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34 Responses to IMJ Open Thread

  1. Insideman says:

    Big Trouble In Little China Print by Kevin Chin!

    Kevin’s Website:

    Kevin’s Print Store:

  2. PILKK90 says:

    some times live action anime doesnt work

  3. NicktheStick says:

    And the House of Cards Season Two marathon begins!

  4. Insideman says:

    Of all the New 52 Comics that have come (and been cancelled) at DC Comics… What is the worst one you’ve read so far?

  5. Insideman says:

    I sure hope to HELL the HAMMER is included!

  6. M. Fewko says:

    As if I needed ANOTHER reason to love Ellen Page!! ❤

    I hope your listening Russia. You can't criminalize emotions and love….

  7. venom829bane says:

    If you guys haven’t seen the lego movie…go see it…it’s awesome!!!!!

  8. NicktheStick says:

    Not sure if this link will work, but there was a Twitter conversation war between Rat Queens’, Kurtis J. Wiebe and Firefly’s Adam Baldwin.

  9. Someone needs to have a talk with whoever is in charge of designing the villains for Amazing Spider-Man 2. How can you go from Steve Ditko and John Romita, Sr.’s vibrant and colorful designs to something like this:

    It astounds me. I’m sure designing for these movies is difficult, especially if you’re adapting something as beloved as Spider-Man, but all three villain designs are bland and bore me to tears. I’m still hoping for the best for ASM 2, but I’m very nervous for it.

  10. Morlock50 says:

    Is anybody still reading Batman? I tried a couple of issues at the library, and it was like doing homework. His Batman & Swamp Thing have been so fuckin boring.

    • You beat me to it…

      I’m really hoping this is an early April Fools joke, but sadly this move from DC fits perfectly with their current M.O. of breaking things that aren’t broken/continually breaking broken things. Ugh, I think I barfed in my mouth a lot just thinking about this…

    • NicktheStick says:

      Consider this title dropped – after Azzarello and Chiang leave.

      It’s almost like DC doesn’t want my money.

      • Tiger Topher says:

        I knew you’d be thrilled, Jose. Will you keep buying the book?

        • J. says:

          That’s a good question. I don’t know at this point. I couldn’t tell from the article if Finch is just doing the art or if he is writing it as well. If a writer I don’t care from takes over I really believe I may drop it. This is the worst announcement to come out of the industry from me in quite some time.

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