Who’s Getting What This Week?


Ian #1IAN #2Afterlife with Archie #1, Eternal Warrior #2, Multiple Warheads Down Fall, Nightwing #24

IAN MACMILLAN Who's Getting What? BannerAfterlife with Archie #1 looks like one of the coolest comic books ever. If you follow IMJ, then you know I’m the resident Archie Comics buff. I buy (and actually read) most everything they print (although even I have my limits in the Hardcover & Trade area– since the publisher seems to think every artist who ever drew more than 10 issues of any Archie comic is worth a pricey retrospective.) I’m an unapologetic official Archie Zombie… And now I have the perfect comic to celebrate my status! The variant cover with the Young Lady opening the door to Riverdale’s Zombie Elite (while only clad in a flimsy cover-up and her undies– see Jose’s latest Rate The Covers!™ post for a view), has to be one of the most unanticipated Archie comic book covers in history. IMJ Favorite™ Francesco Francavilla is on art… And his gorgeous work is more than enough to make this comic a best buy too!

Eternal Warrior #2 also looks like an interesting adventure. The “new” Valiant seems dedicated to maintaining a high standard of graphic fiction for their entire line… And they also tend to bring out the best in many of the “name” creators they hire as well. Wow… A comic book publisher paying attention to quality? Besides Image, that’s a rare bird these days. For the record, I am completely ignoring the bold praise coming from Newsarama and Comic Vine splashed across the lower left hand corner of the comic’s cover. With homogenous commentary like that– I’ll make up my own mind, thanks.

What can I say about Brandon Graham that I (or Locusmortis) haven’t already said? The answer is pretty much summed up in one word: “Nothing”. Graham is one of the most creative talents in comics today. But please note: Multiple Warheads – Down Fall is a reprint. If you’re already a fan (and if you aren’t, you should be), be sure to check this link to make certain you don’t already own the stories in this collection. (I love the guy, but I don’t need to buy anything twice– especially with The Complete Multiple Warheads trade scheduled to be released in December.)

Finally… Nightwing #24. I know this choice looks very strange– especially when you consider I haven’t hidden the fact that I think most of DC’s New 52 comics are worthy of the shit pile. Against my better judgment, I am still fascinated by DC’s insistence to be just like Marvel Comics… Which includes (unfortunately) their seeming intent to copy all of the stupid stuff Marvel has published in the last 10 years (or so) too. Call this comic my Train Wreck Pick of the Week™. I’m morbidly curious to see just how the recent revelation in DC’s beyond mediocre Forever Evil crossover affects Dick Grayson… Since we all know how the same “superhero outing” (in the equally worthless Marvel Civil War crossover) poorly impacted Peter Parker– and adversely affected almost every Spider-Man comic book that’s seen print since.

Getting What? Red Break

J #1J #2Afterlife with Archie #1, Rocket Girl #1, Shaolin Cowboy #1, Superman/Wonder Woman #1

JOSE MELENDEZ Who's Getting What? Banner

Is it possible to be a fan of comic books and NOT want to read Afterlife with Archie #1? Not only is it an Archie ZOMBIE Comic with a TEEN rating, but it is also drawn by Francesco Francavilla— whose often dark and moody artwork seems to be a perfect fit. I can’t remember the last time a comic came out whose premise and existence completely blew my mind in the best way possible. I find it fairly humorous that Archie Comics has created a comic I want to read the hell out of– when Marvel and DC can’t even get me to look in their general direction with their mostly shit offerings.

I’ll be picking up Rocket Girl #1 for 2 reasons: I’m a fan of Amy Reeder’s art and I want to support her work after DC unceremoniously booted her off Batwoman. (You know, kind of how they recently did to J.H. Williams too.) I have also decided to drop Batwoman from my pull list and replace it with Rocket Girl. I wonder if this will raise any eyebrows over at DC Comics? Spoiler: It won’t. DC doesn’t seem to give two shits what any fan wants.

This week also sees the return of Geoff Darrow and his (hopefully monthly) Shaolin Cowboy. It always pleases me when a veteran of the comic industry comes back and shows all of the “Young Guns”, “Architects” and “The Grim n’ Gritty New 52ers” just how fun and amazing the world of sequential art can be. I know… Comics being fun? What a novel idea.

So if quality comics are my raison d’être, what’s Superman/Wonder Woman #1 doing on my list this week? It’s quite simple. I want to read it firsthand– to see just how terribly awful it will be. I understand this comic has a chance to be completely average (instead of sucking hard) and I’m willing to take that chance because I love and support Wonder Woman as a character and an idea. If anything, I know the art won’t let me down in the sucking/awful department.

What Are YOU Getting This Week?!

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17 Responses to Who’s Getting What This Week?

  1. venom829bane says:

    Batman #24
    Forever evil: Arkham war #1
    Yes I’m reading forever evil, it’s a guilty pleasure… /:
    Jose and Ian you guys can call me out on it of you want lol and Ian if you want to see how forever evil affects nightwing then wait til #26 cause that’s when the book begins it’s tie in with the big crossover

    • Insideman says:

      I’m just preparing myself for the inevitable with the Nightwing comic.

      Also– you’ve been away for a while, Venom… But we’ve made it perfectly clear to everyone that we appreciate ALL points of view here. This written portion of this column is about what WE are buying. The comments section is for what YOU are buying.

      In truth, neither Jose nor I would condemn anyone for buying any comic book. Please feel free to list ALL the books you are buying. NO ONE is going to berate you (or anyone else) for their picks here. If you’re enjoying a book, that’s all that matters.

      We’re just pointing out the comics we consider quality every week… And, as always, our opinions are our own– and not meant to be the ONLY opinion, or even the majority opinion. 😀

  2. NicktheStick says:

    Small week last week. Another small week this week – I could get used to spending under $10 a week on comics.

    Peter Panzerfaust

  3. Batman
    Cryptozoic Man (I love TESD podcast)
    Manhattan Projects
    Peter Panzerfaust
    Walking Dead

  4. Chew #37
    Rocket Girl #1
    Shaolin Cowboy #1
    Star Wars #10
    Three #1
    Walking Dead #115

    I’m really sad that no Marvel comic out this week is screaming at me to buy it. A big part of it is because I know that if I wait a while I’ll be able to find comics that kind of interest me (there are many) in bargain bins and at HPB for cheap. Actually, I’m not sure any Marvel comic really intrigues me enough to buy it the day it comes out… Tis a sad day for the 7-year old me who loved nothing but Marvel.


    Batman #24 (Not sure if I want to pay $7 for this. I know it’s triple sized or whatever, but the previous issue was so mediocre I don’t know if I want to keep buying Batman).

    Coffin Hill #1 (New Vertigo series, why not. I liked Hinterkind and Trillium, so hopefully this will be good as well)

  5. J. says:

    I am saddened by the lack of Afterlife with Archie #1 on peoples list this week. 😦

  6. Locusmortis says:

    Hmmmm not often I’d pick a quote from a certain shitheap of a rumour comics site but this piqued my interest.

    “That’s not the only garbage Marvel is pulling. All those re-issued Oversized Omnibus HC of Steve Ditko’s Amazing Spider-man, The Uncanny X-Men, Jack Kirby’s Thor, Frank Miller’s Daredevil are on much less substantial/resilient paper. These books are considerably less heavy than their first printings. The pages are much much thinner than they used to be. But guess what? MARVEL is still charging you the same amount ($100) for a much cheaper and shittier product.”

    As I’m still boycotting Marvel I won’t be getting any of these but I’d be interested in Ian’s POV if he’s gotten any. I’d like to know if Marvel really are “nickel and diming” customers willing to pay $100+ for an omnibus.

    • Insideman says:

      Any idea when this started, Locusmortis?

      I have all the originals of those omnibi… But I can certainly compare it to something like the Busiek Iron Man omnibus that recently shipped. I have to get two with comparable page counts and weigh them.

      We all know I have a scale. 😉

      • Locusmortis says:

        That was the first I’d heard about it but from those books it looks like it must be within the last 3 months or so.

        I thought there might have been one of those that you didn’t have 😛 And could give us an opinion, all in the cause of consumer research of course haha

        • Insideman says:

          OK, I went back and checked and I do NOT have Jack Kirby’s Thor (which is weird, since I know for certain I own every Kirby DC Omnibus… Maybe you’re rubbing off on me?) and I DON’T have the Frank Miller Daredevil Omnibus. Seems the confusion came because I have Simonson’s Thor Omnibus and the IDW David Mazzucchelli Daredevil Born Again Artist’s Edition.

          This, unfortunately, isn’t unusual. I saw the Tomb of Dracula Vol 3 Omnibus on sale the other day and I thought, “Waitaminnit?! There’s THREE of them?” I almost bought it until I thought I better check… So I walked back into the fun room and saw all 3 volumes sitting on a bottom shelf. 😉

          Anyway, you know this kind of crap intrigues me. And I think the comparison can still be made between an old omnibus and a newer one with the same essential page count.

          Marvel will, of course, argue that they shouldn’t be “blamed” or criticized for utilizing new print technologies that use less paper and less fuel to ship around the world… And that would all be true.

          But the question remains: If this is true, why isn’t Marvel knocking $25 to $40 off the price– passing their savings along to the fans? I think we all know the answer to that question.

  7. wwayne says:

    X # 6
    And I do suggest you to read it too, because it’s a marvellous series.

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