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Film – There’s a craze surrounding The Fifth Beatle graphic novel– chronicling the life and career of Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein. To top off the hype, Peyton Reed (Bring It On and Yes Man) is already on board to direct the film adaptation of the hardcover. This makes me think I should go buy the graphic novel pronto… Or if any friends or family members are reading this– it would, you know, make a great Christmas gift… [The Hollywood Reporter]

Comics – Another musician is making their way into the comic world. (At this rate it might be easier to make it as a musician and then transfer into comics– if that’s your ultimate goal.) Pixies singer Black Francis is co-writing a graphic novel called The Good Inn with Josh Frank. (There’s a very odd description for the book online too.) I don’t listen to the Pixies, but I’m willing to give anything a try once. The graphic novel is set for release sometime in May of next year in the UK. [Comics Alliance]

Television – With many cool news bits being released this week, Christmas feels like it’s coming early this year. I still can’t believe how excited I get whenever I see someone mention the new season of Sherlock. We got a trailer last week– and to tide us over until the January premiere, we’ve now got new promotional/set photos! [Nerdist]

Sherlock S3-1

Film – Leonardo DiCaprio is trying to film a biopic of Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson… But there’s a major hurdle. Watterson is well known for guarding his privacy and still holds all the rights to his creations. “Will he or won’t he?” is the big question now. [Screen Crush]

Netflix – Another early Christmas present… As the fantastic series House of Cards gets a Season Two release date on Netflix. I’m going to treat myself on Valentine’s Day by binge viewing my way through the new episodes. The first season was incredible– and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. [I Watch Stuff]

Television – BBC must really think we’ve been good little Geek Boys and Girls this year… As Sherlock and Doctor Who Christmas Special news keeps pouring out simultaneously. Naturally, my posting photos for one series means I must post photos for the other. I will be sad to see Matt Smith leave the Tardis, but I’m also really excited to see what Peter Capaldi will bring to the show. [io9]


Film – Call me clueless, but I didn’t even know a Warcraft movie was in the works. Now comes news that several actors have been cast, including Ben Foster (The Messenger), Toby Kebbel (Wrath of the Titans) and Rob Kazinsky (Pacific Rim). I really liked Kazinsky’s performance in Pacific Rim and it sounds as if others are very fond of the remaining actors… So this could shape up to be one well-acted action film. All they need now is a sound script– which we all know ain’t easy. [Twitch]

Shitty Companies – Lawsuit happy Stan Lee Media is at it again– this time suing for the rights to Spider-Man. The new legal action is all about the Broadway show. And yes, we all know SLM is going to lose– again. You’d think they’d just give up on this crap, but the lawsuits continue– as well as the butthurt, apparently. [ICv2]

Film – An X-Force film is in the works and its script was overwhelmingly approved by Rob Liefeld. Well… Shit. This can’t be good. [Superhero Hype]

Digital Comic Strips – King Features Syndicate has created a new digital platform called Comics Kingdom. There will be free and paid versions. One of the cool pay features: The ability to share certain strips via email. This is unique, since other digital offerings rarely allow you to freely share your purchases. The other thing that piqued my interest? The ability to order prints. If you’re a comic strip fan, you should definitely check out this site. [Daily Cartoonist]

Film – Veronica Mars first hit my must watch list when it shattered Kickstarter records on the way to funding a first ever film. Unfortunately, with all the other great TV Shows out there– I haven’t had a chance to give the teen detective her fair shot. Doesn’t mean I can’t watch and enjoy the new Veronica Mars clip though. The teaser definitely has me intrigued, so I can only imagine how long-time fans must feel. [Indie Wire]

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