Deanna Sjolander HOME BREW™ – Drinking Local In Brooklyn, NY!

DEANNA SJOLANDER HOME BREW™ 2013 BANNERHome Brew Drinking Local Brooklyn BannerBrooklyn #1Whenever I travel, I make a point to find local brew— whether I go to the source or to a nearby pub with a great local selection. Last spring, on a trip to New York, I hit up Brooklyn Brewery. This was a fun and easy trip and allowed me to do some other great things on the way to and from the brewery.

We left in the morning, (which was really the afternoon thanks to a very late night in NYC!) and headed out on the L train to Williamsburg. Our first stop was the Williamsburg Flea Market and some delicious food at Smorgasburg. I don’t mess around when it comes to food truck fare— if there’s lobster, I go for it every time. The roll was good, but I like The Smack Shack (my local lobster truck) version better. Still, Lobster is Lobster– so I wasn’t complaining!

We meandered toward the brewery with full stomachs– ready to partake of some delicious brew just a few blocks away. Got to say, Brooklyn Brewery impressed me from the start. When I walked in, I was immediately drawn to the 4 fermentation takes positioned at the front door. With the afternoon lighting– and the all the green around the room– the reflection made for a beautiful picture.

Brooklyn #2
We headed over to the merchandise booth to check in (a friend of ours knew a couple of guys at Brooklyn Brewery and set us up for a sweet visit). Then we got our first couple glasses: I had Radius and a Farmhouse Saison style only available at the brewery. This was terrible news for me, because it was DAMN delicious. (I suppose it just means I’ll be visiting New York again soon.)

BK TourThe 4pm Tour was really a gathering in their main brewing area where we received some info about the history of the brewery– and what their future holds. They have a fantastic facility, having just expanded with 14 large fermentation tanks. (These new additions will seriously up their production.)

Curious, I asked where they were in the craft beer pecking order and the guide estimated they were maybe number 10 or 11 for craft beer production in the US. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them climb the list in the next few years.

Their tap room was open and friendly– reminding me a little of the Summit (St Paul, MN) Taproom— lots of big tables with groups playing games, eating and having a great time.


Winter Lager
Radius (twice!)
Local 1

I recommend a visit if you’re in the Williamsburg neighborhood— when you get tired of throwing back delicious, delicious suds… There’s shopping, restaurants, and more. Or, you know, vice versa.

Stay tuned for more Drinking Local adventures in Wisconsin, San Francisco, Chicago and Colorado!

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