Who’s Getting What This Week?


Fantastic 4 #1, Harley Quinn #3 + Superman – Lois Lane #1

So, let me tell you what a shit-filled comic shipping week it is…

For this column, I usually try to pick 4 titles I’m going to pick up this Wednesday and then write why I’ll be reading them. First off, there are no comics being released tomorrow that are on my Pull List. Second, I could only think of 2 new comics I wanted to try this week. And third, one comic I want to get this week came out LAST week.

Such a sorry state of affairs.

Fantastic Four #1 by James Robinson and Leonard Kirk will be the first comic I read this week. I’ve been a big fan of Kirk’s art since he did Captain Britain and MI 13. As far as Robinson goes, his writing is very hit or miss for me… But I am interested in seeing what he comes up with for what I believe is, his first Marvel (post-DC) work. I’ve enjoyed the FF on and off since I was a kid… But Jonathan Hickman’s run succeeded in souring me on Marvel’s “First Family” for a good long while. It’s time to give it another go– primarily since it is a new creative team. (If I thought this was just another mediocre FF comic dressed up in a shiny new #1, I wouldn’t remotely bother.)

Harley Quinn #3 came out last week, but since I’ve had a couple of people suggest I pick it up (because I might actually enjoy it)… I’ll do so. If my LCS has the first two issues in stock, I’ll go ahead and pick up those as well.

So why am I picking up Superman – Lois Lane #1? Mostly because I was putting together the Rate the Covers!™ post last week and saw the cover and said to myself, “Huh. A Lois Lane comic? I’ve never read a comic devoted to just Lois Lane. I totally missed out on her old Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane series. Plus, her character was one of the few things that didn’t make me vomit in my mouth while I watched Man of Steel for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Too bad this comic’s only a ONE SHOTOr maybe not, since DC would probably just hire Tony Daniel to take over the writing and art chores in 8 to 12 months anyway. (See current Wonder Woman news.)

So I guess I’ll read it this week– as long as the fucking terrible New 52 version of Superman isn’t in too much of it. Ya, the New 52 Superman pretty much sucks it. Not as much as Marvel’s current iteration of Spider-Man… But damn close.

P.S. Ian is hopefully returning next week (or so). He’s been bogged down trying to get the awesome IMJ 2.0 up and running with our ace new Editor in Chief Deanna Sjolander. No easy feat this… But we all hope you’re enjoying everything so far!

P.P.S. If you’re wondering why we didn’t put up the actual cover art to Superman – Lois Lane #1, here’s why: As of publication time, DC hasn’t bothered to release (or leak) a completed typeset cover for the comic. If they can’t be bothered to promote a book properly mere hours before its release, why should we be forced to put up a generic art shot that’s been floating around the net since last December? Who knows? Maybe we’ll change some PR Flacks way of thinking…

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1 Response to Who’s Getting What This Week?

  1. Morlock50 says:

    I can remember when John Byrne wrote Superman, there were many fans criticizing the changes to the myths. But that version was still recognizably Superman, even with the changes. This blue-armored clad dullard; I don’t know who the fuck he is but it ain’t Superman. Someone once said, that when Superman has the spit-curl in his hair; you know that you’re getting the real deal. Whenever you don’t see the spit-curl, watch out for bad characterization.

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