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Comics to Film – Fanboys can get as grumpy as they want about certain comic book inspired films, but I dare anyone to lay on the snark here. Warner Bros just announced Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips‘ comic book Sleeper is on the development fast track. Now produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, the new film script will be written by Shawn (FX’s The Shield) Ryan and David Weiner (TV’s Last Resort and The Killing.) A little birdie told me Sleeper is one of Ian’s favorite Brubaker/Phillips comics (he owns all singles, the Trades AND the Omnibus)… So I figure even he’s pretty happy today. [Variety]

Film – Get ready to swallow the following with a big grain of salt: Rumours are flying about Star Wars casting, and the mill is going all wibbily-wobbily over the 11th Doctor Who, Matt Smith, apparently (possibly?) meeting with J.J. Abrams for an Episode VII role. If this does happen, I don’t know how much I can suspend my disbelief. Will I sit in a theater waiting for a TARDIS to drop from the sky… Or think a lightsaber is just an over-compensation for a sonic screwdriver? I guess time will tell. [Indie Wire]

Anime – The second Ghost in the Shell: Arise OVA/Film sees release in Japan theaters on November 30th– followed by a Blu-ray around Christmastime. The first 9 minutes of Gits: Arise Border 2 has been uploaded onto the Net for your viewing pleasure. If you’d like to watch it with English subtitles, just press the “CC” button on the video link below:


Doctor Who – Speaking of Doctor Who, another previously unannounced Doctor is making an appearance in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. In a recent interview Tom Baker said he’s in it, adding, “I’m not supposed to tell you that, but I tell you that very willingly and specifically; the BBC told me not to tell anybody, but I’m telling you straightaway.” Haha. Cool. It’s release is sooo close! Well, it airs tomorrow actually (or whenever– if you’re a Time Lord.) [io9]

Collectibles – When the character Darcy Lewis (played by Kat Dennings) referred to Mjolnir as “Mew Mew” in the first Thor film, it was inevitable this product would eventually exist. Now you can purchase plush versions of Mew-Mew Mjolnir to cuddle with on those long, lonely winter nights… Or you could buy it as a cool Holiday gift for someone else. Or both. [Laughing Squid]

Mew Mew

Television – Acclaimed Director/Writer Frank Darabont still has (rightfully so) bitter feelings about getting unceremoniously drop-kicked from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Darabont called AMC execs “sociopaths” and “related his not viewing TWD since his departure as going to an ex-girlfriend’s wedding”. God bless you, Frank. While it sucks Darabont was booted from the zombie show, I think I’m more excited for his new television mini-series Mob City. The trailer looks awesome and its dense viewing experience (6 episodes in 3 weeks!) could be just the thing to make us (and Darabont) forget all about The Walking Dead fiasco. [Variety]

Collectibles – Dude, Funko has come through again– making some great Big Lebowski Pop! Figures. While some Film/TV characters translate to vinyl better than others, these are fantastic. [Tomopop]


Film – Director Edgar Wright keeps talking about wanting to make Ant-Man a badass. I get the sense he’s joking somewhat but does want to show everyone this is a character they can get behind and enjoy. Many people might hear about his powers and think, “Really?”… But I think anyone currently loving on the Marvel films will be along for the ride. I love my C and D List characters (Ant-Man being one of my faves)– as they are more likely to surprise you with amazing tales. [/Film]

Video Games – Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has released a ‘special effects trailer’ focusing on the characters appearing in the game– while showcasing the many outfits the main character, Lightning, will be able to change into during battle. I’m getting a Final Fantasy X-2 “Dress Spheres” vibe from all the costume changes, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. At all.


Television – I may lose me some of my nerd cred admitting this, but I didn’t know Talia al Ghul had a sister. Anyways, Nyssa al Ghul will be making an appearance this season on the CW’s Arrow— with the character played by Katrina Law. Even though I’m not familiar with Nyssa, I’ve really been enjoying Arrow’s League of Assassins storyline. Lately, it seems this show can do no wrong. [The Mary Sue]

Film – OMG! OMG! OMG! I can’t wait for Muppets Most Wanted to come out. I thought I was excited for the film when I saw the poster a few weeks ago, but this trailer increases my Want to Watch Factor tenfold!


Film – A Roger Ebert documentary titled Life Itself needs some additional funds to finish post-production… So the principals started an Indiegogo campaign, aiming for a 2014 release. Whenever At the Movies came on when I was a kid, I actually stopped and watched. I loved hearing Ebert’s opinions– whether I agreed with his reviews or not. Feel like contributing? Click HERE. [Collider]

Coolest Thing Ever!? – I love Bob Dylan. I can’t count the (many) times a Dylan song has fit a specific point in my life– whether it was during a lazy Sunday afternoon drive, a party or whatever. His music has emotional relevance to me. So when one of my friends showed me a Dylan interactive music video (one of the greatest things I’ve seen in a long time)– I felt the obligation to share it with everyone. This is such a cool idea (and has infinite re-watch value)… So I bet you’ll love it just as much as I do– if you click the link. [Bob Dylan]

Collectibles – In honor of PlayStations 3’s Uncharted 3– Drake’s Deception 2nd Anniversary, figure/statue maker Sideshow Collectibles is releasing a 1/6th Scale Nathan Drake doll action figure… Perfect for recreating some of the more  kinda repetitive magical moments in the game. The figure goes for a wallet crushing $159.99 USD… But since it doesn’t talk– and Drake is better known for his quips than his poseability– I’m most likely taking a pass. (Even if the pic does make me salivate.) [Sideshow]


Television – Recently announced IDW Entertainment is attempting to make a TV series based off Pantheon. IDWE has yet to prove themselves (they are brand new)… But look at it this way– they haven’t flopped yet either. [Superhero Hype]

Video Games – Bad news America (but more importantly, bad news for me)! The PlayStation 3 HD Remaster rerelease of Final Fantasy X/X-2 is pushed back until March 18, 2014. While this news does make me angry enough to punch a Moogle, I am a bit happy I can hold off on getting a Playstation 4 until I finish beating these games… Or until the release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes… You know, whichever comes first. [Joystiq]

Anime – Neon Genesis Evangelion manga artist and character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto has created an Akira tribute cover for the new issue of Anime Busience  magazine. I was looking for a way to post this cover on IMJ, and this seems like the perfect opportunity. Please enjoy.  [Crunchyroll]

Sadamoto Akira

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