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Film/Collectibles – Desperate people seem more than willing to grab at any little hint to guess the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Wonder how many Nerd Snoopers went dumpster diving outside of Toy Fair this year?) Now comes the mere mention of a Sakaaran Soldier in the new Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO set… Leaving geeks the world over wondering if this blocky figure portends a future Planet Hulk live-action film. Guess away! Unless your name is Kevin Feige or Joss Whedon, that’s all you’re doing. [MTV]

Collectibles – As noted above, Toy Fair came and went last weekend– actively dropping lots of Guardians of the Galaxy spoilers (and other collectibles) news. Speaking of which, take a look at Kotobukiya’s Rocket Raccoon and Groot Statue. [Kotobukiya Facebook]

Rocket and Groot

Video Game Art – Here’s some cool concept art for the PS3 exclusive The Last of Usgiving us an intriguing look at a possible post-apocalyptic world. Given the game’s whacked-out scenario, I think it’s the closest thing to our godawful future we’re likely to see. [io9]

Film – FOX’s Fantastic Four reboot has its foursome! Reed Richards will be played by Miles Teller, Sue Storm will be in the capable (if super tiny) hands of Kate Mara, the amazing Michael B. Jordan will flame on as Johnny Storm and Jamie Bell will soon be yelling “It’s Clobberin’ Time!” in a theater near you. I ♥ Kate Mara– she’s incredible. She is definitely an interesting choice for Ms. Storm too– especially since I’ve never ever thought of Mara as a superhero. Jordan has the flippant cockiness (and the compassion) needed to play the Human Torch. I’m not overly familiar with the other two actors– so who knows whether they’ll suck or rock? Unlike some of the backwards grunts howling loudly on the Net, I’m neither upset nor enthralled by any of these casting choices. [Superhero Hype]

Collectibles – DC Collectibles attended Toy Fair and the typical things you hear me complain about in almost every Odds and Ends column were, of course, still very much present. However, one goodie did catch my eye. This new Batman The Animated Series Batman Figure looks great! [Action Figure Pics]


Television – I can’t believe I’m talking about, yet again, more Gotham PILOT casting. (FOX– Just confirm you’ve given the series the GREENLIGHT for next season already! OK?) Ahem… FOX just added Jada Pinkett Smith to the show as Fish Mooney – the Penguin’s future boss. (With all this casting news, why not just tell us there’s a young Bruce Wayne? Gotham needs a young Bruce Wayne, right?!) Wonks can caterwaul to their heart’s content over the casting choices for this new series I, for one, am not nearly as concerned for Gotham as I am the Batman vs Superman movie. [Screen Crush]

Conventions – A new convention is coming to New York– and amazingly, it will go old school with a sole focus on comic books! (WTF?! A comic convention… About comics?!) The success of the recent Image Cons may have helped spark the creations of this comic-centric convention. (Is it just me, or do you find it weird I actually have to specify when a “Comic Con” is actually comic book focused?) For those interested in attending Special Edition: NYC— it comes to the Javits Center on June 14-15. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Funny Video – Uncle Ben has doubts about Luke staying on Tatooine.


Film – There have already been soooooooo many photos released for X-Men Days of Future Past Why not just give us FORTY-FIVE more? Many of these are similar to images used for the recent Empire Magazine covers– but there are a few new interesting set shots to be had amongst the repetitive drek. Check ’em out by hitting the link. [Comics Alliance]

Comics – DC Comics has announced there is going to be a summertime Superman comic book crossover event. These “events” are exactly why I dropped two of my favourite comics from DC’s New 52– Animal Man and Supergirl. Now, several months later, I have multiple reasons why I won’t be picking up any of the issues in this upcoming storyline: 1) It’s a crossover– and crossovers are usually excuses for bloated suckage. 2) It happens between the pages of several comics I wouldn’t buy with your money and 3) Scott Lobdell is writing part of it!

Since Lobdell ruined Supergirl for me with the atrocious H’El On Earth event– Reason #3 is all I need to stay far, far away from this mess. Back in the day, when comics didn’t cost $4, $5 and $6 a pop, it was much easier to buy books in a crossover I really didn’t care much about… Now buying into these “events” almost requires a loan from the bank. This madness doesn’t end until a major part of comic fandom refuses to support these cash grabs. Buy ’em all if you want to… But me? I’ll just follow the blunt advice of IMJ Co-Founder Jose Melendez and “Stop Buying Shit!” [ICv2]

Collectibles – Seems I can’t go a week without mentioning Hot Toys. Then again, their top-notch figures are usually worth mentioning– or I wouldn’t do it. (Shame on you if you think anyone at IMJ gets paid to plug merch!) This week’s cool figure? The Terminator T-800. Fondly remember “Ahnuld” before he became super-jowly and didn’t need artificial patches to fill in his spikey coiff! [Hot Toys]

HT T-800

Board Games – IDW has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a Kill Shakespeare board game! I’ve heard great things about the series and I’m a huge fan of table-top games– so I’m definitely going to contribute… I just haven’t decided at what level. Game loving fans of the comic– any ideas how I should spend my money? Help out a fellow fan desperately in need of your expertise! [Kickstarter]

Film – Actor Norman Reedus and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman are working together on a new project… With Sony in final talks to acquire their sci-fi creation, Air. The movie has a wonderfully odd premise– janitors struggling with their sanity while trying to take care of an underground cryogenic facility. With Kirkman and Reedus involved, I going to go ahead and assume it’ll be worth watching. [The Mary Sue]

Collectibles – Even more Guardians of the Galaxy Figures— this time from Hasbro. How many shades of envy green do you think DC/Warners Execs (the same ding-dongs who can’t create a decent Wonder Woman movie) will turn when they see Marvel Studios raking in millions from a gun-toting Raccoon and a mono-syllabic Tree Creature? [Yahoo Movies]

GotG Figs

Fun Bets – Apparently Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President of the United States of America Barack Obama have placed bets on the USA vs. CANADA hockey games. The bet, you ask? A case of beer for each game won. One case is already headed to Harper and, while I do wish my American neighbours a good game… I hope another case of beer is coming to the True North strong and free! [CBC]

Hot Web Series – New web series Caper is off to a good start. The plot is unique: What do heroes do when they’re poor and need cash to stave off eviction? (Answer: They go on capers.) The really interesting thing about the series… The cross between live action and motion comic scenes. (The heavy superhero action sequences take advantage of a motion comic feel.) It is definitely a dynamic way to portray an effects heavy story on a low budget. With only three episodes out, now is a great time to catch up. Check out Episode One below:

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