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Film – Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip ‘n Dale are getting their very own live action movie! This is the first such flick (live action mixed with CGI main characters) I’ve been excited to see in a very long time. (I think the last one was Bill Murray’s Garfield… And we all know how sad I was to find myself sitting in a theater paying for that.) I double dare you to YouTube the Chip ‘n Dale theme song. I swear it’ll stay stuck in your head for the rest of the day… If not longer. [I Watch Stuff]

Literature – Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is shocking muggles the world over by claiming Harry and Hermione should have ended up together– instead of Ron and Hermione. It’s been almost 7 years since Rowling concluded her epic book series, so why share this information now? It seems to serve little purpose– except to upset the die-hard HP fans. For those who might not understand what the ruckus is about, this news is comparable to the Star Wars “Han Shot First!” debacle. Creators, once you release something that becomes iconic… How about leaving it alone– for all our sakes? [io9]

Television – Great news for fans of the Gargoyles cartoon! Show lovers can now watch the entire series for free on YouTube! (No tricks… It’s actually been uploaded legally.) If you’re new to the show and still need some convincing to watch, Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes does an amazing job voicing a major villain! [Nerdist]

Film – One of Image Comics latest series, Sheltered, might be getting a film adaptation– courtesy of the company behind The Walking Dead TV series. While I’ve only heard great things about the Ed Brisson/Johnnie Christmas comic (Hey! I can’t read everything!), plenty of fans seem excited. [IGN]

Awesomeness – The NFL’s Super Bowl is barely known for the sport anymore– as most viewers seem more concerned with the new commercials (and the almost always sucky Half-Time show) than they do the game. This Newcastle Beer ad mocking the entire process didn’t actually air during this year’s spectacle, but has since gone viral. Enjoy! [Newcastle]


Television – Actor Clark Gregg is clearly frustrated with viewers not keeping up with the latest episodes of Marvel’s Agents of  S.H.I.E.L.D. So much so, he called the people who’ve stopped watching “losers.” After creating an uproar, Gregg quickly and kindly restated his feelings– saying he hopes people will be more patient with the show. I get both sides of the argument: I understand why audiences became frustrated with the show’s slow pace… And why Gregg wants to draw attention to the series’ much more energetic second half. Me? I’ve had fun from the start. Has it all been good? Oh hell no… But I still find ways to appreciate Marvel’s attempt to expand their cinematic universe past one or two feature films a year. [Science Fiction]

Comics – Long time DC Editor Mike Marts has made the leap to Marvel. Main reason for the switch? Marts didn’t want to relocate to Los Angeles with the rest of the DC gang. Why this is potentially bad news for DC’s comic fans: Marts has been one of the publisher’s more successful editors, helping produce some great Batman comics during the last few years… Even during Bob Harras’ erratic reign as DC’s Editor in Chief. Ominous news indeed. [Comics Alliance]

Film – Hearing Jesse Eisenberg’s been cast as Lex Luthor in the upcoming Superman vs. Batman film shocked me– even if I didn’t find the choice as lousy as many other fans did. Don’t get me wrong… I would love to see Bryan Cranston’s take on the character too– or even watch Michael Rosenbaum reprise his Smallville Lex… But that’s clearly not going to happen now. And who knows? The casting choice might pay off in the Justice League movie– once a trusted creator like Ben Affleck gets in the director’s chair. Or, you know, given Warner Bros spotty superhero movie record– it might not. [Deadline]

Humorous Twitter Interactions – Once again Sir Patrick Stewart shows us why he is more awesome than awesome! Click the link and revel in Captain Picard ordering Wesley Crusher (aka Wil Wheaton) around on Twitter after the Super Bowl. [The Mary Sue]

Television – The Flash producers have found their Iris West… As actress Candice Patton will play Barry Allen’s future love interest. I like it when they cast relatively unknown actors in these comic book roles… And I am continuously amazed by the high quality of the CW Network’s Arrow. Given what I just wrote about the Superman/Batman film above, I’m beginning to think Warners should just forgo their movie plans and focus on TV exclusively. [ICv2]

Collectibles – Japan statue maker Kotobukiya will be releasing a kinda cool looking DC Comics Batman Arkham City ARTFX+ Statue sometime next year. Since no firm release date of any kind has been given (as of yet), I’ll go ahead and guess it will come out maybe in the Fall (or sometime around then). [Kotobukiya Facebook]

Kotobukiya Arkham Batman StatueHumor – As everyone is certainly aware, the 2014 Winter Olympics are in full swing… Even if it appears Sochi’s athletes and visitors might have a difficult time using the toilets over there. [Team Coco]

Comics – Big news in the comic book world, as super long time Marvel employee John Romita Jr heads to DC to take over art duties on Superman. And it’s no surprise current DC Golden Boy Geoff Johns will pen the series… As this pairing would have been a comic book fan’s wet dream just a few years ago. But now it just seems more like a nightmarish example of all things bad and hacky in the medium. I haven’t gone so far as to demand my LCS owner shoot me if I even talk about buying this comic… But don’t think I won’t. Desperate measures for desperate times, people! [DC]

Television – Fans of Brian Wood’s DMZ will probably be happy to hear a show based on the comic might come to television. Executive producers Andre and Maria Jacquemetton (veterans of Mad Men) are joining forces with Harry Potter producer David Heyman. The only potential negative (so far)? The series is headed to the Syfy Network. (Ouch!) Here’s hoping the recent quality brought by SyFy’s latest series Helix is the new norm over there.  [/Film]

Film – The SMRM (Superhero Movie Rumor Mill™) is running at full tilt again– with “news” that Lost femme fatale (and heretofore unknown Hobbit elf) Evangeline Lilly is in “talks” to appear in Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man. The wags all seem to agree Lilly will appear as the female lead– possibly as the love interest to Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang. If we continue down this rabbit hole, it’s also thought Lilly’s character will be Hank Pym’s (Michael Douglas) daughter. It would be really nice if at least a few of these “news” bits turned out to be true for once. [Collider]

Science vs Religion – I wouldn’t normally post something this far away from nerdy on Odds and Ends™… But rules are made to be broken right? I found this Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate (concerning creationism being taught in the public school system) tremendously fascinating. The video’s a bit long, but I still think it’s worth a watch. (FYI: Things start to get interesting around the 13 minute mark.)

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