 1 & 2 Trading CardsRevenge Season 1 & 2 Trading Cards
$3.50 per pack

Status: POS

Additional Notes: I never used to look through the trading card section of Previews because it just had the usual predictably boring football (of the American variety) and baseball cards… But now it seems like every fucking shitty, contemptible TV Series is getting them too.LM PREVIEWS APPAREL BANNER FINAL

My Little Pony TMy Little Pony
“Team Pony”
Silver T-Shirt


Status: POS

Additional Notes: OK… This shirt goes up to XXL.

Now, if you’re an XXL guy and you’re wearing a Team Pony T-Shirt… Well, do I really need to add any insults to this?

Pee Wee Herman TPee Wee Herman
“I know you are but what am I?”
White T-Shirt

Status: POS

Additional Notes: What are you, Pee Wee? Uh… Aren’t you a notorious sex-pest?LM PREVIEWS TOYS STATUES MODELS BANNER FINAL

Star Trek VI USS Excelsior Electronic ShipStar Trek VI USS Excelsior Electronic Ship

Status: Interesting

Additional Notes: Features the voice of George Takei… OK, this thing has to be hackable right? (So you could put some of George’s hilarious YouTube quotes on it!)

Domo Pizza CutterDomo Pizza Cutter

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Ya know, if I want to cut a fucking pizza… I’ll use a fucking knife.

Batman Action FiguresBatman Retro 8-inch Action Figures
Series 2

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Does putting “retro” into the name of this product give them licence to make it look like shit?

Doc SavageDoc Savage
“Silver Age Edition”
1/6 Scale Figure


Status: Hmmm

Additional Notes: Paging Insideman…

Buster Posey Action FigureMcFarlane Toys MLB
Buster Posey Action Figure


Status: POS

Additional Notes: It’s a baseball action figure, thus the status. Oh, and it has McFarlane’s name on it too…

Ms. Marvel 70s Version StatueMs. Marvel 70s Version Statue

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: This is actually not too bad.

It’s way better than any Ms. Marvel design in about 10 years.

Men in BlackMen in Black Standard Issue Agent Sidearm Replica

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Right, you’re in a country where you can buy real guns and you buy this useless hunk of chrome and plastic instead?

DC Comics Deathstroke StatueDC Comics Deathstroke
New 52 Artfx Statue
$119.99 each

Status: POS

Additional Notes:  UGH…

Moekanji JapaneseMoekanji Japanese Kanji Learning Cards

Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: Learning Kanji is fucking hard! Anything that helps is good.LM PREVIEWS COLLECTIBLES & NOVELTIES BANNER FINAL

Star Trek Captain Kirk Tinned CandiesStar Trek Captain Kirk Tinned Candies

Status: POS

Additional Notes: With Kirk’s reputation, can we really be sure these are just candies???

TinTin WatchesTinTin Watches –
Limited Numbered Editions


Status: POS

Additional Notes: I was thinking this was a quite nice looking watch… Until I saw the TinTin shape on the face.

You’d look like a right twat if you were out with yer mates and got caught wearing this…

Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot Vacuform MaskIron Man 3 Iron Patriot Vacuform Mask

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Presumably what Jon Runyan will be wearing this Halloween. 

Game of Thrones House Sigil Throw PillowsGame of Thrones House Sigil Throw Pillows
~ $85.00 for the set

Status: Hmmmm

Additional Notes: You know what? These are… Not shit. But they shouldn’t have also put the “House Slogans” on the back of each pillow… That miscalculation turns these from a “not fucking embarrassing” to a “potentially fucking embarrassing” rating.

Zombie Warming MugZombie Warning Mug

Status: POS

Additional Notes: This is the type of present you get for someone you hate… But you are obligated to buy something for… So naturally you end up getting something cheap and shitty… LM PREVIEWS GAMES CATEGORY BANNER NEW

Magic The Gathering TCG Theros ExpansionMagic The Gathering TCG Theros Expansion

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Save yourself some money and develop a cocaine habit instead. It’ll work out less expensive in the long run.LM PREVIEWS DIGITAL MEDIA BANNER FINAL

Marvel Knights Wolverine Origin DVDMarvel Knights Wolverine Origin DVD

Status: POS

Additional Notes: Every copy of this should be burned along with every copy of the comic book mini-series and every collected version.

Detailing Wolverine’s origin is one of the stupidest ideas in comics history.

Mobile Police PatlaborMobile Police Patlabor
The TV Series Collection 1

$59.98 – 69.98

Status: Recommended

Additional Notes: A really well written and animated series.

A true classic.

The Kentucky Fried Movie BlurayThe Kentucky Fried Movie
Special Edition Blu ray


Status: Tempted

Additional Notes: A movie I’ve heard a lot about but never actually seen… It might be time to give it a shot.

Things to ComeThings to Come (Criterion Collection)
DVD/Blu ray

Status: Recommended

Additional Notes: This is one of those films that should be seen but never is.

I can’t recall it ever being shown on TV. Yes, it is dated and somewhat preachy– but its anti-war message is timeless.

Orphan Black Season OneOrphan Black Season One DVD Blu ray

Status: Recommended

Additional Notes: Just buy it already. Or download it, I don’t fucking care.


Doctor Who Ice BucketDoctor Who Ice Bucket

Status: Eh, its not shit

Additional Notes: If someone gave me this as a present, I wouldn’t throw it in the bin.

That noted, I also wouldn’t use my own money to buy it!

Loads of shit this month– both good and bad. There’s craploads of Doctor Who stuff too. They really are making a killing out of this 50th anniversary, so let’s just hope they remember to make a good TV Show somewhere in-between. Lots of Toys and DVDs this month too… Must be the lead up to Halloween causing this glut.

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13 Responses to Locusmortis’ PREVIEWS Hits and Misses™

  1. Insideman says:

    Again, this Previews Hits and Misses column is woefully late… And I truly want to thank Locusmortis for his kind patience as I got it together.

    Besides the massive number of hours Locusmortis puts in to craft the column in the first place… As you can imagine, this is a time intensive entry that also requires many concentrated hours of assembly before publication… And I could never feel well enough to string the hours I needed together to make publishing happen. But I finally did… And here we are.

    The next Hits and Misses will be out in a much more timely fashion– or I will be dead.

    Finally, I would also like to thank Diamond Distribution for not bringing several of the products listed in the column yet. (I know I bought several books mentioned the column just this week!)

    In any case, I know the IMJ Nation will respond enthusiastically to LM’s work. (They always do.) Just be aware– the lateness is all on me.

  2. tomstewdevine says:

    That Men In Black Gun doubles as a dildo…….so there’s some added value.

  3. ed2962 says:

    Totally agree with you Mark Schultz and Craig Russell! If I wasn’t on a budget I’d also be trying to track down those Night Music issues Russell did for Eclipse.

    Not to be “that guy”, but in the 70’s Carol Danvers couldn’t fought Doomsday Man, Scorpion, or Death Bird in those stiletto heels…

    True Story: Last time I was in the LCS a woman in front of me was buying comics for her son. The cashier noticed Vader’s Little Princess in her pile and said something like, “This is funny, but a lot of the humor is father/daughter stuff. I’m not sure a lot of little boys would be into that.”
    The woman said, “Uh,well…that’s actually for ME. My husband and I like it.”

    • Locusmortis says:

      Yeah but if she doesn’t have stilettos hows Carol gonna get her groove on at Studio 54?

      And cute story, I bet that shut the clerk up pretty quickly 😉

      • Insideman says:

        I am trying to find that Ms Marvel Statue everywhere. It seems like it’s based on a John Romita Sr pose and outfit… And I love the old costume and the (Romita Sr) hair.

        This would be only the 2nd porcelain Marvel Statue I would own… Until the Gwen Stacy Statue comes in. If anybody knows of anyone selling it for less than $200 USD, please let me know!

  4. Totally agree about the Wolverine Origin comic. While the story and art weren’t totally bad, I couldn’t help but feel like they neutered my favorite X-Man. I wish they didn’t straight up say, “This is him as a kid, this is how he grew up, etc.” Wolverine’s past is so mysterious and that’s half the fun of his character, is the mystery surrounding him. Or at least the mystery that USED to surround him. Now we can pretty much document every time he’s taken a dump, there’s been that many Wolverine stories. I would’ve liked them to keep it a mystery and be like, “Are these his real memories or not? You decide”. Maybe that’s a bad idea. And maybe that’s why I’m not a comic book writer yet…

    You’re note about the DC One Million HC had me laughing for a good three minutes straight. Good stuff.

    • Locusmortis says:

      The way Wolverine’s character was handled for the first 15-20 years of his existence, mainly by John Byrne and/or Chris Claremont, was perfect. The way he’s been handled for the last 20 or so years has been disastrous.

      As you say CBD, the mystery and secrecy surrounding Wolverine was a large part of what made him a compelling character but since Claremont was thrown under the bus Wolverine has been so over-exposed that there isn’t anything interesting or remarkable about him any more.

      I remember seeing the following panel in an issue of Classic X-Men when I started reading Marvel comics and I think its one of the best single panels I’ve ever seen, its perfectly sums up the character and why he became popular

  5. Mark O'Brien says:

    Creepy- Yes!

    Classic Space 1999- yes!

    Batman Retro 8-inch Action Figures- Thats suppose to be Bruce Wayne right? I don’t think he buys his suits off the rack at the Salvation Army(like some people).

    Who wants a My Little Pony “Team Pony” Silver T-Shirt in extra large? These guys! 😉

    • Locusmortis says:

      Haha, well look I try to be tolerant of all fandoms but even I have to draw a line somewhere!

      And yeah thats meant to be Bruce Wayne….presumably if his if he was a down and out at a homeless shelter.

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