Who’s Getting What This Week? with Jose Melendez

WHO'S GETTING WHAT THIS WEEK? 2013 LOGOJose's Picks #1 3.12.14

Invincible #109, Minimum Wage #3, Stray Bullets Killers #1 + Superman Wonder Woman #6

JOSE MELENDEZ Who's Getting What? BannerYou know you’re becoming a cynical old fuck when you exclaim to yourself, “Man, what a shitty comic week!” after you scan the release list almost EVERY single Monday. Maybe I’m just growing sick of comics. OK, that’s not true– because I do truly love the damn things… BUT comic book publishers are definitely making it more difficult for me to love them. Higher cover prices, less pages of story and fucking David Finch taking over my Wonder Woman comic. It’s not just me being me (i.e., a fickle bastard).

Maybe I should get back to playing more video games. Wasn’t that ONE of the many things that was supposed to kill comics? That would’ve been sweet, huh? But that didn’t happen and now I seriously am at the end or near the end of a bunch of games like Last of Us (second playthrough), Remember Me, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Tomb Raider and Ni No Kuni. Some of these I’ve had for a while– and I’m just sitting at the end of each needing to beat the games. (Don’t even get me started on all the games I haven’t even cracked open yet.) The new Metal Gear Solid 5 Prologue comes out next Tuesday– but I’ll probably be too busy to spend a good amount of time with it because I’ll be reading some steaming piles of shit (most likely some “choice” selections from Marvel or DC) so I can review them before the weekend. Fuck me. Christ… So, ya, anyway… Comics…

I’ll have at least two titles being pulled for me at my local comic shop this Wednesday: Minimum Wage #3 and Invincible #109. I seriously CANNOT WAIT to read the latest Invincible. The last issue had one of the biggest swerves I’ve seen in a comic story in a very long time. (It was quite brilliant really.) When I say it’s simply the BEST superhero comic book I am reading (and I have been saying that for years)– it’s not hyperbole my friends… It’s a fucking fact.

Jose's Picks #2 3.12.14

One other book caught my interest on this week’s shipping list: Stray Bullets Killers #1. I grew up reading this series by David Lapham and it kinda blows my mind he’s finally getting back to it. I guess there is only so many crappy Avatar comics he can write before even he gets SICK of it. (Which, incidentally, is exactly how I felt when I read some of his Crossed comics.)

Stray Bullets #41 also ships this week, but here’s the real reason I’m not picking that one up: I read Issue #40 NINE YEARS AGO… And I simply don’t remember what the fuck happened. And yes, I am way too lazy to dig through dusty long boxes to find all the old issues I have– then reread them all so I can understand ONE damn comic. But I am buying SB Killers #1 because it’s a new arc and stuff. So no fuss, no muss.

And because I can never get enough of reading shitty comics, I’m going to give the Superman Wonder Woman series another go. Apparently after Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang finish their run and leave the proper Wonder Woman title, the absolute worst version of Princess Diana (which appears in the Superman “team-up” comic and Justice League) will be DC’s “go to” iteration of the Amazon. Might as well ready myself for the abomination that will most certainly be Finch’s broken-backed/cheesecake-y/stipper-esque/stiletto-heeled/always-PMSing Wonder Woman.

Word of warning: I’m just waiting for someone to say to my face, “Hey, man. You don’t know that book is going to suck. Just give it a chance. It won’t be that bad.” If this happens, I have a strong feeling that will be the last day anyone will ever hear from me– short of visiting hours at the Stateville Correctional Center.

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