Who’s Getting What This Week?


J PICKS 2.19.14Alex + Ada #4, Batwoman #28, New Warriors #1 & Wonder Woman #28

JOSE MELENDEZ Who's Getting What? BannerEvery month is starting to look the same as far as my weekly comic picks go… And I think this says a lot about the shitty state of the stale comic book industry. I buy and read new comics all the time… I’m just usually not impressed with what I get.

That’s how things usually shake out. It is what it is, ya know?

One book that’s a “must read” for me every month: Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn’s Alex + Ada. I’ve enjoyed every issue so far and that probably won’t be changing any time soon. The comic is different, fun, interesting– and, at times, a little depressing.

I stopped buying Batwoman last year when DC decided to show J.H. Williams III the door over “creative differences”… So I have no idea how the book has fared during the last 6 months or so. But I am curious to see if it has stayed the course or devolved into yet another crappy New 52 comic. I’m guessing the latter, but I’ll have to wait and see until tomorrow…

Don’t ask me why I am at all interested in giving New Warriors #1 (written by Chris Yost) a shot this week. I really have no idea. Maybe it’s because I bought every issue of Speedball’s original short-lived series and/or I somewhat enjoyed the issues of Superior Spider-Man Team-Up written by Yost and/or I just like throwing money away. I guess I should just review it this week to let you know my final answer.

I’m also picking up Wonder Woman #28— because I’ve purchased every issue since the first issue of Greg Rucka’s run. I’m not about to stop now.

What are YOU buying this week?

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15 Responses to Who’s Getting What This Week?

  1. phil says:

    Well…it won’t be this week, but soon (or eventually, anyway) l think may be sticking with Action 4 awhile. I like that there’s no pretense of characterization. It’s just a fun read. I also have to catch up with my M’glory trades. Also l finally want to give Lock & Key a shot. Capt. Marvel at least looks visually appealing now. From what l can tell, Finch looks like he might be back on point now, so l might give Justice League a shot, and lastly b/c of the reviewer formerly known as Variant Girl 17, I’m might give Rachel Rising a looksee.

  2. venom829bane says:

    Justice league #28
    Harley Quinn #3
    Jose I STRONGLY suggest you check out the harley quinn series. It’s just a plain fun read of a comic. I really think you would like it. If you haven’t already given it a look that is…

  3. Alex + Ada #4 (I agree with what you said about this series, Jose)
    Harley Quinn #2 and 3 (My LCS got #2 late and I haven’t been able to pick it up, with #3 coming out this will be the best week to do so)

    Wonder Woman #28

    Finally, a week where not much is coming out. I need to start saving money.

  4. Locusmortis says:

    I get what you’re saying about the state of comics, Wonder Woman is the only regular monthly title I’m getting at the moment. The only other titles on this weeks list that I’ll be getting are Strike Witches Maidens In The Sky Vol 1 and Judge Dredd Megazine (actually got it a couple of weeks ago and it kicks fucking arse).

  5. Morlock50 says:

    I’ve decided to stop purchasing New Fifty-Blew DC comics and I’ve spent 20 bucks on pre-Flashpoint DC instead. At 2.00 a pop, and generally better content for my money, it’s an easy choice.
    Question for the Nation, where can I purchase digital copies of Capt Marvel’s old series? There’s nothing on comixology!

  6. NicktheStick says:

    Wonder Woman #28 – Still the only DC comic on my pull-list, but Green Arrow might make an appearance soon
    Alex + Ada #4 -Thanks to Jose for continuously plugging this to make me pick it up in the first place
    Peter Panzerfaust #17

  7. venom829bane says:

    Hey Jose lemme know if you checked out Harley Quinn and what you thought of it

  8. hackslash2020 says:

    Captain America Epic Collection Dawn’s Early Light

    The Epic Collection is like a Marvel Essential book but in color…like a cheaper version of the marvel masterworks…1 book collects around 20 comics and retail for 35 dollars..the original covers are included and come with some extras..the coloring is also very nice..

    Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Daredevil will be included and have around 30 volumes(600 issues each)
    They publish the books in “random” order…and start with series that have not been reprinted in a long time..and wait until all other reprints go out of print.

    Normally I would think twice before starting such an ambitious collection but looking at the current state of the industry I just know I wont be buying a lot of other comics

    • Locusmortis says:

      I think I tipped one of those in a previews column a while ago, a Thor defalco/frenz run. It seemed like a pretty good deal to me too.

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