Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Doctor Who Records – Last Saturday and Monday, The Day of the Doctor Anniversary Special beat out Hunger Games for the highest dollar take per movie theater– grossing a massive $10.2 million globally in just two days. Fathom Events (the company who hosted the event) experienced even more record-breaking numbers– selling 175,000+ tickets from presales alone. To summarize: Whovians rock! [Deadline, Superhero Hype, THR]

Television – Now that The Day of the Doctor has come and gone, time to focus on the Doctor Who Christmas Special – The Time of the Doctor. I know a 10 second teaser isn’t much to chew on– but it’s better than nothing.


Collectors Editions – The 25th Anniversary of Mystery Science Theater 3000 collector’s edition is here. This immediately goes into the ME WANT NOW! pile. A friend introduced me to MST3K when I was in high school And while he didn’t have many of the episodes/films, we watched them for hours and it really changed/grew my sense of humor. I’m grateful for that and want to share the experience with others. [Amazon]

Comics – Mark Waid’s Daredevil fans can relax a little, as both he and Chris Samnee will remain on the comic for the re-launch next year. The “new” book releases in March, as Matt Murdock moves to San Francisco. Marvel wanted to re-number the comic earlier, but the sales gimmick didn’t make much sense in the middle of a story. So Marvel agreed to let Waid and Samnee complete their current arc before (once again) screwing with the numbering (and collectors). Marvel actually working with their creators? Could this be a sign of changes to come… Or is it just Waid specific? [Comics Alliance]

Television – Nice! Orphan Black Season 2 gets an official release date. I fell in love with this show (and star Tatiana Maslany) after Ian emphatically touted it early on during an IMJ Nation™ Podcast. I can’t wait to see what the tense events in last season’s finale have wrought for Maslany (and her many clones). If you haven’t given this fantastic show a chance yet, do yourself a huge favor and get caught up before April 19, 2014. Even though a couple of teaser trailers don’t really showcase any new footage, I’ll happily admit they still got me very excited! [/Film]


Perfume – Perfume in Odds & Ends you ask? Well, when it is George Takei’s scent and it’s named Eau MyHow could I resist? [The Mary Sue]

Collectibles – I’ve posted bits & pics about Hot Toys’ cool new Iron Man, Thor and Captain America action figures… And now the pesky Chitauri have finally made their way into the amazing lineup. All I can say is, “It’s about time!” These heroes sorely need a Big Bad to beat up. [Hot Toys]

HT Chitauri

Music – There aren’t too many country music bands I like anymore– since many of them just don’t sound authentic. That said, I still enjoy a good Zac Brown Band tune. Now I discover Dave Grohl has invaded their studio sessions. Even though the head Foo Fighter isn’t the least bit country, he is a musical genius– and I’m a rung or two above excited to hear this news. A four song EP will see release December 10th on iTunes… So I know what I’ll be buying and listening to first thing that morning. [THR]

Comics – How many Warren Ellis fans are out there? (I hear your numbers are legion.) Question is: Will you be happy to see his version of Moon Knightsupposedly focusing on “Weird Crime” stories? One of my nerd faux pas is that I’ve never read any of Ellis’ work– so come March I’ll finally get to see what all the fuss is about. [Marvel]

Collectibles – I don’t know what it is about Dragon Ball Z that keeps me coming back and opening my wallet. Hell, I don’t even watch any version of the show anymore– but for some reason I still love to see new figures hit the shelves. This Super Saiyan Vegeta looks awesome. I usually hate fake energy beams protruding from statues, but it is quite nicely suited for this Vegeta fig. And for $34.99, it’s a good price too. [Tomopop]


Manga – A little update to the Crunchyroll Manga news I wrote about a few weeks ago: They now have an app available for the iPad. Looking at some of the comments, there was already an app you could download, but it was the iPhone version. This new one should work better for tablet lovers. I really enjoy reading manga on my tab… Which reminds me– I need to catch up on some! [Crunchyroll]

Television – Okay, one more thing before I go read… BBC’s Sherlock finally gets a teaser trailer! I’ll just shut up and let you watch.

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  1. tomstewdevine says:

    Nick you reeeeeaaallllly need to pick up Planetary.

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