Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Film – J.J. Abrams and Empire Strikes Back co-writer Lawrence Kasdan are taking over the screenwriting duties for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII film.  Bringing Kasdan on board to directly influence the script is a step in the right direction for this next set of Star Wars movies. And say what you will about Abrams, but the man’s writing is nowhere near as terrible as the stuff Lucas has spit out lately. Consider my hopes raised. [Deadline]

Collectibles – I don’t know what it is about seeing characters with abnormally large heads that makes me like them more– but, happily, it does. Here are some great new Iron Man collectibles I would love to get– but unfortunately I can’t– since I find it impossible to afford everything. Plus I’m planning on buying some sweet new Doctor Who figs (see below) in the near future. [Hot Toys]

Iron Man

Television – Even more comics may hit TV, as comic book publisher IDW creates IDW Entertainment with the specific focus to develop many of their properties for TV– with the company’s direct involvement. (Does this mean we will finally see a Locke & Key TV series on HBO or Showtime… Even Starz?) While superheroes are in danger of becoming overexposed on television, fans might really enjoy some of the more independent and original properties in IDW’s portfolio. [IDW]

Comics – It’s obvious now that other Disney divisions can’t help but meddle with Marvel Comics’ core business– as word comes the publisher is now developing a graphic novel trilogy based on Disneyland’s Space Mountain. (The odd thing: This GN series will not appear under Marvel’s newly announced Disney Kingdom imprint– but the often dormant Disney Comics banner.) IMJ Favourite™ Bryan Q. Miller will write the books… So even though the premise doesn’t appear to be overly interesting (it is based on a theme park ride after all), with Miller writing– we could end up with a worthwhile comic for kids and adults alike. See Miller’s extraordinary run on Batgirl for several examples of this. [Robot 6]

Film – I loved Beetlejuice as a kid– both the movie and the cartoon– so I’m excited to hear that Tim Burton is actually considering directing a sequel. It’s not his next film for sure, but he doesn’t appear opposed to the idea either. (Michael Keaton will return as the lead character as well.) With the TV & Film industries cannibalizing each other with incessant remakes of each others’ old product– seemingly afraid to make anything new (Gravity excepted)– this is one project I wouldn’t mind screaming Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! three times to make happen. [IndieWire]

Collectibles – Now here are some collectibles I am spending my money on. These Doctor Who vinyl blind box figures from Titan Entertainment are amazingly addicting! So far I’ve spent way too much money on Series 2… And Series 3 looks to be just as awesome. The new set will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Doctor… So now you can collect all 11 Doctors from the last 50 years. I know I will! [Tomopop]

Doc Who

Television – Finally! BBC’s Sherlock has a Series 3 US release date! The show will return on January 19th at 10:00pm on PBS. I can’t accurately describe how excited I am to hear this news. I don’t re-watch shows very often (anymore) but Sherlock episodes have infinite re-watch value– especially The Reichenbach Fall. (Seriously… How did Sherlock do it?) Not only does Steven Moffat create an immensely compelling show, the acting from Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is incredible. I’ll stop gushing now. January cannot come quick enough. [The Mary Sue]

Film – Monuments Men has unfortunately been delayed until 2014. Star George Clooney states there wasn’t enough time for proper special effects work. I’m glad they’re taking their time and making the film look good… Even though I am a bit disappointed because I was excited to see this movie. Guess I’ll just have to wait a bit longer. [iwatchstuff]

Collectibles – There are way too many toys, figures and statues I want now… With this one near the top of my list. Rei is one of my favourite characters from Evangelion and this figure looks outstanding… Though it is a little pricey at 18,000 yen (~$185 US). [Crunchy Roll]


Netflix – With Netflix’s original content capturing tons of viewers, they are thinking about venturing into movies– doubling their spending on new stuff for 2014. House of Cards was incredibly good, so I want them to keep focusing on new series… But honestly? I don’t use Netflix to watch movies very often. Still, you never know– if they can get the likes of David Fincher to direct a movie for them, all bets are off. [Variety]

Comics – The outstanding Daredevil from Mark Waid and Chris Samnee is finishing up with Issue #36… And not knowing the exact reason why this comic is ending is maddening to me. Maybe Waid and/or Samnee is leaving– or it’s just another gimmick so Marvel can print another #1 with the same team for the “new” Marvel Now comics coming in 2014. My guess is the latter, but it will be a truly sad day if it is the former. Until I know for certain, all I can do is speculate– and dislike Marvel just a little more. (Don’t really know if that’s even possible at this point.) [Comics Alliance]

Film – Bane actor Tom Hardy has decided to play Elton John in the new movie biopic, Rocketman. I enjoy Elton’s vast archive of great music, but I’m more curious to see what fanatic fan and IMJ co-founder Ian MacMillan has to say about this… [/film]

Pokemon – Here is a cool video of what a first person Pokemon battle might look like– and you know what? This “fake” FPS Pokemon already looks a hundred times better than that Call of Duty shit that gets pumped out on a yearly basis.

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6 Responses to Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

  1. Red Tash says:

    I wonder if I can watch PBS via my Roku. Looking forward to more Sherlock!

    Did you like Orange is the New Black?

    • Insideman says:

      I liked Orange is the New Black. Then again, I watched WEEDS until the bitter end (and the last episode of that show was one of the worst season finales ever)… So I like the creator of OITNB. I have finished all of the first season… but I’ve liked most of the eps I have seen so far.

    • NicktheStick says:

      I also liked Orange is the New Black. I think the season one finale was a little weak. However, I will still watch season two whenever it is release.

      Netflix has done a pretty good job with their original content so far. Can’t wait for House of Cards to return and anything else they have in the future.

  2. Insideman says:

    Per Tom Hardy thing for the Elton John biopic. He’s definitely a great choice. He’ll do it up right. Considering there was some talk of Elton being played by Justin Timberlake (and JT even went so far as to do an EJ impression during his last SNL hosting gig)… Tom Hardy sounds like a godsend.

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