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Television – The Walking Dead comic had profit/creator rights issues, and now the TV show has some too. Former showrunner Frank Darabont is suing for monies he thinks are owed from his TWD profit-sharing deal. Darabont claims AMC has improperly allocated funds– leading to profit irregularities. The lawsuit is apparently for tens of millions of dollars. Them zombies sure are money makers! [ICv2]

Dynamic Duo – Because Sir Ian McKellen & Sir Patrick Stewart. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Picard Santa

Film – David Goyer and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are planning on making a Sandman film based on Neil Gaiman’s quite boorish popular Vertigo comic… With the deal positioning Levitt to star and direct. Now I think JGL is great– but this seems like a weird move… Particularly since his directorial/writing debut on Don Jon wasn’t quite up to par with his acting chops. Hopefully he learned a lot on that set– and his Morpheus movie will astound, amaze and make us all dream. Or maybe it will just put us to sleep… Much like the comic. [Deadline]

Comics – Every year Christmas messes with comic book news– leaving very little to report. During the lull, here’s an update on Sean Murphy’s Kickstarter: It was fully funded by 334%. Murphy’s original goal was $15,000– but the campaign amassed a little over $50K… As Murphy added loads of stretch goals featuring prints from the students and other top name industry talents. I’m really interested to see how this project pans out. But more importantly, I can’t wait for my swag to arrive! [Kickstarter]

Kickstarter – Speaking of successful Kickstarter Projects, new (for 2014) IMJ Nation™ contributor Blake Hausladen just saw his Rook Creek Books Kickstarter fully fund this morning. Join Ian in supporting this exceptional author’s wonderful new enterprise! (There’s still great stretch goals left to reach.) And for those who are Holiday Poor, here’s great news: The project doesn’t fund until February 2014… Leaving your bank account plenty of time to recover! [Rook Creek Books Kickstarter]

Collectibles – Why does Titan Entertainment keep doing this to me (releasing blind box Doctor Who figures)?! I spend way too much money on these things as is… But they keep plucking my collector/gambler strings the right way. Series 3 saw release just before the Holidays– and I’m ashamed to admit how much I spent. (Let’s just say, the owner of my LCS was really happy!) Thankfully, this new series won’t appear until June 2014. [Tomopop]

New Who Vinyl

Film – The SMRM (Superhero Movie Rumor Mill™) is once again creating quite a stir with news that Zack Snyder wants Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luthor in the new Batman/Superman film. If this happens, I would go just to see how the actor would interpret the iconic character… Even if bold casting choices aren’t always good casting choices. [I Watch Stuff]

Film – It’s official: Paul Rudd is Ant-Man! Now this is a bonafide Grade-A actor choice! Comic books should (and can) be fun, so why shouldn’t the movies follow suit? Some of the most winning moments in Joss Whedon’s Avengers occurred during scenes filled with comic relief. With Rudd, director Edgar Wright now has the superhero and actor combination he needs to go for comedy gold. [Superhero Hype]

Anime – There’s something incredibly refreshing about watching hand-drawn animation. This is the first full trailer for Production I.G.’s Giovanni no Shima (Giovanni’s Island.) The trailer also brings some sad news for tech nerds: Computers do NOT make everything better. I saw Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug opening weekend– and so much of it was computer generated it took me out of movie… Severely curtailing my enjoyment. While I know CGI and computer animation are a bit different, I think my point is still valid: Sometimes old-fashioned is better. Enjoy the trailer, and if you to learn more about the film– click the link. [Anime News Network]


Film – X-Men: Days of Future Past isn’t remotely close to hitting theaters and another X-Men film is already in the works. Bryan Singer is bringing back X2 scripters Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris to work alongside Simon Kinberg to write X-Men: Apocalypse. Without a doubt, X2 was the best of the initial “trilogy”– so hiring the original writing team for the next installment could mean very good things for the X-Men’s future… Well, you know, besides having to deal with Apocalypse. [Collider]

Television – Net fashionistas will be happy to learn popular 140 character limit website/app Twitter is getting a new TV show. But showrunner Allison Shearmur doesn’t want you to think of the series as a copy of The Social Network… Even if the new project does provide a look at the struggles and sacrifices a group of friends make to develop a dream website– only to end up fighting about money. Hmmm…. She’s right. This new show doesn’t sound like David Fincher’s The Social Network at all.  [/Film]

Film – Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio is re-shaping David Goyer’s script for Batman vs Superman. Argo was an amazing film, giving me hope Terrio will clean up any of the excessive eccentricities that can creep into Goyer’s scripts. Seriously, I can’t decide if I’m excited for this movie or not… Even if I do think Warner Bros did well in bringing in Affleck. (I’m especially happy about him directing a Justice League film.) However, the WB also allows limited talents like Zack Snyder direct and hire controversial casting choices like Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Hollywood! Please stop playing with my emotions! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Musical Treat – This is a cool Star Wars-related Christmas song: Star Wars “Baby It’s Cold Outside” (Hoth Version). Here’s hoping every member of the IMJ Nation has had a very Happy Holiday Season– and will enjoy an even better New Year!

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