Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!


Television – Commissioner Gordon is getting his own TV series! FOX has won the bidding war for the new show simply titled Gotham– dealing with Gordon before he crosses paths with the Caped Crusader. James Gordon is one of my favourite Batman characters– usually because of his interactions with The Dark Knight. However, we all know Gordon can hold his own (see Scott Snyder’s The Black Mirror.) It will be very interesting to see if the viewing public can handle so many superhero related TV shows next season. You know what else would be interesting? Seeing if this Gordon show will turn out any better than FOX’s shite Marvel films. [Deadline]

Books – In the wild and wacky country known as the United States of America, the strangest book to be banned in 2012 was Captain Underpantsone of my favourite children’s books. This series got me interested in reading and comics. If you’ve never read them for yourself, the CU books are a cross between comics and children’s novel. The reason for it to be placed on the BAN list? “Offensive language and unsuited for age group.” In general, I neither agree not understand banning books. People need to grow up and learn to chillax. [io9]

Memorabilia/Props – With one of the best TV shows in recent history ending, Breaking Bad is auctioning off over 200 props. The only strange thing about this news? Apparently, it’s all for-profit. I understand wanting to make some extra coin, but having none of the proceeds earmarked for some sort of charity (maybe an Albuquerque, New Mexico group helping keep kids off drugs?) seems a bit dick-ish. In the end, however, if I had the money– I would still bid on Hector Salamanca’s wheelchair… But the bell would have to be included. [Sourcefed]

Television – Speaking of Breaking Bad, Team CoCo had the entire cast on Conan O’Brien’s show to celebrate the upcoming final episode. There are a ton of videos in the link below– but this one stood out as the best. In classic Bryan Cranston fashion, he had to bring in a crazy fan letter and make people laugh. [Nerdist]

Collectibles – Why are Batman Black and White statues the only things DC Direct still seem to do really well? Let’s be blunt: Besides this Gary Frank inspired sculpt, DC’s collectibles division doesn’t produce much worth spending your– or more importantly, MY money on. Still, neat statue. [DC]

Apps – I bet you’ll go download the new Jarvis app (sorry PC chumps, it’s iOS-only) from Marvel just like I did– especially when you discover it’s FREE. It seems to do some things Siri can, but hey– where else can you have Jarvis as your alarm? I don’t know why I want this, but holy hell, the thought of it sounds ultra cool. Fingers crossed it isn’t completely terrible and the nerd in me doesn’t get too disappointed. [Marvel]

Collectibles – If you are anything like me and were a fan of Dragon Ball Z, you wanted a scouter. Well, if you are attending the New York Comic Con, you’ll have a chance to snag one since they will be a NYCC Exclusive. (Even though you could also procure them at SDCC this year, so exactly how exclusive is that?) I only know this– if these scouters could actually read my WANT level for them, they would read well over 9000. [Comics Alliance]


Television – In case you didn’t get your fill of Breaking Bad news, here’s some more: Fans of Saul rejoice! Your crazy, wacky (and oddly excellent) lawyer is getting a spinoff series. It’s a prequel, so his fate will be still up in the air whenever it ends. I have no idea what to expect from a show centered on the amazing Bob Odenkirk— comedy, black comedy… Drama with humorous tones? In any scenario, it will be fun to see Saul dealing with lowlife criminals– instead of constantly being Heisenberg’s Bitch. [Nerdist]

Film – Universal Pictures and film producer Brian Grazer have worked out a deal with the Steinbeck Estate to create a new version of Steinbeck’s seminal novel, East of Eden. Admittedly, I have not read this (or many other classic novels like I should) but there is one person attached to this project that will make me see this movie: My future wife Jennifer Lawrence. [Deadline]

Television – If you like Game of Thrones then you might get a kick out of seeing House Lannister invade (with no violence, natch) the downright vile and, even seedy-at-times, Sesame Street.

Comics – Damn! Dinosaurs in spacesuits! Sounds awesome, right? Well, BOOM! is launching a new title and a new imprint. The new series, Midas Flesh, comes from writer Ryan North (the Adventure Time comic) and will be published by BOOM! Box. I haven’t had a chance to give Adventure Time my full attention, but its popularity– and North teasing dinosaurs in space– makes my five-year-old self reappear and instantly want this comic. [Comics Alliance]

Film – Disney delays the release of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 until Summer 2016. The main reason appears to be they don’t want to rush the script from Jeff Nathanson. Even if this is true, someone at Disney has to be thinking how dumb it is put this sequel up against Avengers 2 and J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars. But they’re doing it anyway. [Deadline]

Video Games – When did mobile games become so awesome looking? Seriously, the graphics for the new Thor: The Dark World game looks pretty amazing for a smart phone app– even if the gameplay seems to ripoff a lot from Diablo 3 and its ilk. What’s really surprising: The OFFICIAL game for this looming blockbuster is appearing on an APP instead of a console? (Though I would guess there will be some kind of console version too.)

Film – More with Thor, as Marvel releases a new poster for Thor: The Dark World. I actually like this design, especially when I think back to almost all the other Marvel Entertainment posters that looked completely fake. While I still doubt Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman were in the same room for this photo shoot, I like seeing the two of them together. [Marvel]

Digital Manga – Viz Media is raising the price of their digital tankobon volumes from $4.99 to $6.99. The publisher claims the decision was, “… to keep up with the cost of gathering great digital manga…” and to compensate the artists fairly. If more of my money is actually going to the artists who create such amazing work, then I am all for it. But even then, I thought Viz’ digital manga prices were exactly where they should be– making me somewhat upset by the price hike. The change is set to take place on October 1. [Crunchy Roll]

Film/Documentary – A documentary from Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse) about the abandoned Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage Superman film is in the pipeline. The project was funded by Kickstarter and promises interviews from comic book heavyweights as Grant Morrison and Mark Waid. The doc makers also promise to explain what derailed the Burton movie. Definitely looks interesting (the documentary, NOT the actual Superman Lives film), and should be completed in 2014.

Film – Dinobots have been confirmed for Transformers 4… Like anyone really cares at this point. True story: The apathy I felt writing that last sentence almost killed me. [IGN]

Television – With Better Call Saul already in development at AMC, Vince Gilligan has set up another series at CBS called Battle Creek. A new police drama, BC has a 13 episode order for next season. And while it appears to be a buddy cop story– knowing Gilligan, there’s likely way more to the series than that. Let’s all hope the Emmy Award winning creator of Breaking Bad doesn’t start to spread himself too thin. [New York Times]

Anime – Japan’s number one film for the past eight weeks, The Wind Rises, is set to have a limited North American release… As the distributor seems intent on having Hayao Miyazaki’s new movie make run for the Oscars. Either way, The Wind Rises looks stunning. Enjoy the glorious eye candy… And you’re welcome. [Deadline]

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2 Responses to Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

  1. Insideman says:

    MTV Geek also closed its doors today. Raise your hand if you’re sad.

    Between them and IGN, I never saw more obnoxious photo watermarking. (I know a lot of sites steal photos without giving attribution but their watermarking was always too much.)

    In all the posts we have published at IMJ, I personally only branded one photo… And that was early on.

    EDIT: I’m tired. I should also add Entertainment Weekly to this list. THEY have the worst watermarks ever. So bad, I can see why every studio but Warner Bros (which owns the magazine) wants to take their first look photos elsewhere.

  2. Helmir says:

    Wow my God – what an awesome trailer! Thanks for such a share, I love Miyazaki! It would have been a shame for me to miss this trailer any longer 🙂

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