Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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TV Cancellation + Community Return – Give points to NBC for canceling “new” series IronsidePrimarily because the show (and the character) were nothing more than a watered down rip-off of Idris Elba’s fantastic UK psychological drama/cop series Luther. Now take points away from NBC for planning to run back-to-back episodes of Community’s Fifth Season starting January 2nd… Which is, seriously, one of worst times to start any new season of any TV series. If the network really wants to bury the return of Dan Harmon’s baby, why not just run them all during a Christmas Day marathon? Expect your friends to ask, “Wait? Community already started?” when you tell them you watched 2 new episodes of the show on 1.2.14. [Variety]

Breaking Bad – Remember the Breaking Bad Auction I mentioned here a few weeks ago? Well, bidding is now over and the props sold for prices ranging anywhere from $40 to $65,000! Topping the charts is Walter’s inscribed copy of Leaves of Grass ($65,000), followed by Hector Salamanca’s infamous Bell ($26,750). But my favourite of the bunch– not because of the actual item, but because it placed higher than Jessie Pinkman’s Monte Carlo ($8,600)– are Walter White’s briefs. They sold for a whopping $9,900. That’s quite a bit of scratch for a pair of tighty whities! [Screen Bid]

Comics – I have always been interested in the Artist Editions that make their way onto the scene, but have never pulled the trigger on any. It could be because of the ridiculous cover prices, but who knows? Now IDW is releasing 4 new editions: Jack Kirby’s New Gods Artist’s Edition, two Jim Steranko Marvel Artist’s Editions and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen Artifact Edition. The Gibbons and Kirby books obviously look great, but my absolute fave is Steranko’s Nick Fury. (Wonder why?) [Comics Alliance]


Table Top Games – Not only will fans of  Joss Whedon’s Firefly get a new comic book soon, but they’re also getting a new board game. I love board games. Unfortunately for me, my friends don’t share my fondness of these table top beauties. I’m more of a classic table topper (Monopoly, Clue, Risk, Hungry Hungry Hippos and the like) but I would really love to give this a try. Now if only I could find some way cooler friends… [Geeks Are Sexy]

Awesome Customer Service – Entertainment Streaming service Netflix just got better– and nerdier. Click the link to read an awesome geek-infused customer service conversation. [Geekologie]

Marvel – With DC announcing 3 new television series, I was already concerned comic book projects might quickly oversaturate our entertainment choices. Now I’ve got even more cause for concern– as Marvel is prepping 4 new shows and a mini-series for VOD. (The projects’ subjects are still tightly kept secrets.) Don’t get me wrong, I love that superheroes have become more widely accepted… But if too many genre shows hit at once, this trend will quickly look like a fad. Plus, Jeph Loeb is running Marvel’s TV division– so you know some of these are doomed to be craptastic.  [Deadline]

More Breaking Bad Awesomeness – You’re all probably sick and tired of Ian and I continuously talking about Breaking Bad, but when Sir Anthony Hopkins decides to write a letter to Bryan Cranston claiming, “…Walter White was the best acting [he’d] seen ever”– that’s news. Read Sir Anthony’s awesome fan letter by clicking the link. [/Film]

Collectibles – Instead of me continually raging about the lack of quality found in most of DC Direct’s statues and toys, I’m going to show you the one I actually like from DC’s January solicitations. No shock that it’s based on the amazing Greg Capullo Riddler design. By the way, the majority of their other collectible solicitations still look like shit. (Sorry, I just had to say it.) [Comics Alliance]


Comics – The Miracleman/Marvelman saga just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Now that Marvel has announced they are going back to print with the legendary comics, there was some speculation the Alan Moore issues would not be included in the reprints. Anyone concerned with this issue can ease off the ledge– as it’s been confirmed Miracleman will reprint with Issue #1. [Marvel]

Toys/Entertainment – Mattel has decided to go the way of Marvel Comics and take control of its Film & TV properties. Similar to Marvel Entertainment, Mattel has created Playground Productions. The new company will shepherd such brands as Barbie, Hot Wheels and He-Man for Films, TV, Web Series, Direct-To-Video titles, Books, Music, Live Events and Video Games. Moving all development in-house could be an extremely profitable move, but it also has the potential for danger– or bankruptcy. (See Lego around 2004). [Variety]

Film – More Superhero Movie Rumour Mill goodness hits the pipeline as Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie attempts to nail down a lead actor… With both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd up for the role. Personally, I love JGL… But I also think Rudd would be a really interesting choice too. (There’s even wild talk that both actors will appear– Rudd as the original Ant Maestro, Henry Pym and Gordon-Levitt recreating “Ant-Man 2” Scott Lang.) If you could only pick one, who would you pick? [Nerdist]

Halloween Fun – Frightening people on television just isn’t enough for The Walking Dead… As Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Enterainment and Universal Studios Theme Parks have once again partnered to create mazes for Uni’s Halloween Horror Nights. TWD zombie veteran Greg Nicotero gives the whole enterprise his ghouly approval… So if you want to get scared shitless (Ian’s going!), head to Universal Studios Hollywood (or Orlando) to roam recreations of the show’s walker-filled prison. [Variety]

Video Games – The first Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Trailer is here. Regular readers know I am not an avid player, so I’m usually out of the loop when it comes to new video games. However, I do know enough about the industry to remember the first two Kingdom of Hearts games are much beloved. So fans… Does this new trailer excite you?

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