Insideman’s Piece of Mind™ – The GameStop Black Friday Ad!

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GameStop Black Friday Ad

This ad might be the single biggest argument AGAINST buying a new Next Gen console this year!

Xbox 360 Bundle with both Halo 4 and Tomb Raider Downloadable Token
or a
Playstation 3 with both The Last of Us and Batman Arkham Origins

Either system (plus the games) for just $199.99?!

Sure, all these games and consoles will be on sale at various places throughout the Holiday Season… But right now the Xbox 360’s Halo 4 & Tomb Raider (the game, not a download token) will set you back at least $43+ and The Last of Us and Batman – Arkham Origins for the PS3 are currently pricing out at $103+ for the pair.

No shock the PS3 is the better of these two deals… But both are priced nice– especially if you don’t own either of the video games in the PS3 bundle… For an extra $95 you can own a “back up” Playstation 3!

Food for thought, at least.

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