Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Comics – Artist Sean Murphy has a Kickstarter project!? Sign me up… Literally! (I just made a pledge to this awesome campaign before I wrote this.) Murphy is taking on 6 interns to learn the craft from one of comic’s best– and they will all contribute to the story Café Racer written by Murphy. There are some great swag items you can receive for donating– such as copies of the book, t-shirts and original pages of art. If you have $5,000 lying around you don’t know what to do with, you can even name the school Sean is creating! [Kickstarter]

Marvel – Marvel Studios has a new logo. It’s set to appear in front of all of their new Movies– and TV’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I really don’t see much of a difference– but to be fair, there are some changes. They did keep the original “page flip” motion intact, which makes sense since it’s a good one. Overall it’s a slightly fresh take on something widely synonymous with the company and the quality of their movies. [Superhero Hype]

Artist Spotlight – What can I say about comic book artist Ryan Ottley that hasn’t already been said on IMJ? He’s my favorite, period. I recently discovered he’s been spending some time over at THE BOG— a blog he shares with artist James Harren. You can also check out Ottley’s fantastic art at his Deviantart Page. But me? I prefer to watch him create magic. I recently stumbled onto 2 time-lapsed videos of Ottley drawing– and they’re great! The video below is my favourite because of how he goes back and changes a character’s head until it’s perfect. Anyways, I’ll stop yammering and let you enjoy the wonder that is Ryan Ottley’s talent:

Television – Syfy (still hate that spelling) is developing a Beowulf series. The character is the lead in one of the first hero stories ever written… And it’s sad the poem’s modern day adaptations haven’t turned out that great. I doubt SyFy’s attempt will be any better, but I’d also be happy to be proven wrong. [/Film]

Blockbuster – As I mentioned last week, Blockbuster has closed all its corporate stores. The final person to ever rent something from a (non-franchise) Blockbuster decided to rent, very fittingly, This is the End. These types of real-life moments can’t be planned… Unless, of course, this was all just a publicity stunt. [I Watch Stuff]

Comics – It’s awesome to see an indie comic title kick mainstream comic ass. The estimated sales for the #1 selling comic in October? Walking Dead #115 at 310,584 copies. That’s 185,932 more than the second place finisher, Batman #24. It’s still a shame to learn Robert Kirkman’s best comic, Invincible, only sells 13,961 copies a month… But it’s no surprise to find a majority of fanboys still have absolutely no taste.  [ICv2]

Board Games – Zombie lovers and classic board game enthusiasts will be excited to hear Walking Dead Monopoly is about to debut. (At this moment, it’s almost harder to find the original version of the game than all these variations.) Maybe I’m an elitist but I just don’t get the fuss over these Monopoly redos… Or maybe I’m just too much of a nerd and I don’t want things to change. Either way, I’ll always prefer to go after Park Place and Boardwalk… Even though I continue to think the secret to success in the game revolves around owning property near Baltic Avenue. [The Mary Sue]

Collectables – The one thing you know is actually going to be good from DC Direct? Their Batman Black and White Statues. This Bruce Timm designed Harley Quinn would sure look great next to my Frank Quietly Batman. Now I just need to find a Joker statue I like too… [Tomopop]

Harley BW

Film – Mission Impossible 5 is setting out to do the impossible. The release date of MI5 is Christmas Day, 2015– only a week after Star Wars Episode VII hits theaters. The 4th installment of the spy movie franchise, Ghost Protocol, was much better than the previous 2 sequels… So I’m not opposed to watching another one. But going up against the juggernaut that is Star Wars is like a single X-Wing Fighter going up against the Death Star without the help of midichlorians. [Collider]

Television – Writer Robert Kirkman is basically just printing money at this point. TV rights to his new comic Outcast (set to be released sometime in early 2014), have already been acquired by Cinemax and Fox International. [Deadline]

Comics – I enjoyed a majority of Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four run– even if it did get stale near the end. The one issue of Matt Fraction’s I reviewed for IMJ was good too but I really want a FF comic that I can sink my teeth into, devour and call my own. Marvel’s Greatest Family series is set to re-launch in February, with James Robinson writing and Leonard Kirk on art. Maybe, finally, this will be the creative team for me. [Comics Alliance]

Television – I don’t know how I feel about having Twilight scripter Melissa Rosenberg as writer and executive producer of Marvel’s Jessica Jones Netflix series. The Twilight movies were awful (yes, I watched them) but Rosenberg wasn’t given much to work with. However, she did write and produce Dexter during seasons 1-4, so there is potential. [Collider, /Film]

Anime – IMJ Favorite™ Knights of Sidonia, gets a second English subtitled trailer. Tsutomu Nihei’s style is a little different than most manga and it’s a real treat to see his work translated so well in this teaser. There’s no visual of the Gauna yet but this still looks amazing. The anime will air in 2014. [Anime News Network]

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