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FLASH News – I know IMJ’s crack editorial staff will have this picture up long before this column can, but here’s another look at the same pic featuring actor Grant Gustin as the new FLASH anyway. What kills me: The CW still acts as like the Flash pilot hasn’t been given a greenlight for a full series yet. Yeah, right. As if they would ever risk disenfranchising the same producers behind the (surprise) hit Arrow… A show that’s brought the CW their best buzz possibly… Ever. [Inveterate Media Junkies]

Flash CW Costume

Legal News – There’s this company you may have heard of called Disney… And they’re attempting to put the final nail in Stan Lee Media Inc— the vile corporate shell that’s been crapping out comic book character lawsuits since it finalized its bankruptcy back in 2006. I won’t bore you with the details… Except how I can’t fathom what goes through their heads, since they famously lose every single lawsuit– yet keep coming back for more just jurist punishment. [The Beat]

Playboy News – Speaking of Stan, the premiere men’s magazine has announced Stan Lee will be next month’s prestigious interview subject. Playboy promises a funny and frank discussion, including Stan’s take on his feuds with such seminal Marvel artists as Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby. As usual, Stan’s the only voice in the crowd (Kirby’s deceased and Ditko is a famed recluse)– so we’ll leave it up to IMJ’s #1 Kirby Fan Locusmortis to tell us if Stan indeed gives Jack his fair due.

Television – Holy Shit! Do you remember that television show where the first big test for a group of people with powers was to Save the Cheerleader? NBC does– announcing Heroes will return with a new mini-series called Heroes Reborn in 2015. (Just like the villain Sylar, I guess nothing stays dead anymore.) Absolutely loved the series when it was introduced, then tried to stick with it as long as I could… But after the wretched 3rd season, I was done. Looks like Heroes creator Tim Kring copied Keifer Sutherland’s decision (they both worked on the short-lived FOX series Touch together) to follow the money– and rehash a show that should stay finished. [Geek Chic Elite]

Video Games – Regular readers know I’m not a gamer… But I know the IMJ Nation™ is chock full of rabid video game fans– so this is for you: The full documentary about the making of the PS3 smash The Last of Us— directly below this paragraph. (If you want to see it on TV, you can also view it on Amazon Prime.) Be warned– if you haven’t completed the game, I hear there are spoilers aplenty. (Editor’s Note: Yes, there are!)


Television – OMG! I totally just had a nerdgasm! Finally, we get Season Two clips from Orphan Black. (FYI: There will be 8 new clips by the end of this marketing campaign.) I’d run some here, except the “wondrous” WordPress barely allows anything but YouTube vids on our platform. [Nerdist, Instagram]

Comics – Finally, comic book news I’m actually excited about! (It feels like a lifetime since there’s been something new forcing me to go to my LCS.) Warren Ellis and Jason Howard have partnered to bring us a new comic from Image called Trees. ‘Nuff Said! [Comics Alliance]

Art – Check out some concept art pieces from Guillermo del Toro’s animated film Book of Life. After experiencing the pure dumb fun of Pacific Rim, I will try anything with del Toro’s name attached. It doesn’t hurt that the art looks amazing. [/Film]


Comics – Am I the only one who dislikes Annuals or “Special” Anniversary comics? (Editor’s Note: No you’re not, Nick.) Even with my love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I will not be spending my money on the newly announced TNMT 30th Anniversary comic. We already have co-creator Kevin Eastman overseeing the IDW comic re-launch (which is awesome bee-tee-dub), so I don’t see the point of this anniversary stunt… Except to take my precious money. Now if the Eastman and co-creator Peter Laird had bothered to create an epic arc for the current TMNT comic to celebrate… Then I would blow all my cash on that. [ICv2]

Film – Thank goodness there’s going to be another Steve Jobs movie… Anything to wipe away the awful stain that was the Ashton Kutcher starrer, JOBS. While that low-budget effort gave me some limited insight into the Mac man, it was terribly boring. This new flick has David Fincher behind it– so I have high hopes. [I Watch Stuff]

Comics – As expected, the Great Guardians of the Galaxy Dump has begun. Last week brought sneak peeks for a plethora of collectibles– and this week we get news of a new Rocket Raccoon comic. I have no experience with the character or the writer, so I’ll save my judgment for now… But let’s just say the Guardians of the Galaxy movie can’t come out soon enough for me. Not because I’m dying to see the film (I do want to see it), but because I’m not looking forward to having everything remotely related to GotG being constantly shoved in my face for the next 5 months. [Superhero Hype]

Music – 8 bit rock anthem. You’re Welcome!

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