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IMJ Open Thread 2014 RED BLACKAkira Movie Poster by Tyler Stout

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40 Responses to IMJ Open Thread

  1. Insideman says:

    Feel free to speculate on what’s coming… And what YOU want to see… Below!

  2. Insideman says:

    This actually happened last night: After a dreadfully LOOOOOONG day (and it was a SATURDAY), I demanded I sit and watch a movie with my GF.

    I rented Captain Phillips and almost immediately, the swelling movie music tripped something in my Yamaha Home Theater system– causing it to shut off. This is a 2 hour and 14 minute film (with credits) and the receiver turned off a mind-numbing 42 TIMES during the film.

    This has been a recurring problem in the last few months with this Yamaha receiver– something we thought we had cured pre-Christmas Trip by cleaning out all the connections on the back and making sure no wires were touching, etc, in November.

    Now it was back with vengeance.

    This problem was Googled numerous times too. One last Google at 1am this morning mentioned making sure the connections to the individual speakers hadn’t come loose. It’s a 7.1 Surround Sound Speaker system– and I had mounted these to make sure they wouldn’t need maintenance unless I was moving or something.

    Anyway, longer story shorter– it ended up being the last (of 7) speakers I checked (of course)… One of the ones providing bass tones. Apparently, the continuous bass running through the speaker had slowly jarred the wires loose. Once I fixed this, the movie played without interruption… And I turned the sound up to -5 on the receiver– shaking the entire condo– to make sure.

    But in case this really wasn’t the cause (remember I thought I’d fixed the damn thing back in November)… Does anyone have a home theater receiver/amp they can recommend? Considering I almost threw the remote into the TV about half a dozen times, buying a new receiver would ultimately be much cheaper than buying a new TV. (Even if not by much.)

    And if you’re remarking on how callous I sound toward my neighbors by blasting my TV at 1am in the morning… I only bought the damn sound system to drown out the extremely inconsiderate witch who lives below me. So, you know, no worries there. 😉

  3. Ofcourse I have that Akira poster hanging in my office with Kaneda’s bike, Wonder Woman and Bad Robot in front of it…(I can make a picture of it if you want ) 🙂

  4. Morlock50 says:

    Hi everyone. Haven’t been posting here cuz of time. And I had a mild stroke two weeks ago (but I’ve been getting much better).

    Anyway, glad to see you guys r still postin’.

  5. Mark O'Brien says:

    People seem to hate the pick of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex, I think it could work, but if they wanted a younger Lex for the movie I’m guessing they could have just gotten Michael Rosenbaum to reprise his roll from Smallville for less money.

  6. NicktheStick says:

    One of the movie theatres in my city is having a movie marathon today. This are the movies playing:

    Superman (1978) – Going
    Spider-Man – Not going
    Iron Man – Going
    The Avengers – Going
    Batman (1989) – Going
    The Dark Knight – Going if I can stay awake for that many movies.

    It’s going to be a long, fun day.

    • Mark O'Brien says:

      Wow Nick, most of those movies are 2+ hours long, I hope you brought a couple of cans of Monster with you! Sounds like fun for sure.

      • NicktheStick says:

        It was great. Ended up only going to Superman, Iron Man, Avengers and Batman. Obviously, I have seen them all before, but it was extremely awesome to watch Superman and Batman in the theatre since I wasn’t even born when they were release. (Batman is 4 months older than I am.) So, that was sweet.

  7. Morlock50 says:

    I just want to say the latest issue of Invincible is a textbook example of why this comic kicks ass!

    • NicktheStick says:

      I completely agree. I definitely was not expecting that. As Jose has mentioned many times, it is by far the best superhero book currently being published.

      • Helmir says:

        I need to get into this. How are the first TPBs? Is this series enjoyable from the get-go? Do I need to invest a lot of time/money before getting any valuable payoff and thrills?

    • Agreed. Did not see any of that coming at all. Great writing and amazing art. EASILY the best superhero comic out there right now.

    • J. says:

      Indeed. That issue was amazing, spectacular and far superior to anything else people can find on the racks. or you know, their iPads.

  8. How do you guys feel about the upcoming Buffy Season 10 comics?

    I’m beyond happy that Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs are staying, but I’m a little worried that they’re not on Angel and Faith anymore. Both those creators understood those characters so well, I’m a little nervous that they’re going to be working with different characters this time around. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’ll do stellar work on the main Buffy title, but it’s got me concerned that it’s not going to be as good as Angel and Faith Season 9 was.

    As for Victor Gischler and Wil Conrad on Angel and Faith… we’ll see. Gischler’s Spike mini-series was decent enough, but nothing to get excited about. We’ll see. Hoping for the best with this one.

    • J. says:

      I stopped buying Buffy Season 9 after the first 5 issues. The art was so horrendous I could no longer tolerate looking at it but I’ll be picking up Season 10 because Gage and Isaacs will be on it. I am bummed they are no longer on Angel and Faith. That title was the one I looked forward to reading the most every time it came out. I’ve seen a preview of the new team on Angel and Faith. I quite liked it so I’ll continue buying that as well.

      • Just checked out the preview and I agree. It looks good. I’m more hopeful about Angel and Faith Season 10 now. I’ve never really looked at Will Conrad’s art before, but after that preview, that man can draw! Looks like we’ll be getting great art in both titles for Season 10.

        As for Season 9, yeah, the Buffy title was shaky at certain points. I stayed with it till the end, I thought it was good enough to keep buying. It was nowhere near the quality of Angel and Faith though. Georges Jeanty’s art was ok, but I would always get pissed when I’d see a character and not be able to recognize who it was and when there was a fight scene and it was unclear what was happening. Still… his artwork was better than the IDW Angel comics sad attempt at art 🙂

  9. M. Fewko says:

    I’m so glad to see WANDERING SON get mentioned on IMJ ^_^

    There are several mangas out there dealing with LGBT topics in a thoughtful manner, alas, not a multitude of them are translated into English (Yaoi being the exception). Kyoko Okazaki has some on their way! HELTER SKELTER (tho not relating to gay or transgender issues) was recently published in America, and is one of her grittiest stories~

  10. Mark O'Brien says:

    Well, it only took a half a season, but Agents of Shield finally had a bit of a payoff. I have to admit I had a bit of a geek eureka moment when I figured out the new villain halfway through, probable about two or three episodes later than everyone else, but still feeling pretty good about it though 🙂

    • Is that show finally picking up steam? I gave up a few episodes ago… decided it wasn’t worth my time. I really wanted to like it, but each episode just gave me a feeling of ‘meh’. I’ll be more than happy to resume watching it if it has gotten better though.

      • Mark O'Brien says:

        Well, not ready to say the show has turned the corner yet, but tonight episode definitely felt a lot different than anything that has come before it. I’ve been sticking with the show hoping it was building up to some big payoff, and tonight’s installment shows that there is a glimmer of hope for a big payoff. But good lord, the creators of the show sure are taking their sweet time getting there.

        Short answer: tonight’s episode might be a good place to jump back on, but no promises 🙂

        • Apparently Blizzard showed up in an episode? He’s one of my favorite wacky Marvel villains of all time! I might start with that episode and work my way through the episodes after that one. I really hope this show picks up soon. This show had so many things going for it that I can hardly believe that they have been screwing it up this much… but most shows don’t find their footing until the 2nd season, so hopefully that’s the case for Agents of Shield.

  11. TheMSpot says:

    A new millennium for IMJ.

  12. NicktheStick says:

    One of the movie theatres in my home town is playing Akira tonight. I’ve read a couple volumes of the manga, but have never seen the movie before. Super excited to experience it on the big screen.

    • That reminds me, I have to finish reading volume 1 of Akira. Then after that buy volumes 2 thru 6. I’ve loved what I’ve read of volume one so far. Hope you have a great time watching Akira on the big screen! Let us know how it was!

      • NicktheStick says:

        It was outstanding. I love watching hand-drawn animation. The craziest thing about the animation style though? How it compares/is better than the stuff being produced today via digital methods. I reveled in the fluidity of the hand drawn, 24fps style used. Plus the story is fantastic. Can’t get much better than Akira.

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