Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Art or Commerce? – Painter Glenn Brown makes much of his money “recreating/reimagining” the cover art created for past science fiction novels. To me, some of Brown’s “reimaginings” look more like blatant copies– with only color changes and tweaks here and there. Recently, his reinvention of the cover from Isaac Asimov’s Stars Like Dust (original painting by Chris Foss) auctioned for $5.7 million. I’m curious if the IMJ Nation™ thinks this guy should be recognized or ostracized for his recreations. [io9]

Film – Actor Michael Douglas will be Hank Pym in Marvel’s Ant-Man. You read that correctly. Paul Rudd is still playing Ant-Man, but he will be the Scott Lang version. I really enjoy Douglas’ work and seeing him step into this role, however big or small, is exciting. So much so, I might be more excited to see Ant-Man than I am the next Avengers movie. (I know… I can’t believe I just wrote that either.) [Marvel]

Collectibles – This Clayface from DC Direct is, for a change, not too shabby looking… Even if, at 13 inches, I don’t like how large it is compared to the normal figures in the line. The disparity wouldn’t be so bad if Batman measured somewhere around 8-10 inches… But most figures from DC are the standard 6 inches. [DC Comics]

Clayface Fig

Television – The new Gotham TV series has found its pilot director and executive producer in Danny Cannon— best known for starting 3 different CSI series and Nikita. While FOX probably wants Cannon for his background in police procedurals– I really, really hope this doesn’t mean we’re in for a scene-chewing David Caruso too. The actor’s cartoonish reliance on fashionable shades definitely won’t be needed to combat Gotham’s dark and gloomy underworld. [Deadline]

Comics – The Hulk comic is the next Mark Waid title about to be re-launched… And yes, this marks the second Waid series to be renumbered with very little creative changes. (Artist Mark Bagley is the only major new addition to this new book.) New numbers on essentially the same series don’t entice me anywhere near as much as they used to. I guess I’m just getting used to (or extremely tired of) Marvel’s silly tricks and empty gimmicks. [Comics Alliance]

Film – The Avengers Age of Ultron movie gets another villain. Thomas Kretschmann (the Dracula TV series) is set to play Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. With this news, one can assume Hydra will be back in force for the sequel. Considering Strucker has mostly been the antagonist for Captain America and/or Nick Fury– it might mean these two will have a bigger role to play in the second installment… But what do I know? Like the rest of the comic/film press– I’m basically just speculating out my ass. [The Mary Sue]

Comics – Nightcrawler will be getting his own series via X-Men veteran Chris Claremont. I’ll definitely give this a try, even if I’ve never found Claremont’s newer X-Men comics to be as good as his classic books… Which, you know, may have nothing to do with the creator– and everything to do with the Big Two’s heavy-handed Editorial Departments. [ICv2]

Documentary – The first trailer for DOOMED! The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four is here and looks extremely interesting. Take a look for yourself. [Collider]


Powerpuff Girls – Holy crap! I laughed so hard when I read news of Ringo Starr’s song for the Powerpuff Girls. I don’t think it’s meant to be funny, but I can’t help but chuckle in a “I can’t believe this is actually happening” kind of way. Check it all out in the link below. [Huffington Post]

Collectibles – The new Hot Toys Iron Man showcases the Mark 39! (With STARBOOST!) As usual, the sculpt is very well done… Even if the suit isn’t my cup of tea. [Hot Toys]

IM3 Starboost

Television & Film – Looks like fans of  Wonder Woman will only get their live-action Amazonian Princess fix via the Batman vs. Superman film… As the CW Network is no longer actively developing a Wonder Woman TV series. The reason why? Supposedly the script wasn’t up to CW standards. If this is accurate, good for them for waiting for the right vehicle for Princess Diana. Of course, this letdown bites harder with the news that the Batman/Superman movie will be delayed almost a full year– until 2016. [/Film]

Film – With the news a younger Toad is featured in Days of Future Past– the latest X-Men film looks like it might be turning into an X-Men 3 copy… With way too many mutants. It’s fairly common consensus that an overabundance of mutant-kind helped derail the third X-Feature… And please don’t get me started on the ridiculous number of mutant nobodies in Wolverine: Origins… [Superhero Hype]

Television – There’s a new House of Cards Trailer! I love quality TV– and it’s times like this when I’m actually glad I don’t have a significant other getting all weird when I decide to binge watch a quality show all in one sitting.


Toys – Fans of The Simpsons can now get their Springfield fix in LEGO form. An image leaked online earlier this week, and LEGO has now confirmed the set is real and will retail for $199USD in February. (Some super LEGO collectors have already been given the opportunity to purchase the new set.) If this was around 10 years ago, it would have been a must have… Even if I’d have to save my allowance money for a looong time. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Funny – The director who brings you giant spectacles of ridiculous action, Michael Bay, chokes so hard during a Samsung TV presentation at CES. Watch, laugh and cherish the moment when Bay can’t think of anything to say because the teleprompter dies. [The Superficial]


Television – Stan Lee is well-known for his cameos in Marvel movies, but now it’s time for him to make his way to the Marvel TV-verse… Appearing in an upcoming episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Apparently though, it won’t be just another cameo. According to Stan, it’s a big role. We’ll see… Since we all know how The Man loves to kid around– plugging everything he does as the biggest and the best. [Nerdist]

Oscars – With the Oscar nominees announced, I would love to see anyone (or anything) related to Spike Jonze’s Her win. It would also be great to see The Wind Rises win for Best Animated Feature Film. After that, I’m (currently) indifferent to the rest of the possible award winners. Guess my remote’s fast forward button will get a thorough workout on Academy Awards night! [Oscars]

Collectibles – By now, regular readers should know all about my obsession with Doctor Who blind box figures. If time-y whime-y adventures aren’t your thing, maybe Starks, Lannisters and Dragons are. Take a look at these new figures from Funko. [The Mary Sue]

Game of Thrones Mini Figures

Comics – I love this news! Image Comics took the top spot in comic and graphic novel sales in 2013. With The Walking Dead #115 placing number one on the single comic sales list. Image also destroyed the Top Ten Graphic Novel Chart– placing 7 books in the Top 10. Saga Volume One was first– followed by The Walking Dead Volume One. The only mainstream comic series to make the Top Ten Graphic Novels sales list were: Hawkeye Vol 1, Batman Vol 1: Court of Owls and Batman: The Killing Joke Special Edition. [ICv2]

Broadway & Seinfeld – I’m a pseudo-theatre nerd. I say pseudo– because while I love live theatre, I’m not necessarily familiar with all the classics. I’ve seen The Book of Mormon, Wicked and have even been to the Globe Theatre and watched an amazing performance of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. I’m also a huge fan of TV’s Seinfeld– so I’m doubly excited to hear Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld might reunite on Broadway. The two have been hinting at “…something big” for the last week or two and it appears David has written a play. [I Watch Stuff]

Anime – Nisekoi is one of my favourite manga. So imagine my excitement to hear about the new anime. The series debuted in Japan January 11th, and Crunchyroll streamed the episode the same day in North America, South America and South Africa to its premium members. If you haven’t checked it out, I suggest you do so immediately! [Anime News Network]

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