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90 Responses to IMJ Open Thread

  1. Insideman says:

    Feel free to continue to discuss the bad news about Wonder Woman. 🙂

    I know I’m royally pissed… But Jose? You have NO idea!

  2. venom829bane says:

    Man people are crazy:

  3. Insideman says:

    This CORSET ADVERTISEMENT is EXACTLY why China didn’t want AMERICANS influencing their culture!

    Although I suspect LOCUSMORTIS will like it!

  4. M. Fewko says:

    Trying to reread BATMAN RIP (for no good reason, I guess). The storyline, I thought was pretty good years ago when I bought it, but… this….. artwork…… is…… uhhhh >_>

  5. Tiger Topher says:

    DC is going to be releasing 3D covers again in September.

    (insert facepalm picture here)

    • Insideman says:

      And this time, there will be PLENTY to be had… And they will be WORTHLESS within weeks of release.

      It’s the Superman “Returns” (from the dead) white bagged comic all over again.

      I know retailers who still have enough boxes filled with that landfill waste to build a foundation for a proper house.

      • Tiger Topher says:

        I really hope that DC finds a way to screw up again, just so I can make a ton of cash off of underprinted books just like I did last September.

    • J. says:

      DC Comics is now on my shit list.

      • Tiger Topher says:

        It took this long?

      • Morlock50 says:

        Ready to go Nova here. Stand back everyone.

        I used to be of fan of DC comics once. Once. Now Didio, Johns, Harris, and Lee are the DC Human Centipede to me.

        These fucking fools don’t care about anything but what sells. Not quality, not creativity, not corporate integrity, not respect for the artists that provide the stories, not about being responsible custodians about these timeless characters. As long as it moves a few thousand units and conforms to their dystopian horror porn aesthetic for superheroes, it’s going on the rack. They remind me of Darksaid in that Legends miniseries, trying to stamp out the heroic ideal by claiming it’s outmoded, The DC Centipede is the one villain that Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman can’t defeat.

        If you used to read New fifty blew comics, and are in the process of dropping them, then I urge you all, please take some of that money, go to comixology, and purchase some of those pre and post Crisis DC comics that you may have missed. I’m currently enjoying old favorites like John Byrne’s run on Action Comics, and early Wally West Flash issues. Even the mediocre stuff is much better in quality than this grimdark shit we’ve been served. If these parademons only repond to sales, let’s show them that we value DC comics that were made with care. Otherwise, the Centipede should just cancel everything and put out 52 Batman issues, and not even pretend to care about the concept of a shared universe.

        • Insideman says:

          Bravo, Morlock!

          It’s been well documented before… But go on Jimmy Palmiotti’s Facebook and read recent entries. Didio has commented on several Palmiotti posts and ALL his replies seem to be sophomoric statements dealing with Boobs! to People on the Internet don’t know anything.

          Somebody needs to excise this cancer– along with Lee, Johns and Harras.

          Horrifying Hacks Unite!

          • Morlock50 says:

            Hell, throw Nelson in the mix, and you’ve got the real live Fearsome Five. Didio’s business plan for DC is what Dr. Light did to Sue Dibney.

        • J. says:

          I approve of this rant.

  6. Tiger Topher says:

    I just found out that DC has canceled All Star Western. How many times can one company fail in a day?

    • Insideman says:

      Jimmy Palmiotti wrote on FB:

      “ALL STAR WESTERN has not been cancelled, so go celebrate and buy a ton of copies. Please.”

      Knowing DC– they did cancel it, then changed their mind. They seem to do a lot on a whim.

    • Insideman says:

      Palmiotti then clarified further:

      “ALL STAR WESTERN is not cancelled, but if we dont get the numbers up, it will be. That is the nature of the business. The numbers come first. What I do know is 31 is being worked on, 32 script is being finished…and so on, till we are told different, as usual. Every title with low numbers is in the same boat.”

  7. TheMSpot says:

    Looks like Li’l Gotham will be coming to an end in December.

    • Insideman says:

      Makes sense. I just got the first Trade. 😉

      • TheMSpot says:

        Thought is was funny given DC starting a toy line based on the series. Just like when they decided to launch a comic series based on Beware the Batman which is still up in the air whether or not it will be coming back to Cartoon Network.

        • Insideman says:

          That’s even more amazing when you realize the cost of launching and distributing a TOY LINE dwarfs putting out a year’s worth of comics. Plus, the big toy chains have RETURN PRIVILEGES (unlike comic shops).

          But this looks to be DC’s mindset now: People really seem to hate what we’re doing or the direction we’re going… So let’s just keeping shoving it down their throats until they have character withdrawal and finally just accept what we ARE doing.

          You LOSE a lot of customers that way.

      • Blanchard says:

        This was probably the best trade that I’ve read from DC in recent memory. For that reason alone I should have realized that the series was on the chopping block.

        It’s really sad, man. Three years ago I was reading mostly DC books. With the exception of some vertigo books, I’m now down to Li’l Gotham (which is getting cancelled), Wonder Woman (which I’m dropping after Azzarello finishes his story), and Smallville Season 11. The only new one that I think I might add to that list is Batman ’66.

  8. Insideman says:

    Ummm… I read the first 3 issues of Dynamite’s Doc Savage comic last night.

    EPIC FAIL. (Details in the next IMJ Comic Reviews.)

  9. Tiger Topher says:

    I’m having a pretty good weekend. I went over to a woman’s house to take a look at some toys and comics that she was selling. While I was there, I noticed that she had a spinner rack. I asked if it was for sale, and sure enough, it was. I almost fainted when the woman told me she only wanted $10 for it. Sold!

    • Insideman says:

      That’s a HUGE score!

      On a related note, I was trying to impress on my GF the importance of understanding the value of my collection. I pointed at one of my Kotobukiya Statues… Decided to look it up on eBay, just to give her an idea of the rise in price– only to stand there slack-jawed when I saw the Statue I bought for $35 1.5 years ago sells for $450 and up.


      • Tiger Topher says:

        I just started buying Kotobukiya Bishoujo statues (I purchased two today, actually) and I really wish I had started collecting them earlier. Some of those early figures go for ridiculous amounts of money. Even newer ones, like the Ms. Marvel statue, have really gone up in value.

  10. What did you guys think of Fantastic Four #1? I noticed that it made the comic book we like column, but I don’t know whether I liked or disliked it. It could be that I was having a horrendous week when I read it. I liked the art and the journal entries Sue was writing, but everything else didn’t do anything for me. It just felt like a standard set-up first issue where the story doesn’t hit the ground running until the end. I also HATE the red costumes.

    Maybe I should re-read it now that I’ve kind of recovered from last week (seriously, last week sucked). Let me know what you guys thought. I’m very curious.

    • Helmir says:

      I think it’s going to be reviewed in the next IMJ Comic Book Review. You’ll have one to two reviews of FF#1 to make up your mind :).
      Also, what about such a bad week? Everything’s going well at College for you I hope? If not, then let me copy/paste that piece of advice from Mister Greg Capullo himself (thank you Twitter):

      “When you’re feeling overwhelmed by all that’s in front of you, control your emotions, put your head down, grab the battering ram & GIFD.
      Strive to win-to achieve victory. Because with each victory your ability to win will increase! This leads to more & more victories! Win!
      Train your mind. Think only of succeeding. When your mind whispers that you can’t, scream back, “Fuck that! Watch me.” Do it!”

      It’s simple yet it really did inspire me a few months ago.

      • Helmir says:

        And remember, we all really crave to see your Lego movie one day at IMJ! =)

      • ComicBookDude says:

        To sum up last week: overwhelming school stuff, problems with a girl I like, LOTS of annoying little life events attacking me at once, and more. I don’t want to get more detailed than that, but it was enough to make the latter half of last week really rough.

        I’m doing a little better now. I’m still angry at myself (long story) but I’m recovering slowly but surely. Prayers and good vibes would be much appreciated 🙂

        As for my Lego project, that’s one part of my life that’s going moderately well right now. I recently made a change to the format. It’s going to be a web series. That way it’ll be easier for audiences to digest and easier for me to film, edit, and release. The first movie has been turned into “season one”. Doing this also allows the story to breathe and flow more naturally, so from a writer’s standpoint it makes me happier and my work easier. The only problem now is getting a good enough camera and good enough editing software 🙂

        Thanks for the Greg Capullo quote. That is inspiring and a good thing to keep in mind. And thanks for looking forward to my Lego project! I’m hoping to have some “test” footage out by June or July, then a full blown trailer for it by the end of the year. Then the series in March of next year (or, dare I say, earlier than that). I hope. Then I can shut up and let my work speak for itself 🙂

    • NicktheStick says:

      Yeah, I got to review it this week. As you’ll see, I enjoyed it. Though, I did forget to mention the awful red suits. I wouldn’t have docked any points for it anyway – I’m sure they’ll be back to blue soon enough.

  11. Insideman says:

    Best internet game ever…

    Watching the fanboys decry the latest episodes of The Walking Dead– because they dare split up the group and ratchet down the zombies in favor of some character building episodes.

    Last night’s show was COMPLETELY NECESSARY– and should have occurred 2 seasons ago… Instead of the incessant ethical powwows in Herschel’s living room or watching Rick and the Governor sit across from each other at a table and say absolutely nothing of substance for 44 minutes.

    Time will prove that show runner Scott Gimple SAVED The Walking Dead TV Show from oblivion… The “almost great” trash heap Glen Mazzara’s poorly constructed seasons were swiftly heading the series toward.

    • J. says:

      So Much THIS! ^

    • ComicBookDude says:

      I completely agree. Last night’s episode was so well written. I love that this second half has room for a lot of great character moments. It’s something I’m kind of struggling with for something I’m writing. I’m trying to find room for character development while still having some action without it being forced. Season 4 has done exactly that. Cool action scenes with character development to go around.

      Yeah, I won’t deny that there were slow episodes, but they all had substance and were set-up that payed off in the end. Last night’s episode was definitely necessary. Those two characters needed to express what they expressed, and that episode explored a lot into those characters as well. Looking forward to what’s next because I don’t really have a clue where it’s headed exactly.

  12. Insideman says:

    Uh oh, Locusmortis. Time to cut back on the booze and start eating Ramen noodles…

  13. Insideman says:

    Go here: then scroll down to the 40 page excerpt (you can view on your computer by scrolling though it)…

    There is a short section from this man’s extremely eclectic pop art collection featuring Carl Barks art (considered to be THE Donald Duck illustrator) that shows he also drew nudes. (Who knew?) And the picture of a brunette Barks drew is stunning… Gorgeous. Leaps off the page.

    • I guess those commenters on that website didnt get the memo on why “art” doesnt have to be “beautiful”

      • Locusmortis says:

        There’s always a bunch of “Yeah but…” people who always refuse to get the point. Criticising the art or saying “but Wonder Woman is stronger than Superman”…. the pictures are symbolic, its the message that’s important, some people just don’t want to think, or perhaps they aren’t capable of thinking.

        • Helmir says:

          Well, sorry to bring my “Yeah But” on the table, but I disagree with the both of you.

          First, “art” not having to be “beautiful” is a very specific philosophical idea, that was bred because of mass production in the 20th century and also because of the post-WW2 art market becoming very suddenly a speculation tool to make a lot of money easily. So “art can be ugly” is a far too economic and historical idea to be universal and is therefore also very cynical.
          You can embrace or refuse it, but can’t expect everyone to share the same opinion as yours, because the link between art and beauty is in no way a rational bond, but rather a philosophical, hence hard to universally demonstrate, one.

          Secondly, is criticizing these (frankly poorly done) pictures a sign one can’t or doesn’t want to think? I don’t need a fucking ad to remind me hitting a woman is wrong. Those “morally right thinktanks” are losing their money on me because, see, I’m already convinced I shouldn’t hit a woman (or a man either, for that matter).

          And guess what? They are also losing their money when it comes to changing the minds of people who DO hit their wifes/gfs. Because someone comitting domestic violence is as close as madness as one can be – or is at least subjected to a deeply rooted compulsive need to hurt. A picture of a woman bleeding WON’T change the sickos’ mind. If it was only THAT easy…!

          To me these pictures are quite shallow and, well, useless. They don’t serve a point and are needlessly obnoxious (again, why do we, of all people, need to be reminded of not hitting women? we would never do such a thing to begin with and being reminded of not doing it feels like a terrible insult).

          TL;DR: My “Yeah But” consists in saying that this ad is terrible PR. And in a day and age where communication and marketing are THE key to everything… terrible PR is quite a sin.

          • J. says:

            I need to say first that the message these ads are presenting is something I feel is very important and I frankly agree with pretty much everything you say Helmir.

            But how terrible is it that my first thought was, “Wow. The artist is trying way to hard to draw attention to his, quite terrible I might add, work.”

            To me it’s sad and a bit shameful. The artist could in fact believe what he is doing is helping the situation but the “art” detracts so much from the message it almost can not be taken seriously.

            I’ll probably get a lot of shit for saying what I just did, but there you go.

          • M. Fewko says:

            “A picture of a woman bleeding WON’T change the sickos’ mind. If it was only THAT easy…!”

            That’s really not the point. It’s about encouraging people who are not activists but do feel violence against women should end to stand up. Apathy is probably the most common sin on 2014 planet earth. It’s one thing to think about a cause, but SHOWING your support, providing strength in numbers, is completely different.

            “Because someone comitting domestic violence is as close as madness as one can be – or is at least subjected to a deeply rooted compulsive need to hurt.”

            I’ve also attended fundraisers and events regarding Alternatives For Battered Women. You’d be surprised at how many normal, harmless looking people think it’s perfectly okay to hit their partner. To some it’s almost culturally, scary as that may sound 😦 There lies the point of the pictures (at least in my opinion). A normal, smiling, content male next to a quiet, bruised, suffering woman. It’s NOT okay. It can’t keep happening. And that’s why this kind of message is important to spread, thru all mediums. You’d be surprised at what shame and guilt can inevitably do to one’s conscience.

            As far as the art goes? Yeah, not everybody is blessed with sketching skills. Some people just use the skills and resources they have and try to make a difference in the world. I’d rather see mediocre art with messages I can stand by than the most exquisite pages from DC and MARVEL with messages I would never support in a thousand years.

          • An artist should “provoke”, to expand “A” field for greater thinking.

            The artist uses icons and the viewer is going to think about these icons. That is the discussion.

            But Helmir I think you contradict yourself by first stating there is no clear definition of good / bad PR and then call it bad PR..Hehehe 😛

            • Helmir says:

              No, I said there is no clear statement/definition of how obvious the link between Art and Beauty should be. Go check it again, I tried to be as clear as possible.

  14. Helmir says:

    “It’s about encouraging people who are not activists but do feel violence against women should end to stand up. Apathy is probably the most common sin on 2014 planet earth.”

    But see, the problem is that this campaign does exactly the CONTRARY of breaking apathy. For three reasons:

    1/ Putting violent images out there to “show the ugly reality” is a failing marketing strategy. Take the ads against driving while drunk for instance. When I was a kid we had a LOT of these in Ireland. You know, ads like a drunk young and sympathetic fellow leaving the pub, then getting into his car and driving while singing, and then suddenly he makes a wrong turn and kills an innocent young child who was playing in his garden. And the young fellow suddenly realizes what he just did and has a bloody nervous break-down. I was fucking SHOCKED by this ad at the time. As a kid I thought “wow, that was violent. Okay, I get it, I’ll never drive and drink, that’s for sure”.

    And then I kept watching TV (because I enjoyed watching Adam West as Batman at the time!) and the ad regularly came back on the telly. And then growing up there were more and more ads like that, with even more blood and gore and violence. At first it was unsettling, and then I just stopped giving a shit. Like an organism which learnt how to survive with lethal antibiotics in its system, I learnt to cope with the violence, and I stopped noticing it. And I think the same happened to the rest of the world. Because see, the human mind was made to be resilient, and through time it unwillingly adopts this sick but necessary reflex to go past shocking images – because if it didn’t we would be fucking sad all the time, and our survival instincts just can’t accept that.

    So through the repetition of violence, brutal and gory marketing ads make us lose interest in the problems they’re pointing out. That is to me the first reason this ad has no utility.

    2/ Secondly, these kind of ads participate to the rampant social hypocrisy this society is plagued with. How often have I met people who make long, tear-jerking speeches about – you name it – homeless people, slavery, racism, children being used as soldiers, drugs, HIV, etc. And then do NOTHING about it. The social mechanism at hand here? “I’ve talked about it, hence I’ve done my part. See you next time”. More and more people actually REINFORCE their apathy by lying to themselves, and the best way to do it is by posting a cheap ad against domestic violence on facebook and twitter for instance, and CALL IT A FUCKING DAY. You’ve attended fundraisers and events, Fewko, you’ve done something relevant, and I bet you’ve seen people telling you how amazing what you were doing was – to simply come back to their homes, watch a TV show and go to sleep. And forget they should do something too.
    We need to be careful. These ads can do more harm than good simply because they can be used as “feel-goods”. People go to great lengths to persuade themselves they are good people with as little effort as possible.

    3/ Finally, and this is more of a personal point, I’m sick and tired of the moral “holier-than thou” attitude spreading around society through such ads. People ALWAYS give you lessons. “I do this, you should do that or else you’re evil”. This third point is intricately linked with the second one I made. Preaching morally superior beliefs is the best way not to do shit. Every day someone on TV insults me, especially since I’m a white male. According to French TV I’m a racist, a misogynist, a hater, a nazi, a killer and what not. Fuck all this. Maybe if news and marketing thinktanks were a bit more rational in their approach and not so judgmental, things would change faster.

    Sorry, I’m writing a gosh darn long pamphlet here, but I guess this is important to me. Because my last point is: I wholeheartedly agree with you when it comes to ACT and STAND UP. I’m sick of the words, I want ACTIONS. Domestic violence is a deeply personal and almost secret ill. The only way to change these dreadful situations is to be a constantly present helping force. To always be able to listen to people. “Always Ready”, the Scout Motto says. We need to shape our lives and efforts in such a way we can always be ready to step in and change a bad situation. Because a problem like domestic violence isn’t attended to on a large scale, but clearly on a local one. You can’t help a beaten wife with a large billboard. But you can help her by noticing her in your very street and listening to her and advising her and bringing her to an association/to the police. THAT’s an effort. Because it’s so much easier go close your eyes, turn your head and go to the gym instead.

    It’s time to understand that if each and every one of us were opened to the people we meet and talk to, and ready to help them even a tiny bit, there would be no war, no illness, no sadness in this world. Evil comes from apathy, yes. It also comes from the smallest failed gestures, the tiniest missed opportunities. Monsters of apathy and selfishness allow sadness and bloody wounds to go by unnoticed.

    Let’s start “small” and we’ll get to the big picture in no time. I promise.

    • M. Fewko says:

      Well, I’m sorry those French have profiled you. As a transgender / queer, I too am saddened at all the moms who protested gay marriage awhile back. I mean, PARIS?!?! That’s, like, where every gay person wants to get married ! 😦

      • Helmir says:

        Wait – what I meant was that now every person is judged upon in a quick fashion. To use a recent example, one joke of Ellen deGeneres was considered by some transgenders as highly “transphobic”. Just to show you that not even a famous lesbian person is safe from being called a [Insert Minority Here]-phobic person.

    • I have to agree with you Helmir. Last week I saw a picture where a little girl runs towards a cop because she just witnessed her dad throw acid over her mothers face…It really got to me.. its a mind fuck..I dont I think I needed to see that picture. Just give us her bank account number or anything that might help her.

      • Helmir says:

        Yeah, I’ve seen such pictures before. There’s a real discomfort indeed… And I feel like I’m some sort of “voyeur” by seeing such deeply private pictures.

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