IMJ Open Thread


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15 Responses to IMJ Open Thread

  1. Locusmortis says:

    Ha, not only are they listening to your phone calls and reading your emails, now they’re spying on your game-playing, Murica land of the free! 😉

  2. Locusmortis says:

    Ok, so I went to see Gravity this evening and although the effects are good the story is fucking ludicrous. And Sandra Bullocks performance was one of the most irritating I’ve seen in recent memory.

  3. venom829bane says:

    Hey is it just me or do some posts not have any comment sections in the posts below? Like say the interseller one?

  4. venom829bane says:

    Is there a new podcast coming out soon?

  5. Tiger Topher says:

    So there’s a rumor that Steve Wacker will be leaving comics to go take a position with Marvel Animation. If true, Christmas has come early.

  6. Helmir says:

    So, what did you guys think of the Doctor Who Christmas Special?

    I thought it was enjoyable nonsense. I took it for what it is (a Moffat shit-fest) and didn’t bother with all the continuity issues, which made for a good time. My only real complaint would be that the 11th Doctor doesn’t really have a proper send-off. He “ages” for 6 centuries (…) and then dies of old age. This wasn’t the heroic end of, say, David Tennant. Oh, well.

    Pretty excited for Capaldi now (even though I am craving a new showrunner). Fall 2014 can’t come soon enough!

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