Boom! Studios Previews: Bravest Warriors #16 & The Midas Flesh #2

Bravest Warriors #16 Cover A

Bravest Warriors #16
Writer: Tessa Stone
Artist: Mike Holmes
Release Date: January 22nd

The Bravest Warriors are finally getting the break the deserve, just a nice time for friendship and feelings…NOT! It’s another crazy mission where the Bravest Warriors must once again save the universe before it destroys itself!

The Midas Flesh #2
Writer: Ryan North
Artist: Braden Lamb, Shelli Paroline
Release Date: January 22nd

Fatty and the crew have arrived at the forgotten planet, Earth to find the source of the power that has transformed the entire place to gold. While they scour the planet in search of a myth, we get to know the crew a bit more and find out exactly why they’re chasing legends in search of a great source of power.

Midas Flesh #2 Cover A

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